LGC ch 15.2 – Beautiful mute woman

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The border? Isn’t that far away? 

Xiao Tu Dou saw the doubts of Feng Xi Er, and then said: “In the past, the sixth prince led the troops out of the country and took a shortcut to the border. This servant happened to participate in the commoners’ farewell ceremony. Therefore, this servant roughly knows this road.”

Feng Xi Er was overjoyed. The mother of the original owner’s decision to leave Xiao Tu Dou at the original owner’s side was the best. Xiao Tu Dou was simply an almighty maidservant.

Finally, Feng Xi Er called for a carriage and the three set off.


In the car, Feng Xi Er asked about the life of the mute woman. She was called Chan Zhen, and was only 14 years old. She was the child of a poor family in the small Zhou country. Because the country was annexed by a bigger country, she fled to The refugee village with her brother.

Feng Xi Er saw that Chan Zhen’s shoes were worn out and torn, and her toes were worn off a large piece of skin. On the wrinkled feet, the blood stains were already dry. She must have walked a long way to find a medicinal shop.

Feng Xi Er gave the snacks she had all to Chan Zhen. She was so hungry, she took the food and gorged herself. Finally, she fell asleep from exhaustion.

At night, they finally arrived at The refugee village.

The old village chief received Feng Xi Er. Chan Zhen got off the carriage and immediately rushed into the hut to see her elder brother. Her elder brother was afraid that the plague would be transmitted to her, and drove her out. Chan Zhen wiped her tears and went to boil the medicine.

After her elder brother drank the medicine, his condition was stabilised. The old village chief and Chan Zhen kowtowed to Feng Xi Er to express their gratitude. Feng Xi Er felt embarrassed. She suggested that the old village chief take her to visit the whole village, so that she can find out the true cause of the Chan Zhen’s elder brother’s disease, and to find where is the real root of the plague.

“Old village chief, now that only her elder brother has the plague, quickly find the source, or else, if it starts to spread, it will be too late,” Feng Xi Er reminded. 

The old village chief sighed helplessly; “Sigh, Chan Yu (Chan Zhen’s elder brother) fell ill three days ago, and it got worse every day. The villagers and I investigated the whole village and still could not find out the reason. We, refugees, are just living meal by meal. Now that Chan Yu has fallen sick, where do we have the silver to help him see a doctor? If not for Miss…” As the old village chief said that, he wiped his tears and wanted to kowtow to Feng Xi Er again. 

Feng Xi Er felt ​​sad. The world was too big, there will always be war, and the ones suffering will always be the civilians. Even in the 21st century, there were many small countries still in war.

World peace is actually the biggest joke. When there’re people, there will be war. 

Sometimes, she felt that as long as she is still alive today, that is the biggest fortune. 

The old village chief was so enthusiastic and excited because no one has helped them over the years. These refugees are not the people of the Tianlong dynasty. The emperor naturally will not care for the lives and deaths of these people. The imperial court also prohibits the villagers of the refugee villages from entering the city. They have no job and no income, and can only be trapped in this small village here in this mountain, living in a wooden hut, filling their stomachs with wild vegetables and sometimes through hunting.

Hunting? Feng Xi Er’s eyes suddenly lit up. She hurriedly asked: “Quickly, quickly ask Chan Yu if he had eaten any dead animals?”

It was truly a wake-up call. When asked by the old village chief, Chan Yu said that three days ago he picked up a dead bird on the mountain and baked it himself on the mountain.

Through the tent, Feng Xi Er heard Chan Yu crying: “Little sister, fortunately, brother did not give you the food, or else brother would have implicated you. Brother was too hungry then and didn’t bother so much about it. Brother was afraid that you will be worried so I didn’t tell you, but who knew that the dead bird…”

Another uncontrollable sob sounded, and he kept saying: “It’s so fortunate that Little sister didn’t eat it, it’s mother who is watching over us in Heaven…”


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