Legend of Great Tang’s Twin Dragons Book 32 Chapter 3


Book 32 Chapter 3 – Facing Challenges

Kou Zhong handed over the horse to be looked after by a Sha Family servant, and then he headed toward Hou Xibai’s secret nest to meet with Xu Ziling. By the time he arrived, Hou Xibai had just left, Xu Ziling and Lei Jiuzhi were discussing gambling technique in preparation for going back to Ming Tang Wo to make a kill on all directions.

Grabbing his head, Kou Zhong said to the two, “Li Yuanji is back!”

Xu Ziling already knew this, naturally he was not surprised at all. Nodding his head, he said, “Because someone created the illusion that we are entering the Pass; naturally Li Yuanji had to rush back.”

Stunned, Kou Zhong said, “Unexpectedly you know more than I do.”

Lei Jiuzhi poured a cup of tea for him, and then he related Hou Xibai’s information to him.

Rubbing the bottom of the teacup, Kou Zhong pondered deeply for a moment, and then said with a frown, “The person creating the illusion, is he trying to harm us or help us?”

If they had not entered the Pass, and Yang WenGan’s intelligence network mistakenly thought that they already entered the Pass, so much so that their vigilance was slacking down, naturally it would help the boys to enter Guanzhong. If the boys were already inside the Pass, but their doppelgangers appeared outside the Pass, naturally people would be even less suspicious of the boys’ assumed identity. However, if everybody knew that they have arrived in Chang’an, they might increase their vigilance and would greatly increase the pressure.

Xu Ziling spoke heavily, “We must not underestimate the enemy. The one creating the illusion is definitely someone who is very familiar with our temperament and style.”

Lei Jiuzhi blankly said, “How did Ziling arrive at that conclusion?”

Leaning back into his chair, Kou Zhong stretched his limbs and said, “What Ling Shao said is quite reasonable. If I am guessing correctly, this must be the Yaonu’s doing; she might even know that Mo Shen Yi is me, Kou Zhong, so she deliberately uses this method to increase the pressure on us, to force us to unearth the Duke Yang’s Treasure as soon as possible.”

His countenance changed, Lei Jiuzhi asked, “Why not Shi Zhixuan or Zhao Deyan, but the Yaonu?”

Xu Ziling agreed with Kou Zhong’s assessment; he said, “Because she is most familiar with us, so much so that she is familiar with the ins and outs of our Secret to Long Life’s qigong. Because of Kou Zhong’ proficiency in medical skill, others might not suspect that he is Kou Zhong. But if they know the Divine Doctor Mo’s style in treating illness, they would immediately know that it was Kou Zhong in disguise.”

Deeply worried and sick at heart, Lei Jiuzhi said, “This is very bad; how are we going to deal with it?”

Kou Zhong laughed and said, “Don’t worry! Yin Gui Pai will never spread this precious secret out, because they [feminine] want to swallow the Xie Di Sheli for themselves, hence they also spend a great deal of effort to escort us. This illusion is certainly one method.”

But then he dejectedly said, “Tomorrow night, there will be a Lunar New Year’s Eve banquet at the Palace, Li Yuan has determined that I have to participate. This is giving me bad headache.”

Xu Ziling indifferently responded, “You and I are in the same trouble. Fortunately Yang Xuyan will also have to attend this grand occasion tomorrow night. As long as we plan ahead on how to meet any contingency, we should be able to deal with it.”

And then he told Kou Zhong about Hou Xibai’s situation in passing.

Kou Zhong’s eyes suddenly lit up. He said, “I have no doubt that the best moment for treasure hunting must be tomorrow night, because everybody will be concentrated in the Palace. After the event, everybody will be full and drunk, nobody will have leisure time to patrol around to see whether somebody is going on treasure hunt in secret. Ling Shao, what do you think?”

Displeased, Xu Ziling asked, “Have you investigated clearly where the treasure is?”

Full of confidence, Kou Zhong replied, “Tomorrow morning, after examining Zhang Beauty’s pulse and pay my respect, Xiaodi already received Gongbu Shangshu Daren Liu Zhenghui’s permission to go to the Ministry of Works’ document archival room to examine the files of the building in the Yue Ma Bridge’s vicinity. If we can find the building that was built in the same year, or even that was built under Yang Su’s personal supervision, it would be the same as we find the entrance to the treasure. Just leave this heavy responsibility to Xiaodi.”

