LLD Chapter 16: Bones Covered in Skin


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“Eat! Eat!” The chubby little girl ran out with her short legs, yelling.

Xia Man brought the dishes out and looked at Qu Zhen. “Let’s eat.”

Right now, the three had already known of their abilities. They were all really excited, especially Fa Wu. Looking at Xia Man, who was clean and completely devoid of any abilities, they couldn’t help but disdain. Even now, God still didn’t care about her!

For the three ordinary people, even if it was the apocalypse, there was still the sudden appearance of the abilities. Because of the abilities, the three’s initial unease due to the apocalypse was also erased by the assurance from the abilities.

Qu Zhen clasped her hand. “Let’s eat.”

Afterwards, she walked over, took a bowl of rice, and gave it to Xia Man.

“Mama, I also want!” The chubby little girl raised the large bowl in her hands. She looked at Qu Zhen with sparkling eyes, fearing Qu Zhen would listen to Xia Man and not give her a meal, only give her porridge again. She hated porridge! 

Qu Zhen glanced at Xia Man and saw that she had no objection. She took a scoop of rice. “Bon appetit! Chew slowly, understand?” Qu Zhen was gentle. Right now, she had a feeling they were a family of three.

On the side, Hua Xiangrong couldn’t help but cover her face. Laoda, can your henpecked face be better? Can’t you restrain yourself in front of your subordinates? The previous look of a true iron-blooded warrior immediately became a henpecked wife after seeing Xia Man. The spectator’s heart just couldn’t take it!

“What are you staring at? Let’s eat!” Qu Zhen sat down, only to realize the three on the side were petrified, and coldly said.

“The tenderness is somewhat fleeting…” Hua Xiangrong looked down and muttered. She then ran to the chubby little girl and sat beside her, scooped a bowl of rice, and moved closer to the chubby little girl’s side.

The chubby little girl stood on the chair, trying hard to get the rice in the bowl.

Hua Xiangrong wanted to pat the chubby little girl’s head. The more she looked at her, the more she liked her. It’s absolutely impossible to resist this chubby little thing!

“Don’t you eat porridge and drink milk?” Hua Xiangrong couldn’t understand a little. The chubby little girl didn’t seem to be passed a year old, yet even though the chubby short legs sprinted, she really never fell. Moreover, she doesn’t eat porridge.


The chubby little girl turned her head. Rice was all over her cheeks. “Hush, don’t make irresponsible remarks. If really I can only eat rice, then I’ll… I’ll…” The chubby little girl couldn’t seem to find anything she could do. “I’ll cry and show you!”

Hua Xiangrong laughed. Not because of what she just said, but because the chubby little girl only had four teeth. It leaked even more when she spoke…

“…” The chubby girl harrumphed, her mouth twitching. She stopped talking and continued burying her head in the bowl, ignoring Hua Xiangrong.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!!” Hua Xiangrong hadn’t stopped teasing the chubby little girl. The dining table was extremely quiet. At this moment, a voice came from the door. Everyone but the chubby little girl immediately raised their guards, looking towards the direction of the door.

“Ya…” An unnervingly odd voice could be heard. It gave off a feeling as though its vocal cords were torn apart. It made everyone inside crease their eyebrows. The situation outside could be anything at the moment. However, they felt more of excitement. They were no longer weak and vulnerable. Rather, they were ability wielders! 

“Laoda, I’ll go check. You guys just continue eating!” Fa Wu was the first to stand up. Looking at the lightning ball in his hand, his face was clearly showing the urge to experiment!

Qu Zhen nodded her head. “Zhang Lin will accompany you.” 

Zhang Lin also stood up and briefly nodded. The two of them walked over.

Qu Zhen turned her head and looked at Xia Man. “It’s nothing, just go back to eating.”

Xia Man didn’t say anything, only taking the meat from the chubby little girl while no one was looking. “Your teeth haven’t fully grown. Believe it or not, you can only have porridge.”

