LGC Ch 13.2 – Meeting you, this plague, is definitely nothing good

Seventh Long saw that boorish look of Wensheng and the little soldiers behind him and roughly guessed something. He had long heard that when the hedonistic Wensheng sees a beautiful lady, he will always take liberties with her. He was notorious in the Tian Long dynasty and he was caught a few times by Sixth brother but was always released by the empress. Although he had no heart to be involved in politics, but it did not mean he would not care about these. Seventh Long’s always-gentle eyes shot a stern look towards Wensheng and imposingly shouted out, “Wensheng, who gave you the guts to take liberites with This prince’s future consort”.   

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Seventh Long was always gentle, but when he displayed his might, it was scary. Wensheng was not a stupid person, this Seveth prince was the most favoured by the emperor; provoking him will definitely not let Wensheng have any good fruits to eat[1]. His face was replaced with a flattering smile, “Misunderstanding, it’s definitely a misunderstanding. Seventh Prince and Eldest Miss are an ideal couple and a natural pair. This gentleman still has matters so I’ll not bother Seventh prince and Eldest miss from reminiscing. Let’s go.” He brought his men to sneak off quickly. 

Wensheng this jinx was definitely dead. Today, harassing her was still fine, but he actually dared to say that she and Seventh long, that plague, was a natural pair.  Feng Xi Er gritted her teeth and looked at Wengsheng, that rat-looking backview, condemning silently to teach him a lesson when there is a chance next time.

Turning her head, she was startled, didn’t know when Seventh Long, that jinx, came to her and even smiled foolishly to her. Although that smile was peerless and extraordinarily attractive, but Feng Xi Er just felt that it was very irksome. She immediately opened her mouth to reprimand but before her words came out, Seventh Long belched again and planted his head onto her shoulder, with his whole person weighing down on Feng Xi Er. 

Feng Xi Er was so angry as she scowled and shouted at Seventh Long’s men: “What are you still waiting for? Quickly support your master”. That blockhead guard nodded his head in a daze and went over to support Seventh Long. Didn’t know whether water had gone into Seventh Long’s brain or the alcohol had burnt his brain, but he stretched out his arm to hug Feng Xi Er tightly. No matter how the blockhead guard pulled, he couldn’t pull him away. 

Feng Xi Er clenched her fist madly, gritted her teeth as she forcefully pulled on Seventh Long’s arm, “Seventh long, if you still don’t let go, I {ln} will chop off your arm”. 

After going through an arduous pulling, Seventh Long was viciously tossed aside by Feng Xi Er. That blockhead guard apologised to Feng Xi Er and left, carrying Seventh Long away. Feng Xi Er disgustedly patted on her clothing, the plague’s unlucky energy was all on her body now. Her face was black as she bellowed: “Getting drunk and acting crazy in broad daylight, sigh, it’s really bad luck”. 

He had just been abandoned by Feng Xi Er, then right after he said that she was his future consort, what did he treat her, Feng Xi Er, as? Even you give this kind of useless man, hurt by love, to her, she also did not want him.

In Jiuzhong building’s Sheng-Si pavilion, Hong Jiu sat on the wooden couch. He actually did not know when did he stop playing the zither, as his eyes couldn’t help but to see that woman’s silhouette. When he saw those scenes, and saw that Seventh Long fell onto her body, there was a fire in his heart burning. He remembered that Fei Lin said she once blocked a sword for Seventh Long and a strong anger rushed up. ‘Peng’, the zither strings broke.

How long has it been since he was so angry? He considered himself an extremely forbearing person, and what was the reason for his current anger? 

A woman whom he only met twice has actually affected him? Hong Jiu felt that he was ridiculous. 

“Hi, Ah jiu, Ah jiu, Xiaojiu, Xiaojiujiu, It’s me, ah xi” By his ears, that person’s oriole-like clear voice actually sounded out? Hong Jiu looked up, and coldly looked over. The girl wearing a green dress, standing outside the window, enthusiastically waved her hand to say hello to him. Still with that bright and beautiful smile. 

Feng Xi Er felt like she was splashed with a plate of cold water, and her smile froze suddenly. Why did Hong Jiu look at her with such indifferent eyes? 

    But when she saw Hong Jiu’s finger on the zither strings bleeding, she could not bother to think about this problem and jumped through the window. She rushed to the front of Hong Jiu, grabbed his hand and nervously said: “Ay, Ah Jiu, Your hand is bleeding.”

[1]won’t have any good results/ consequences for him


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