Lei Jiuzhi was gradually getting used to Kou Zhong’s style; sincerely and with earnest wishes he said, “Since the secret storehouse was designed by Lu Shi, it will definitely not that easy to see through.”

Turning to Xu Ziling, Kou Zhong said, “Tonight Li Yuanji is going to invite me to dinner at Feng Ya Ge. Do you know who is Feng Ya Ge’s beautiful lady boss, who is also the beauty whom Li Yuanji admires?”

Stunned, Xu Ziling asked, “Who is she?”

Kou Zhong leaned forward and spoke mysteriously, “It’s Miss Qingqing, who had once bit the hand that feeds her.”

Xu Ziling drew a blank. “Who is Qingqing?” he asked.

Kou Zhong already guessed that this would be Xu Ziling’s reaction; he explained clearly with a smile on his face, and then he sighed and said, “This proves that she is a person with conscience, hence the reason she is feeling guilty afterwards.”

Remembering what Gao Zhandao told him, Xu Ziling said, “That’s funny. Zha Jie is just like your Sha Family’s Second Young Master, he also grovels under Xi’er’s skirt trying to win her heart. I hope this is just a temporary thing, I don’t want him to be really bewitched.”

Kou Zhong did not take this matter to heart. Taking out the gold that Li Jiancheng gave him from his bosom, he put it on the table, and said with a laugh, “This is my share of the gambling capital; if you win, you ought to give me my share.”

Immediately Lei Jiuzhi’s eyes lit up. Rising up to his full height, he put the gold into his bosom, and laughed aloud and said, “Brothers! It’s time to make our move! We must not waste this extremely good time.”

“Wait!” Kou Zhong said, “While there’s still a bit of time, Lei LaoGe’d better teach me a couple of medical knowledge for my self-defense, so that when someone asks me, I won’t be dumbstruck and unable to reply.”

Lei Jiuzhi cheerfully said, “Speaking about tooting our horns, I can be considered the master among the masters. Based on Shao Shuai’s aptitude, I guarantee that I can teach you within one sichen.”

Blurting out laughing, Kou Zhong said, “I don’t want to learn how to toot my horn from you; rather, I want to learn some know-how and theory of medical science, so that when someone ask, I won’t lack the words to respond to them.”

Rolling his eyes, Lei Jiuzhi asked, “Is there any difference between the two?”

Xu Ziling could not help bursting into loud laughter. Glowering at him, Kou Zhong said, “Funny that you are laughing so happily. All along I have a feeling that Li Yuanji’s banquet tonight is not a good banquet at all; it is not a simple banquet to express his gratitude for curing Qingqing’s disease. If it were you, you just got back from a long and difficult trek from outside the country this morning, and then tonight you make laborious effort to entertain the physician who treated your sweetheart’s illness; what kind of logic is this? Not only that, he had to coax and plead by specifically sending Chang He to invite Laozi to attend the banquet?”

Muttering to himself irresolutely, Lei Jiuzhi said, “I hear that Nanhai Pai’s Zhangmen Mei Xun not only has tyrannical martial art skill, his intelligence is outstanding as well. It must be him who grew suspicious and came up with this arrangement to test your authenticity.”

Xu Ziling said, “Fortunately you and the Sha Family have already had previous predestined affinity. If you suddenly appeared just as the Sha Family was on their way to Chang’an, it would be strange indeed if they did not think that you are a fake article. Presently it is hard to distinguish the real from the imitation, doubts are growing as a thicket.”

The two could not help worrying for Kou Zhong. Li Yuanji and his men’s situation was different from Li Jiancheng’s, simply because they went all over the place to hunt down Kou Zhong and Xu Ziling, two boys. Anybody with unknown origin would be a suspect to them. Otherwise, with Li Yuanji’s status and rank, he could not possibly conduct the investigation himself.

Frowning, Xu Ziling said, “The theory of medical science is more complex than the stars in the sky. You are cramming in haste to learn it, if you came across someone with real medical knowledge, I would be surprised if you don’t reveal hundreds of mistakes.”

