LGC ch 13.1 – Meeting you, this plague, is definitely nothing good

Feng Xi Er gritted her teeth and angrily turned her face over.

This world couldn’t be so small, right? It’s actually Wen Sheng? Did this bastard discover her? Impossible, she had already deliberately dressed up like this.

She just saw Wen Sheng’s pair of perverted eyes, wide-opened, staring at her up and down. He had a boorish appearance as if saliva was almost going to drop to the ground, shrinking his neck and walking to her. Revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth and smiling in a lewd manner: “Tsktsk… I {xy} have been on this street for so long but have never seen such a beautiful little beauty. Heh heh heh”. He laughed evilly as he touched his chin.   


Feng Xi Er really wanted to punch Wen sheng down, but the situation at present did not allow for that. Feng Xi Er moved her eyes and glanced at the surroundings. Behind Wensheng were all the investigating government officers. She, herself, did not know martial arts, and if she fought him, she might provoke Wensheng’s suspicion.   

Forget it, a wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him. She will maintain the status quo to deal with the current situation. 

Feng Xi Er made a look, and Xiao Tu Dou immediately noticed. She blocked in front of Feng Xi Er and criticised loudly: “How brazen, you crazy man, actually daring to take liberties with the Feng prime minister residence’s Eldest miss in broad daylight”.

Wensheng almost bit his own tongue, putting on a face of disbelief: “Who did you say she is? Feng residence’s weak and foolish eldest miss, Feng Xi Er?”

To meet the ‘foolish’ temperament standards, Feng Xi Er bowed her head and shrank her body. She timidly hid behind Xiao Tu Dou and did not dare to look at Wensheng. In her heart, she hoped that Wensheng, that bastard, better not find trouble with her. 

However, it always backfires. When Wensheng, that kind of hooligan, sees a beauty, how is there a reason not to take liberties with her?

Wensheng has always been arrogant, and simply does not attach any importance to the Feng Prime Minister Residence. He approached step by step, his perverted eyes in a daze, and his mouth hung an ugly smile: “Eldest miss, don’t be afraid. This gentleman will take you to a room and ‘dote’[1]on you deeply”. He reached out his hand, going around Xiao Tu Dou’s body, and grabbed Feng Xi Er’s wrist, and smiled even more lewdly: “Tsk tsk, this gentleman has never seen such a lovely beauty”.  

Feng Xi Er turned her hand over and swung a big slap towards Wensheng, and angrily rebuked: “Scoundrel……”

Wensheng held his face as he grimaced in pain. Xiao Tu Dou pulled Feng Xi Er, taking to their heels and running away madly. 

“Catch them for me {lz}”. Behind came Wensheng’s furious shout. 

Feng Xi Er in the midst of running, turned back and looked at Wensheng, who was about to catch up. When she turned her face back, she slammed into the arms of the person in front. 

With a ‘peng’ sound, the wine jug left Seventh Long’s hands and fell to the floor; broken.  

Xiao Tu Dou exclaimed: “Miss, are you okay?” Seventh Long’s men rushed forward and similarly exclaimed: “Your highness {wy}, are you okay?” 

Seventh Long’s eyes were blurred, as he laid on the ground and belched. He reached out his finger, and pointed weakly at Feng Xi Er, smiling foolishly: “Oh? A beautiful fairy?” 

Feng Xi Er struggled to get up from Seventh Long’s body, and vigorously patted away the dirt stains on her body. She glared at Seventh Long in disgust: “Meeting you, this plague, is definitely nothing good”.  

Seventh Long’s men helped him up. Seventh Long shook his head and pressed hard on his temples. When he opened his eyes again, he looked more clear-headed. Looking at Feng Xi Er’s face that was full of anger and glaring at him, Seventh Long frowned, feeling slightly lost. The small face of the girl in front of him was glowing red because of anger. Her pink cherry blossom small lips were opened slightly to exhale. A pair of big and bright eyes with fury were glaring viciously at him. 

Seventh Long had never seriously looked at her before. Now, looking carefully, she actually looked this good, like a fairy that had fallen into the mortal world.  

 She was so unlucky that she had to bump into Seventh Long as this moment. As long as her eyes do not see it, her heart will not feel it[2]. Feng Xi Er lifted her foot and left. 

But who knew Xiao Tu Dou would go to Seventh Long and implored with him: “Seventh highness, save our eldest miss. Sir. Wen is harassing our Miss in broad daylight and said that he wants to accept our Miss as his seventeenth concubine”.

Feng Xi Er stopped walking and helplessly supported her forehead.

Alliephant’s corner:

[1]疼(teng): this chinese word can mean ‘hurt’ or ‘dote’. And in this situation, it also has sexual meaning.     

[2]Idiom: what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over


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