Live Surgical Broadcast chapter 3 (part 1/2)

This chapter was translated by Salty Pretzel-Buying Day and edited by Mangafox23

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Chapter Three – Skill Tree

The 30-minute Peak Experience opened Zheng Ren’s eyes.

When the time elapsed, a wave of fatigue surged up from the depths of his soul. He really wanted to lie down and take a nap.


But Zheng Ren knew that napping now was absolutely out of the question. Going home and researching the system, that was the only thing on his mind.

In the theatre, only a surgical nurse and an anesthesiologist remained. Zheng Ren quickly exchanged greetings with them and set to depart immediately.

Zheng Ren had no time to bathe, so he hastily changed his clothes and took a taxi back to his shanty.



Althought Haicheng was neither the imperial capital or Shanghai, it was still the provincial capital; Zheng Ren’s current salary would not be able to buy an actual house in his lifetime.

He was an orphan that grew up at an orphanage. Upon entering university, he was only able to rely on the support of kind people and top tier scholarships each year to make it through those five years, graduating with his degree.

But his ivory tower life ended there. His poor financial situation left him unable to pursue his postgraduate studies, and instead he took up a job at Haicheng First People’s Hospital.

No matter how diligent he was, the salary bonus was only so much; he could only afford a single room in a co-rented house with other people.

Returning to his room of only a few square metres large, Zheng Ren completely ran out of energy.

But he didn’t want to rest yet. His curious mind was like a kitten’s playfulness; he closed his eyes and his consciousness went to an inexplicable place.

Green hills, clear water, and fresh air cleansed his mind; it was a whole other world.

Zheng Ren looked around. He was in a valley, and in front of him was a thatched house with a statue of a white fox sitting at the door.

The statue was so lifelike and every hair so fine that if the statues were to suddenly come to life, Zheng Ren would not be surprised.

In between the thatched house and Zheng Ren was a pool of water so clean, one could see the bottom.

‘Was this a dream?’ Zheng Ren wondered absent-mindedly.

“Welcome to the system space. Please accept the novice task reward.” The cold mechanical female voice reappeared.

Zheng Ren listened closely, but the voice came from all directions; there was no way to find the voice’s owner.

The voice fell silent, and the space in front of Zheng Ren slightly shimmered before suddenly revealing a simple wooden box.

This was the system reward? Zheng Ren picked up the box and took a look.

The box was made of ordinary wood and was not very heavy. Zheng Ren paused and waited, but the machine-synthesized voice did not continue.

Supposing he was allowed to get the reward, Zheng Ren took a deep breath and solemnly opened the wooden box.

A bright light flashed and the mechanical voice resounded once more.

“The talent system has opened; the host receives 5 novice reward experience points, and 1 energy potion.”

A brilliant light like shooting stars flew out from Zheng Ren’s hand and descended to a patch of grass not too far away.


A suspended, translucent panel appeared in front of Zheng Ren, clearly stating “General Surgery Skills: 325 points”

’This was the skill tree?’ Zheng Ren observed cautiously. Along it ran a ranking scale.

Primary level 0-100 points.
Intermediate level 101-300 points.
Advanced level 301-1000 points.
Expert level 1001-5000 points.

There were also signs of masters, great scholars, great masters, and peak ranks but they were all gray. It seemed that they were still not accessible to him.

Zheng Ren pondered. The primary level was roughly equivalent to a resident doctor who just started working. The intermediate level was equivalent to an attending physician. His general surgery skills surpassed the intermediate level and reached the advanced level. It should had reached the level of deputy director as a result of the experience he accumulated year round.  

As for the masters, great scholars, great masters, and peak ranks, Zheng Ren was very curious about what level of achievements they were. If the peak rank was the highest level, then Professor Ichiro’s ability was probably between the great scholar and great master.

Thinking of this, Zheng Ren could not help but swear.

The world’s top professors were not even at the peak level. The system requirements were too strict.

If it could be achieved… Zheng Ren’s heart started beating faster.

However, he thought of the hard work he put in the past five years only amounted to 325 skill points. It was far from reaching the expert level, much less master and even the peak level.


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