LGC Ch 14.1 – Don’t find me anymore

    Feng Xi Er fished out her handkerchief to bandage Hong Jiu’s finger. He sneaked a peak and found that Hong Jiu still had a cold face. Feng Xi Er could not help but ask softly: “Ah Jiu, you seem unhappy, what’s wrong?”

    Hong Jiu turned his face away, seeming to be a bit vindictive.   

    Feng Xi Er chuckled and thought that Hong Jiu’s action was very cute, like a child who was acting in a spoilt manner. 

    Feng Xi Er tied a beautiful bow tie to secure the bandage, and took out food from the small cloth bag around her waist. Peeling the cloth bag off layer by layer, she lifted the ice-candied haws to Hong Jiu’s mouth: “This time I brought ice-candied haws, try it.”


    Hong Jiu swung his hands and swatted, the ice-candied haws in Feng Xi Er’s hands fell to the ground. Feng Xi Er felt that her hands were empty, and her eyes looked to the iced candied haws on the ground. She only felt that her heart was stabbed and it was very uncomfortable. 

    Hong Jiu captured the hurt look in Feng Xi Er’s eyes, however, not only was his anger not vented, he felt even more uncomfortable. He restrained himself inwardly, as he hardened his heart and turned his back to Feng Xi Er. His tone was cold: “You should not come to find me again in the future.” 

    Feng Xi Er’s chest was tight, her throat was sore, and her eyes were uncontrollably acrid. It was always just her one-sided enthusiastic approach, that was all. She felt that she was ridiculous, like a clown, she treated Hong Jiu as a friend, but she did not know whether Hong Jiu also treated her as a friend. She had always been a passive person, whether it was in the 21st century or now, but she did not know why she always showed such a grin to Hong Jiu. Maybe, she thought that he was pitiful? Arousing compassion in her? Or maybe, he was also called Ah Jiu and had a similar indifferent temperament as the modern Ah Jiu? 

    Feng Xi Er did not know. 

    A death-like silence, awkwardness in the air, the two did not speak. 

    After a long time, Feng Xi Er broke the silence, picked up the ice-candied haws on the ground, wiped it clean and placed it on the table. She looked at the tall and big back of Hong Jiu but somehow felt it was very fragile. She was incapable of being angry at him, but she just felt hurt. She took a deep breath and said, “I don’t know why you are unhappy. If it was me who provoked your unhappiness, I am sorry. I…will go, I won’t come again.” Feng Xi Er felt that this sentence had exhausted her whole body’s strength, and her footsteps were unusually heavy.

    Feng Xi Er walked to the window, and glanced at the zither’s broken string. She turned to look at Hong Jiu’s back, feeling perplexed inside. Exactly what happened to him? Feng Xi Er had not had time to say to Hong Jiu that she had a lot of money to help him redeem himself, but now he does not need it. 

    She still fished out the silver notes from her waist and put it on the table: “Keep these silver notes, it’ll surely be useful.”

    “You, take care”. Finally, she left these words and leaped through the window. 

    Hong Jiu looked at the ice-candied haws and silver notes on the table and was in a daze. She was gone, she said that she will not come again. Wasn’t this the result that he wanted? But his heart felt even more uncomfortable.

    Damn it. Hong Jiu’s heart hardened and he grabbed the ice-candied haws on the table, but somehow, he couldn’t bring himself to throw it out. Finally, he could only be disheartened and threw the ice-candied haws on the table. 

    Lu Fu and Fei lin walked in and saw the expression on Hong Jiu, and were baffled inside. Lu Fu walked to the side of Hong Jiu and respectfully reported: “Master, the sixth prince seems to be keeping watch on Jiu Zhong Building.” Hong Jiu sneered: “There are so many people in the royal family and only Sixth Long is a bit useful. But so what, everything is normal. Stop all movements recently, and behave for now. Entertain Sixth Long well.” 

    Lu Fu nodded, and asked: “Then, tomorrow night, the Crown Prince will return from Shaolin Temple, do we need to…” This was a great opportunity to assassinate the Prince. 

    “No hurry, I’ll not let him die so early.” 

    Lu Fu wanted to ask questions about that woman, but seeing the tired look on the master’s face, he unwillingly swallowed down his question, and retired. 


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