LGC Ch 14.2 – Don’t find me anymore

    Hong Jiu leaned on the wooden couch, but still could not wipe off the turmoil in his heart. 

    Fei Lin gently massaged Hong Jiu’s shoulders and couldn’t help but ask: “Ah Jiu, why are you unhappy?” 


    Extinguishing a great part of the Empress’s faction, it should be a happy matter.

    “When have I ever been happy?” The corner of Hong Jiu’s mouth lifted to a sneer. 

    Fei Lin sighed: “It’s been so many years, you are still so persistent.” 

    Hong Jiu closed his eyes. Hatred will not decrease with time, but will only get heavier.

    This revenge, don’t know whether it is right or wrong. If the kind-hearted Mei imperial concubine, sees this gloomy and joyless Aj Jiu in heaven, she would probably be very sad? If it was not for the heartless empress, Ah Jiu would still be a simple and kind youth by his mother’s side. Thinking of this, the guilt of taking revenge would lessen in Fei Lin’s heart. 

    Fei Lin suddenly saw the ice-candied haw on the table, remembering the figure of the girl clad in green who came in. He fixedly observed Hong Jiu as Hong Jiu leaned against the couch with his eyes closed, but at first glance, he could see through his disarrayed thoughts. In so many years, has he ever seen this child like this?

    Fei Lin suddenly smiled. Someone could influence Ah Jiu, indicating that Ah Jiu was not a person without emotions. After all, Ah Jiu is a hot-blooded youth, whose heart could be moved and emotions swayed. 

    “Ah Jiu, people are unlike plants that have no emotions. Outside is filled with the people who wants to arrest that child. She could brave through the danger to come and see you, presumably her feelings have also been moved. Uncle sees that child doesn’t seem like a bad person……” 

    Although among the commoners, the rumors were that this young lady was very unbearable, but Fei Lin had experienced countless people over the years and still believed in his eyes to judge people. 

    “Don’t mention her, she is the seventh Long’s people, and has no more connection with me.” The moment Hong Jiu remembered that she had blocked a sword for the Seventh Long, his heart was cold to freezing point, and his anger could not be suppressed by his tone.

    “Oh? She is actually the seventh long’s people. Then, uncle will go and finish her.” Fei Lin postured to go out. 

    Hong Jiu opened his eyes and his vision swept to Fei Lin. The one who knows him well was Fei Lin. This old guy just had to add more fire when he was irritated? 

    Fei Lin chuckled and stopped his footsteps. Ah Jiu, this child, just doesn’t mean what he says. 

    “There are two days before the Empress Dowager’s birthday.” Fei Lin changed the topic. 

    Hong Jiu walked to the window and looked into the distance to the palace. There was a part of softness in the depths of his cold heart. In that ruthless palace, there is still a benevolent elderly. In those days when mother was framed, only the Empress dowager always believed that mother was innocent. After mother was gone, the empress dowager retired from the back palace, eating vegetarian and being a devout Buddhist to pray for mother. Being imprisoned by the emperor, the empress dowager will visit him once a year. These acts of love, Hong Jiu have always remembered them in his heart. In this world, the empress dowager was his only relative left.

    However, he could not accompany the empress dowager like when he was a child, and could not listen to her telling stories to himself. 

    Fei Lin continued: “The spies in the palace came to report, the empress dowager asked the emperor to lift your imprisonment. I believe that tomorrow the imperial edict will be released, Ah jiu, will you go for the empress dowager’s birthday celebration?” 

    “It is also time to confront Wen Meixin (Empress).” Hong Jiu’s eyes became sharp. 

    Feng Xi Er came out of Jiu Zhong Building, and her whole person felt lost. When she thought of those words from Hong Jiu in her mind, her heart became uncomfortable. Feng Xi Er patted her own head. What happened to her? Did she really come to like Hong Jiu? She and him only saw each other twice.

    She had never loved before, and also had no love experience. In the modern era, she only had Ah Jiu as her good friend of the opposite sex. The two grew up together since childhood. She did not know whether Ah Jiu loved her because Ah Jiu never said before that he liked her. She was afraid that she thought wrongly. The both of them were orphans and have always regarded each other as their closest family. 

    Man and woman’s love relationship was so troublesome. Feng Xi Er shook her head, don’t think about these complicated things, have to do something meaningful. 


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