LGC ch 15.1 – Beautiful mute woman

Passing by the medicinal shop, she found that Wensheng’s men, those soldiers, asked the owner, “Recently, was there any young guy that has bought laxatives or itch powder and such?”

The owner was so scared, holding onto his reading glasses and trying his best to recall. He said as he trembled: “No, no, it’d be better for sir to go to another medicine shop to ask.”

The soldier threatened: “If we find out that you knew something but did not report, heh, you will die horribly. If you find someone buying laxatives or related drugs, immediately let us know, got it?” 

The owner nodded obediently: “Yes, yes, yes, This lowly one knows. Goodbye, sir.”

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It seems that Wen Sheng really wanted to catch her this time. 

After the soldier left, a girl, dressed raggedly, walked into the medicine shop. When the girl walked in, she immediately rushed to the owner and she gestured with her hands desperately. The four-eyed owner despised the girl and pushed her away: “Go, go, go, stinky beggar, this is a medicine shop, not a bank. Go outside and beg, don’t dirty my place.”

The girl was indomitable and gestured even more with both hands.

The boss didn’t have the patience and drove the girl out, “How upsetting, get lost.”

The girl held onto the boss’s thigh desperately. She kept shaking her head, but she couldn’t speak, and vocalised, “mm, mm, ya, ya” in a bid to express something.

This world was that cruel, the strong will survive and the weak will be eliminated.

Xiao Tu Dou muttered indignantly: “This medicine shop’s owner is too inhumane.”

Feng Xi Er walked over and yelled at the owner: “Stop, isn’t the purpose of opening a medicine shop to save people? You are so indifferent, aren’t you afraid of being struck by lightning?”

This girl was not begging for food at all. Her pleading must be to save someone.

The four-eyed owner was angered by Feng Xi Er’s scolding, and was about to roar back. Feng Xi Er took out her silver and threw it on the wooden table, “Shut up, here’s the silver, get the medicine.”

The four-eyed owner grabbed the silver and suppressed his anger. He grinned and said, “Sure, sure, no problem.”

Feng Xi Er supported the girl up. Only then did she see the girl clearly, a face was scarily thin, her eyes were deeply sunken in, her cheeks were concave, her lips were dry, but her eyes were still bright. The girl was as if she grabbed onto a straw, as she struggled to gesture in front of Feng Xi Er.

She was a mute. 

Feng Xi Er asked the four-eyed owner to bring a pen and paper, and she asked the girl to write it out.

It turned out that the girl’s elder brother was infected with the plague. They had no money to buy medicine, and he would die if he did not take any medicine.

Feng Xi Er slapped the table and the four-eyed owner was shocked, “Hey, do you have medicine to cure the plague?”

The four-eyed owner adjusted his glasses: “There are some, but it will just cure the symptoms and suppress the plague but it cannot be eliminated. The plague has always been the most difficult to treat. It is a disease, yet not like a disease, and the root of the problem cannot be found. It is also particularly easy to infect others. There was a big plague in Guandong Village last year, and dozens of people in the village all died…”

The mute girl’s tears rushed out.

Feng Xiaoer raised her head and glared at the four-eyed owner: “So much nonsense, hurry and dispense the medicine”

Soon, the pharmacy owner dispensed the medicine, and Feng Xi Er handed the medicine to the mute girl. The mute girl cried as she kowtowed to Feng Xi Er.

Feng Xi Er helped the mute girl up and asked: “Is this far from your brother’s place?”

The mute girl wrote ‘The refugee village’, these three words, on Feng Xi Er’s hand.

The refugee village? Feng Xi Er asked Xiao Tu Dou: “Tu Dou, do you know of The refugee village?” 

Xiao Tu Dou nodded: “At the bottom of a mountain near the border of the dynasty, it is filled with refugees from small local countries who fled there to escape the war and they established The refugee village.”


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