Hua Xiangrong touched her nose. Why did she feel that the words that were just spoken contradict so much to the tactless words directed to Fa Wu? She was definitely thinking too much! Right! She’s definitely overthinking it. Xia Man was only a canary brought up by her laoda, how could she possibly have such a high significance? 

“Bang!” A wind sphere struck not far from the sofa. The sofa was immediately torn apart. Not long after, two seemingly pathetic figures came running in.  “Laoda, it has already become a zombie world outside…”

Hua Xiangrong immediately gathered to the side, her stomach instantly filled with joy. Just a moment ago, the food she thought were delicious suddenly triggered nausea.


For the first time, Hua Xiangrong thought of the television. Furthermore, prior to seeing a zombie and the zombie dog outside the city, it was still clean. Because of the huge wave of unidentified creatures entering, there was no hair, no shelter, only one’s self. It was like being thrown into sulphuric acid from head to toe. Sticky and gooey all over!

Hua Xiangrong came and turned around, immediately feeling that she was weak. Laoda’s canary only took a glance before going back to her meal, and the chubby little girl was secretly taking a piece of meat, before throwing it into her mouth.

“Come and eat some, we’re going to leave!” Zhang Lin looked at Hua Xiangrong’s pale complexion and said.

Hua Xiangrong silently walked over, as though the person who had almost vomited there wasn’t her. She firmly dug in two bowls of rice, but didn’t touch the meat on the table.

The several people finished eating quite quickly. Qu Zhen stood up. “We’ll break through with the cars.”

Without a car, it’d be impossible for them to escape and break through the skin-covered bones!

The three briefly nodded. Hua Xiangrong stated, “Laoda, the cars are parked in the back.”

“Hold on. The acid rain outside hasn’t stopped.” Xia Man opened her mouth and informed.

“Acid raid?” Fa Wu questioned. “It doesn’t have any effect.” He then went out with Zhang Lin.


“Ability wielders who have successfully evolved won’t be affected,” Xia Man continued, “Those outside are ordinary people who haven’t successfully evolved.”

“Don’t go out now.” Qu Zhen commanded.

“Laoda, have you gone mad? A huge wave of monsters are coming over right now! Are we supposed to not go out and just wait for them to come in?” Fa Wu’s eyes were focused on the two without abilities, Xia Man and the chubby little girl. “The apocalypse is all about survival of the fittest!”

“The cars aren’t yours to use.” Qu Zhen stated. She understood why Xia Man stopped them from going outside from the start and refused to head to the second floor.

“Get rid of the flames and turn of the lights!” Qu Zhen immediately commanded after seeing a glance of the creatures outside through the windows. 

Also having seen them, Hua Xiangrong understood Qu Zhen’s intention. The zombies were basically concentrated on the window sides.

The several people immediately made the entire house dark.

“……” Qu Zhen watched as the monsters outside quieted down and turned around to inform the several. “Find a place to rest. Fa Wu, come with me.”

Fa Wu immediately went after Qu Zhen further into the house. Hua Xiangrong touched her nose, turned her head to glance at the expressionless Xia Man, and lied down on a sofa. She didn’t think of that one room, but only thought about Qu Zhen and Xia Man. 

Zhang Lin also found a sofa to lie on near Hu Xiangrong.

After a while, Fa Wu came out and lied on a sofa without looking at Xia Man.

“Manman…” Qu Zhen also came out afterwards and picked up the chubby little girl who was lying by Xia Man’s side. “You should also sleep, tomorrow will also be a hard battle.”

Xia Man didn’t say anything and followed Qu Zhen into the house. What Qu Zhen said was right. Tomorrow is going to be a hard battle to win.


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2 thoughts on “LLD Chapter 16: Bones Covered in Skin

  1. These useless subordinates have nothing to do except feeling disdain for the MC? And Qu Zhen is really either extremely incompetent or an utter moron to be oblivious to their blatant hatred and disdain.


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