The Little Merman Ch.1


Translator: Onion
Editor: Anonymous

Just before nine o’clock in the morning, at the entrance of the Haiyin Entertainment Complex, ten girls stood outside holding signs.

The guards at the door were used to it. Haiyin Entertainment was one of the best entertainment companies in China, and basically monopolized the plethora of artists in the industry, including the numerous pop idol stars. Every day, many girls would encircle the company’s door just to have a glimpse of their idols.

Right after nine o’clock, a black limousine pulled up at the front door and stopped. The girls swarmed the vehicle and screamed in delight.

“Nan nan! Nan nan!!”

From the car, an 18 years old boy with stunning looks emerged, surrounded by assistants and bodyguards. He smiled and calmly greeted the girls, whose screaming rose a few pitches at the gesture.

Wu Jiajia stood in the back row of the paparazzi. She tried to ask for a signature, but was forcefully shoved by the girl standing next to her. She had lost her balance and was just about to hit the ground when suddenly, a hand was stretched out behind her, holding her arm. “Be careful.”

Wu Jiajia gratefully turned to look at her benefactor, and was immediately stunned. “…Where did this pretty boy come from? Isn’t he super handsome?”

The man smiled at her and proceeded to enter the Haiyin Building.

Wu Jiajia looked at his retreating figure until she was once again jostled by the girl next to her. She returned to her senses and her eyes widened from a realization: was he an idol from Haiyin Entertainment? How come she had never seen him on TV before?

Jiang Yu approached the entrance of the Haiyin Building. Steeling himself, he nervously adjusted his baseball cap before pushing the tall glass doors open.

The girl at the front desk had just pulled an all nighter, and was only barely surviving by drinking copious amounts of coffee. And so, she was slouching, droopy-eyed when someone inquired, “Hello, I’m looking for someone.”

“Do you have an appointment?” The receptionist reluctantly set down her coffee and opened the computer.

“… I, I don’t .” The man meekly replied.

“Sorry, we need an… ” The voice of the man was so warm that the girl at the front desk couldn’t help but look up. Then, understandingly, she speculated, “Are you a newcomer? In that case, please wait there.”

She pointed her finger at the waiting area opposite the entrance hall. Jiang Yu shook his head. “No, I am looking for someone. I am looking for Lin Cheng.”

Looking for Lin Cheng? The girl’s eyes widened. Lin Cheng was the company’s hottest singer. He had been famous since two years ago in the company’s high-profile singing contest. With his unparalleled voice and brilliant eyes, he unsurprisingly won the championship, with a landslide one hundred thousand more votes in the popularity poll than the second place. Even before the competition ended, the company eagerly signed a contract with him.

Lin Cheng released his first album last year. It was an instant hit. The domestic charts had been dominated by his songs. Given that the music industry had been a shrinking sector, his debut there was an outright miracle.

“Are you his fan?” The front desk girl looked at him curiously. There was no shortage of fan who came here to find their favorite artists. The security guards at the door would not have let those people enter. Perhaps the person was so good looking that the security guards thought that he was a new hire who wanted to sign a contract with the company, and thus they let him pass.

Jiang Yu squeezed his fingers, and whispered nervously, “… No, we’re acquaintances.”

Oh, he knew him. Good looking people were always so privileged. The girl smiled at him and warmly replied, “Cheng Cheng has not arrived yet. You can wait for him by the sofas.”

Jiang Yu thanked her and went to where he was directed.

The girl gently stirred her coffee with one hand and propped her chin up on the other. Good looking people seemed to have a quality that made them even look good from behind. It was a given that the newcomers who wanted to sign a contract with the company were beautiful, but compared to this man, one could argue that a fair amount of them were not worth it.

There were a few young people already occupying the sofas, but Jiang Yu managed to find a corner to sit down on. As soon as he did, the eyes of all the young people were peering intently at him, and he pressed his hat ever more firmly in an attempt to cover his face. Fortunately, they were soon sent off to their respective appointments.

Jiang Yu let out a sigh of relief. Why do people here like to stare at him? He was not that different from them.

He looked up and gazed around the hall. The girl at the front desk came over and poured him a glass of water. After waiting for a while, the door of the hall was suddenly opened. A handsome young man twenty-old years of age entered the building.

The girl at the front desk got up and whispered something in hushed tones to the young man. The man turned his head and looked over at Jiang Yu. His face brightened as he briskly walked toward him.