Slapping his thigh, Lei Jiuzhi said, “I got it! Although with successive generations the theory of medical science is developing like crazy, but pursuing the source and direction of the flow, it is still based on the Huangdi Neijing [medical text (Internal Canon) attributed to the Yellow Emperor, c. 300 BC] as the jade tablet standard, nothing deviates from it. As chance has it, LaoGe has spent laborious effort in studying the Huangdi Neijing. I wrote about the essence and vital points within it, such as the Four QiYin and Yang, Five Viscera, Meridians, Qi and Blood, and so on, which I will pass on to you. When the time comes, Shao Shuai may display your knowledge on the spot, perhaps you will be able to pass this hurdle.”

Worried, Xu Ziling said, “If the other side raises a question about the practice of using medication, how is he going to deal with it?”

Smiling bitterly, Kou Zhong said, “Perhaps it won’t go that far! At that time I will have no choice but to change according to the situation. The troops come, fight; the water comes, build a dike.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem either,” Lei Jiuzhi said, “On the way, I am going to teach you some songs about the secret of Shennong Ben Cao Jing [Shennong’s (lit. farmer god) Compendium of Materia Medica, a Han dynasty pharmacological compendium, 3 scrolls]. At that time, you can talk about the general idea; don’t talk about the details. Unless the opposite side is a master proficient in medical skill, nobody would be able to see through it.”

Kou Zhong bowed with clasped hands in front of his chest, saying, “Shifu, please bestow your teaching, Xiaotu [little disciple] is listening with respectful attention.”

Tonight Bei Li [northern neighborhood, see Book 30 Chapter 10; probably equivalent to city district] was especially bustling with noise and excitement. Xu Ziling’s ‘Yong Qin’ and Lei Jiuzhi’s ‘Wen Kuan’, both were traveling merchants from Shandong – selected a random restaurant to feed their belly, before going straight to Ming Tang Wo’s main gate.

Xu Ziling wondered aloud, “At the end of the day, our target is the Xiang Family. Why don’t we go directly to the Six-Happiness Casino, which they open, and beat them ruthlessly? My gambling method can be a bit more vicious and merciless.”

With a card up his sleeve, Lei Jiuzhi replied, “That is precisely the crucial point. You must remember that both Ming Tang Wo and the Six-Happiness Casino have their own behind-the-scenes supporter. Even though they are archenemies, they can’t do anything to the other side. According to Jianghu rules, well water cannot violate river water. Even if the ‘Great Immortal’ Hu Fo is fully confident that his gambling technique surpasses that of the ‘(Daoist) Immortal Hand’ Chi Shengchun’s, he could not go to the Six-Happiness Casino and kick around over there. But with you as a master from the outside, it’s a different matter altogether. Laodi [ol’ younger brother] is a smart man, you ought to understand what I said!”

Xu Ziling suddenly saw the light. It was only then did he understand why Lei Jiuzhi wanted him to make a name for himself in the gambling world. When he had enough qualifications to battle against the ‘Great Immortal’ Hu Fo on the gambling table, he would become the target that the Six-Happiness Casino would want to rope in, to use him to strike the opponent. This was certainly a marvelous plan and brilliant scheme to infiltrate the Xiang Family. They were lucky that Lei Jiuzhi was able to think about it.

Knitting his brows, Xu Ziling said, “When you told me about this aspect earlier, why didn’t you give me details? If you had told me earlier, I would know what I am doing, my fighting spirit might be a bit higher.”

Sound of hoof beats came. Seven or eight riders were coming directly at them, one of the riders was surprisingly Er Wenhuan. Seeing Xu Ziling, this yellow-faced man, immediately his eyes shone. He spoke a couple of sentences to Ke Dazhi, who was riding beside him. The spirited light in Ke Dazhi’s eyes flared brightly as he turned his gaze toward Xu Ziling.

This was Xu Ziling’s first encounter with Ke Dazhi, but just like Kou Zhong, he was able to recognize him in just one glance. Groaning inwardly, he avoided Ke Dazhi’s eyes, while pulling Lei Jiuzhi into Ming Tang Wo.

Lei Jiuzhi sensed something was amiss; he asked, “What happened?”

After giving him brief explanation, Xu Ziling said, “Wen Xiong has not answered Xiaodi’s question just now.”

Subconsciously Lei Jiuzhi cast a glance toward the entrance; he said, “I did not know how to tell you, plus I did not want you to think about winning or losing. Gambling is the most demonical game. The more you want to win, the greater your chance of losing. Hey! They did not follow us in.”

Xu Ziling said, “Based on the Chang Lin Army’s ruling as a despot, I am sure they will not let me go. Let Kou Zhong deal with him!”

