Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch100.1

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We reached chapter 100!

2nd Mass Release of November!!! Big thanks to Marii531! I’m so moved when you guys support me like this and it seriously makes me want to work harder and bring you all the more chapters! November has started a bit slowly because of school work getting a tad busier, but I’ll definitely pick up the pace in a few days please bear with me for now XD

2nd Mass Release of November : 1/10

Chapter 100 – Gracefully blocking her mouth (Part 1)


Yun Ting coldly looked at her ridiculous act. He raised his eyebrows and sarcastically told An Mingxuan: “If your police department can let stupid women making a scene in the streets, it’s better to let go of this case and let the army handle it.”

An Mingxuan nodded and smiled at Yun Ting. Wearing a special police uniform, he looked bright, elegant and cheerful. It’s just that, matched with his actions, he was far from a bright and cheerful young man.

Quietly bending down, he picked up the sleeve that had been cut off and ruthlessly shoved it into Yun Ruoshan’s mouth.

From beginning to end, he kept an elegant smile while doing his little action. In the end, he even smiled at Yun Ruoshan and said: “This lady, you’d better not talk about anything before you calm down. You have the right to keep silent, otherwise anything you say may be turned against you and become evidence in court.”

Yun Ruoshan opened her eyes wide in horror and desperately struggled to reply, but she could only make whining sounds with her mouth blocked in that way.

“Is chief Yun satisfied?” An Mingxuan gently patted his palm as if dusting them from dirt he might have picked up from the clothes he just picked up from the ground.

Seeing this, Yun Ruoshan also remembered that what he had crammed into her mouth was a man’s clothes, full of sweat and stink, moreover, it was sleeve of a cleaning lady’s uniform, the kind that was charger of cleaning the toilets… Just thinking about it made her completely sick, and instead of struggling, she started vomiting I disgust.

However, her mouth was completely and securely blocked with the cloth, and the vomit couldn’t be discharged, and merely stained the rag before going back down her throat, which became even more disgusting. When she thought of what she just swallowed and the filth blocking her mouth, Yun Ruoshan felt so sick she just fainted.

With so many people in the special police forces, they weren’t the least bit afraid whether she made noise or fainted. They had brought police cars after all, so they could easily carry her back to the station. As for the thing officer An personally stuffed into her mouth, the other team members weren’t stupid enough to remove it without authorization.

Since Sun Xiaomei ceased her pitiful act of crying and kneeling, and such evidence started emerging, the ordinary people in the crowd didn’t dare get implicated in the case anymore, and just watched the happening from the sidelines without interfering.


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