Live Surgical Broadcast Chapter 3 (part 2/2)

Translated by ILoveToProcrastinate

The general surgery skills were highest; at the intermediate level. The others; image reading, internal medicine, physical examination, and so on were only at the primary level. The experience value had just reached the intermediate level. The weakest one was gynecology, with only a few skill points.

‘It’s better to strengthen the general surgery skills,” Zheng Ren thought. The 5 novice reward experience points were all invested in general surgery skills.

The gleaming numbers confirmed that the general surgical skills had already reached 330 points.

Zheng Ren carefully observed the surrounding environment and tried to go further. He soon found that the range of intermediate activities was only about 100 square meters, and there was an invisible wall around to separate the small space.

And the cold mechanical female voice did not appear again.

“System, are there any other tasks?” Zheng Ren asked probingly.

There was no reply. The whole space was very quiet. Zheng Ren seemed to be able to hear echoes.

It was really weird. Don’t most systems need to issue the next task, so that the host can become stronger uninterrupted? The routine of online novels was like this, how come his own system was the only one different?

However, the air here was really fresh. Zheng Ren’s mood gradually calmed down. He took a deep breath with almost no toxic oxygen.

It seemed that he was used to the haze. Once the oxygen concentration was normal, he still couldn’t quite adapt to it. Zheng Ren made fun of himself in his heart.

With none of the expected exciting scenes, Zheng Ren soon felt tired.

It seemed that the peak experience consumed too much energy. Should he try the energy potion?

The thought only flashed by and was immediately killed off by Zheng Ren.

It was too luxurious to do so. It was better to rely on sleep to complete the recovery of the body.

Zheng Ren flashed, and his consciousness returned back to the real world. He thought about today’s various strange matters and soon went into a deep sleep.



The murky and asleep Zheng Ren was awakened by an ear-piercing cell phone ring. He had normal conditioned reflexes, and he bounced up from his bed and immediately picked up the phone.

Answering an emergency call for 24 hours was a necessary skill for a young surgeon.

In this skill, Zheng Ren had already fulfilled the entire skill tree.

“Zheng Ren, what disgraceful thing did you do today?!”

At the other end of the phone came the hoarse roaring and rude scolding of Director Liu of the first department of general surgery. Zheng Ren seemed to feel Director Liu’s saliva flying everywhere, passing through his mobile phone and splashing onto his own face.

“Director Liu, what’s the matter?” Zheng Ren asked calmly.

“You know what you did!” Director Liu didn’t answer Zheng Ren’s words directly. “Unauthorized operation and disobeying the arrangement of superior leaders. Is pancreaticoduodenectomy something you can do?! You are responsible for all the consequences of the patient!”

Director Liu seemed to have forgotten the inexplicable vibration in the operation room and that he told Zheng Ren to continue to complete the operation, thus very cleanly throwing all responsibility to Zheng Ren.

Consequences? A smile appeared at the corner of Zheng Ren’s mouth. A joke, the peak skill definitely wouldn’t cause problems.

“Report to the emergency department tomorrow. This is President Fu’s wish,” once he finished speaking, Director Liu immediately hung up the phone, not letting Zheng Ren have the chance to differentiate.

Er…… Zheng Ren was not annoyed by director Liu’s bad attitude, but he was somewhat in a downcast mood.

The unreliable system seemed to have disappeared. He again went into the space beforehand and looked around. Nothing had changed.

Could it be that my surgical career is coming to an end?

Zheng Ren was very depressed.

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