Stunned, Lei Jiuzhi asked, “What does it have to do with Kou Zhong?”

The two men stepped into the main hall. They were squeezing into the crowd of gamblers, but there was no sense of safety at all.

Xu Ziling said, “Since tomorrow night I might have to take Mo Wei’s place in battling Ke Dazhi, tonight I must not fight against Ke Dazhi at all. I will have to trouble LaoGe to go to Feng Ya Ge and find a way to notify Kou Zhong, tell him that when the Divine Doctor is done making fake medicine, he is to come here to gamble with us; I must survive this calamity. As long as I stay in the casino, even if Ke Dazhi doesn’t want to see the monk’s face, he will have to see the Buddha’s face; therefore, we should have enough time.”

Lei Jiuzhi happily said, “After I leave, you must go to the Di Huang Hall to play Pan Tan. After you win one thousand, you stop. But you must wait for us before you can leave.”

After giving all the silver taels and gold ingots to Xu Ziling, he hurriedly left.

Inwardly Xu Ziling was smiling wryly, thinking that this time he could only stand on his own feet [orig. to eat off one’s own strength (idiom)], fighting the battle as a lone army.

Kou Zhong urged his horse into Feng Ya Ge, and flew off his mount as soon he got there. Before he even announced himself as the King of Qi, Li Yuanji’s guest, Chang He already stepped forward to meet him. Pulling him aside, Chang He said, “Qi Wang is waiting for you. Let me come in with you!”

“I don’t think it’s proper?” Kou Zhong said, “How could I let Chang Xiong come out personally to welcome me?”

Chang He pulled his sleeve and took him along the small path within the woods toward the eastern courtyard.

All the four courtyards of Feng Ya Ge were brightly lit. From time to time came the sound of string and woodwind instruments mixed with singing and warm laughter; the atmosphere was very lively. Compared to this morning, when Kou Zhong came to treat Qingqing’s illness, it was like two completely different heaven and earth.

Chang He spoke in low voice, “Qi Wang seems to be very interested in Mo Xiong’s background and origin. Just now he constantly questioned Chenggong, while in fact he could have just asked me; why must he take such a circuitous route?”

The favorable impression Kou Zhong had toward Chang He soared greatly; he knew that Chang He considered him as a friend, hence he was willing to go one step ahead to warn him.

Shrugging his shoulders, Kou Zhong said, “Xiaoren is innocent, I am not afraid people knowing about me.”

Halting his steps, Chang He said, “This matter is extremely complicated, it is very difficult for me to explain it to Mo Xiong clearly. Simply put, currently Chang’an is in the wind-sighing-and-crane-calling situation [idiom: to panic at the slightest move], because it is suspected that two resoundingly formidable figures are secretly entering Chang’an on some conspiracy. And Qi Wang is precisely the commander-in-chief of the team responsible for catching these two men. They suspected Mo Xiong, it is not without any reason, simply because they did not know that Mo Xiong is Yuefu Daren’s [father-in-law, reminder: ‘daren’ is a title of respect toward superiors] old acquaintance. Just now with Chenggong’s own mouth he explained clearly and cleared any doubts, there should be no problem!”

Kou Zhong was dying to ask what Sha Chenggong actually said, but of course he did not dare to ask; he only asked, “Who’s that formidable?”

“It would be better if Mo Xiong did not know about this matter,” Chang He replied, “The other reason Xiaodi especially came out to meet Mo Xiong is that among the guests attending the banquet, there is ‘Living Hua Tuo’ Wei Zhengxing.”

A chill immediately crept up Kou Zhong’s spine. “What?” he blurted out.

Chang He understandingly said, “I know that Mo Xiong does not want to see him. This man is jealous and has misgivings toward Mo Xiong. He is a man of the same profession yet acting like an enemy country. I don’t like him either. If I knew in advance that Qi Wang was inviting him, I would have pushed Mo Xiong off Qi Wang’s party tonight.”

While Kou Zhong was hesitating whether he ought to turn around and leave, Chang He said, “Let’s go in! In everything, there are Huangshang and Taizi Dianxia supporting Mo Xiong; no matter what, Wei Zhengxing would not dare to be too much.”

Kou Zhong sighed inwardly, as if he was visiting a convict sentenced to death in the execution ground, he was ‘escorted and protected’ by Chang He into the Eastern Courtyard.

