Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch103.1

Translated by Aytise on

Big thanks to Marii531! 2nd Mass Release of November : 7/10

Chapter 103 – Pick one of the two (Part 1)


Before, when Lin Mumu was shot in the arm, Professor Lin was the one who did the operation on her. No one knew how the old guy did it, and when the operation was done, all they could see was Lin Mumu’s arm tightly wrapped up like a dumpling.

At this time, Lin Mumu’s situation wasn’t good at all, and Yun Ting was also afraid of taking her to the hospital. So now that she had a problem, all he could do was follow the instruction Professor Lin left him before his departure: If there is any problem with Lin Mumu, throw her on the grass.

The old priest’s justification was that Taoist disciples were proficient in absorbing the natural essence of the sun and moon, and that it could eventually help them heal their wounds.

This excuse was awful, and Yun Ting naturally didn’t believe it. However, he still did what the old man told him to.

Everyone had their own secrets. If she didn’t want to tell him, he wouldn’t ask her. All he would do was believe in her.

Yun Ting kept holding Lin Mumu in his arms while he sat on the grass and leaned against the big banyan tree in the courtyard, surrounded by all kinds of flowers and plants, which made them feel like they were submerged in the world of plants.

At this moment, a strange fragrance was oozing around them, and it instantly made Yun Ting feel calm and relaxed. It seemed like all his previous tiredness and anxiousness was being corroded away into nothingness.

In this peaceful atmosphere, Yun Ting’s phone suddenly started ringing.

Looking at the name of the caller on the screen, he merely sneered in ridicule and rejected the call.

The other side obviously didn’t want to give up and made another the moment after, but Yun Ting just turned it down again before putting his phone on mute mode.

At this time, strange ripples seemed to fluctuate in the air around Lin Mumu. He couldn’t see them with his eyes, but he could somehow feel them with his developed senses.

She seemed like a mountain spirit, pure and free of the least bit of dust. His phone’s ringtone, and even himself, seemed as if they were hindering her joining with nature.

Yun Ting reluctantly dropped a tender kiss on Lin Mumu’s forehead before putting her down and taking his phone to quietly retreat ten steps away from her.

The phone’s screen lit up again for nth time, and Yun Ting finally answered the call. Even if he had walked 10 steps away from Lin Mumu, he didn’t let her leave his sight even for a second.


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