Jiang Yu also saw him and animatedly stood up from the sofa.

“So you’re here! How did you arrive?” Lin Cheng reached out, grabbing Jiang Yu’s shoulder and asked playfully, “Have I kept you waiting long?”

Jiang Yu smiled at him, “Not really.”

A middle-aged man who was wearing glasses came behind Lin Cheng and asked him, “He is?”

“He is my… ” Lin Cheng paused and smiled before finishing his introduction. “This is my cousin Jiang Yu. Yu’er{note1}, this is my agent, Zheng Ge{note2}.”

Note1: A nickname for a close friend/family
Note2: It’s like Brother Zheng, but I think it would be better to use Zheng Ge, Ge = brother

“Let’s talk more after we head up,” Lin Cheng hooked his arm around Jiang Yu’s neck and whisked him off to the elevator.

It was Jiang Yu first time taking the elevator. When they started rising, he was astonished and grabbed onto Lin Cheng’s hand as a measure to prevent himself from screaming.

Coming out of the elevator, Zheng Ming glanced at Jiang Yu and asked Lin Cheng, “How come your cousin’s face is as pale as a sheet?”

“Never mind, Zheng Ge, you go first. I want to say a few words with Yu’er before I go to the studio.” Lin Cheng laughed the matter off and pulled Jiang Yu into the nearby lounge and locked the door.

Lin Cheng poured a cup of hot water and handed it to Jiang Yu. “When I first took the elevator I was scared too.”

“I’ve been busy recording songs for the past two months. When I’m done, I was planning to pick you up from the shore to play, but I didn’t expect you to find me first.” Lin Cheng rambled jovially before suddenly turning to Jiang Yu, asking “Yu what’s wrong with your body smell?”

His eyes fell on Jiang Yu’s lower abdomen, squinting his round eyes, “Are you carrying an egg?!”

Jiang Yu had no intentions of hiding anything from Lin Cheng, and he held the cup while sighing gently.

Lin Cheng was angry and asked, “Which merman did this?!”

Yu had just reached adulthood a month ago, so he definitely did not have the opportunity to go to shore until now, so it must be one of the stinkin’ merpeople in the family!

“… It’s not.” Jiang Yu then told him about that fateful night.

Merman could only grow legs and walk on land after reaching adulthood. A month ago, on the night of Jiang Yu reached adulthood, because of the excitement of being able to walk on land, he swam from the deep sea to shallower waters and saw a cruise ship. The people mingling about the cruise ship tickled Jiang Yu’s curiosity, so he sneaked onto the cruise ship and accidentally drank a cup of strange water. Then, in the confusion that ensued, he slept with a man.

Lin Cheng had mingled in the upper class society for two years now. As soon as he heard it, he knew that the strange water was wine. Jiang Yu got drunk and had a one-night stand. He became angry at once. “What the hell were you doing, running around on the cruise ship!? Are you not afraid you’re going to be discovered!?” Not only had he slept with a stranger, he was now pregnant with eggs in his stomach.

Jiang Yu knew that he had done something wrong. However, he kept silent, and simply listened to Lin Cheng obediently.

“A fine spot you’ve gotten yourself into. We have to find the man now don’t we… ” Lin Cheng was in a terrible mood.

Merpeople were different from human beings, and they have their own set of physiological idiosyncrasies. As they have been a target for capture since ancient times, merpeople have hidden themselves in the deep sea, but there, their population dwindled precipitously. For the sake of the survival of their species, their genes evolved hundreds of years ago so that the mermen could have children as well.

However, as a price for going against the rules of nature, the pregnant male mermen needed the other father to soothe the egg during the pregnancy. Otherwise, the fish egg would become restless, and eventually die. When the eggs were jostled, they also brought immense pain to the pregnant merman. This pain would grow more and more severe until the merman died with his egg.

In their family, there has not been any newborn merman in more than a decade. Lin Cheng did not expect Jiang Yu to have a one-night stand with a man, much less become pregnant from it.

Nonetheless, be it for the continuation of race or for the life of Jiang Yu, Lin Cheng must find that man.

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5 thoughts on “The Little Merman Ch.1

  1. I was curious, the title sounded interesting… and now I’ve fallen in the pit, hahaha.

    Poor Jiang Yu, someone took advantage of him and now he has to find him and beg for help. Ugh. I hope the other man is not some scum. His cousin will be there to protect him, at least.

    Thanks for the new novel!!!!


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