The banker grabbed a handful of copper gambling chips from a copper jar and scattered them on the table at once. Before the several dozen of gamblers surrounding the table were able to see clearly, he covered it with a round disc made of thin metal, and chanted, “Gentlemen, please place your bet; betting on one gate and win the gate, compensation is three to one, betting on two gates and win one gate, compensation is two to one. Once you have seen clearly, lay your bet.”

The only one did not look was Xu Ziling. He was using his ears to listen. He listened for five rounds before placing his bet on this round, laying a hundred taels Tong Bao of gambling chips on two gates. To ordinary people, the sound of copper chips being scattered over the gambling table was just a succession of intense crunching noise; but in Xu Ziling’s sharp ears, he was able to guess the number of gambling chips.

Recognizing the different sound different number of chips produced, in his concentrated, single-minded attention, just now out of the five rounds, he was able to guess correctly three times. The Emperor Hall was more lively than the previous night, the gambling atmosphere was blazing.

One after another the crowd of gamblers put down their bets.

Once the betting process was completed, the banker’s left hand lifted the lid, while his right hand raked the pile of chips. Skillfully he separated the chips into piles of four gaming chips each. The several dozen chips became seven, eight piles, the remainder was exactly two chips.

Some people cheered excitedly, some sighed in disappointment, some others envied Xu Ziling’s a hundred-tael heavy bet.

The banker stared blankly; he gazed deeply onto Xu Ziling first before paying nine-tenths of Xu Ziling’s winning according to the three to one compensation rule.

This was the casino’s rule, taking one-tenth of the winning up front as the casino’s commission.

A whiff of fragrance assaulted his nostrils.

Without even needing to look, only by relying on this familiar scent Xu Ziling knew that Yang WenGan’s young concubine was coming to his side.

Madame Hong’s gentle and soft voice was heard next to his ear, “This gentleman [orig. ‘guan ren’ – government official], can nujia place my bet following yours?”

Xu Ziling heaved a sigh and turned to look at her.

As soon as Kou Zhong crossed over the doorstep into the biggest hall in the East Courtyard, he became the target of a multitude of arrows of everybody’s gaze inside the hall.

The King of Qi Li Yuanji ran his sharp gaze on him a few times; with a bit arrogance fitting his status he beckoned Kou Zhong, while remained sitting, and said with a laugh, “Mo Xiansheng’s name is like thunder piercing the ear; you may sit!”

Sitting on the other side of Li Yuanji, Qingqing looked radiant; she gracefully stood up with grateful expression and even saluted and greeted him.

Kou Zhong tried his hardest not to show any flaw on his bearing; sweeping his gaze across, he saw that sitting around the banquet table, other than Wei Zhengxing and Sha Chenggong, there were also the elegant and smart-looking Nanhai Pai’s Headmaster Mei Xun, Li Yuanji’s great general Qin Wutong, Qiu Tianjue, whose skill was comparable to the Heavenly Policy Mansion’s Zhangsun Wuji, Yuchi Jingde and so on, and the Longxi Pai martial art master who had been injured by him, the ‘Willow Saber’ Diao Ang.

There were also a serious-looking, with arrogant expression, elderly man, and a middle-aged man wearing official attire, both of whom he did not recognize.

After a round of polite words, Li Yuanji introduced everybody on the banquet table. The old man was unexpectedly the Sect Leader of Longxi Pai, Jin Dachun [lit. golden big father (literary metaphor)], Diao Ang’s Shifu.

The man in official attire was Li Yuanji’s other trusted aide, a high-ranking military officer whose title was ‘Hu Jun’ [protector of the army], Yuwen Bao.

With such strength, once Kou Zhong’s identity was exposed, even if he had three heads and six arms, he could forget about leisurely breaking the siege and fleeing for his life. Upon realizing this fact, Kou Zhong made up his mind to stake it all, to deal with Wei Zhengxing with all his might to the end.

After three rounds of wine, Li Yuanji laughed aloud and said, “Tonight we raise our cups and be merry. Just because this King is here, you must not be very particular about etiquette; everybody, as you please!”

Fine food and beautiful wine flowed like water onto the banquet table.

This moment, Xi’er, whom Kou Zhong had not seen for a long time, came into the hall to play the qin [zither] and sing a song. Sha Chenggong naturally listened as if he was drunk and stupefied, unable to control himself.

The grown-up Xi’er ended up as delicate as a flower, as refined as a precious jade [idiom: (of a woman) exquisite], not in the least inferior to Qingqing, whose beauty radiated all around; no wonder there were so many men groveling under her skirt, including Zha Jie, who was unable to restrain emotions toward her.

One song finished, Li Yuanji invited Xi’er to join them on the banquet table, seated her next to Mei Xun.

Although Sha Chenggong was so jealous that his teeth itched, he was completely helpless.

The way Kou Zhong saw it, although Sha Chenggong might be richer than most people around the banquet table, but one, he had just arrived here, two, himself was lacking political power and position, as well as rank; therefore, although on the surface everybody on the banquet table was polite and courteous toward him, the fact was that nobody thought too highly of this second generation tycoon. If it were Sha Tiannan himself, it would be a different matter altogether.

Li Yuanji cheerfully said, “I haven’t seen you for more than a month, both in playing the qin and singing, Xi’er’s skill made great progress, the pleasant lingering effect still hanging around the beam. Let’s salute her with a toast!”

The crowd roared to join the toast.

Li Yuanji then signaled the Longxi Pai’s Sect Leader Jin Dachun with his eyes. Jin Dachun smiled; turning to Kou Zhong, he cleared his throat and said, “Mo Xiansheng not only has medical skill like a deity, you are also proficient in martial art; I wonder which southern sect did the skill that Xiansheng learned come from?”

Qingqing said with astonishment, “Unexpectedly Mo Xiansheng came from the south? I cannot tell from your accent.”

Kou Zhong mused that if he did not change his accent, just by listening to him speaking, one would know that he was from Yangzhou. He turned toward Qingqing first and nodded with a smile. The latter’s tender body slightly trembled; it appeared that she recognized his eyes.

Kou Zhong was so scared that his soul flew away and scattered; hastily he moved his gaze toward Jin Dachun and said with a wry smile, “Xiaoren’s martial art skill entirely came from Jiashu. Whatever he taught me, that was what I trained. I think the style is called ‘Hunyuan Tongzi Gong’ [lit. time immemorial/origin of the universe (virgin) boy power/skill]. Therefore, as to which sect or school, I am afraid you’ll have to ask him.”

Like a sharp arrow Mei Xun cast his eagle and falcon-like gaze toward Kou Zhong’s face, as if he wanted to see through him and understand him thoroughly. Yet the tone of his voice was gentle without any ripple, as he spoke indifferently, “Since your esteemed uncle is adept it medical skill and martial study, he ought to be a figure from a well known family with long tradition in the south, but Zaixia is probably ignorant and inexperienced; unexpectedly I have never heard of your esteemed uncle, such a renowned character. This is very strange.”

Chang He smiled and said, “This is called in the wider world there are people more talented than oneself [idiom; lit. there is sky beyond the sky, there is person beyond the person]. The Central Plains’ Wulin is full of crouching tiger, hidden dragon. Mo Xiansheng’s uncle is that kind of character; a very able person and unusual warrior who did not seek benefit from a reputation. Mei Zhangmen [headmaster] has never heard about him, this is ordinary thing, not surprising at all!”

This rebuttal was rather blunt; even the King of Qi Yuanji, when he heard it, his brows were knitted together. But Chang He played a critical role in the Imperial Palace; moreover, he was a man that Li Yuan and Li Jiancheng doted on and trusted. Even Li Yuanji himself was unwilling to offend him.

But Mei Xun himself did not take offense at all. With a smile on his face, he nodded his head and said, “What Chang Daren said is right.”

Seeing how Chang He was not afraid to offend Li Yuanji and stuck out his head to defend him, Kou Zhong was even more sure that Chang He was a man with yiqi, a heroic and passionate man. Throwing all misgivings aside, Kou Zhong laughed calmly and said, “Jiashu often said that men are scared of fame, swine is afraid of if it gets strong, it will be the one that get slaughtered. He also said that training martial art is to be used to help people. Using martial art to enter medicine, hence able to tread different secluded path, establishing distinct method/way.”

Wei Zhengxing cleared his throat and said, “Speaking about medicine, Ol’ Wei has something that I’d like to ask Mo Xiansheng for guidance.”

Bracing himself, Kou Zhong said, “Wei Xiansheng, please bestow your advice.”

The thing that he feared the most was finally happening.

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