Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch112.2

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Chapter 112 – Someone is treating (Part 2)


“Good-looking?” Young master Xing attentively stared at Lin Mumu and slightly raised his lips in a shallow smile.

“En, it’s delicious.” Lin Mumu deliberately misinterpreted his words. She pointed her finger at her ice-cream and said: “Next time, you can try their chocolate flavor.”

“OK.” Young master Xing elegantly nodded his head and immediately ordered to a nearby waiter: “A hundred chocolate ice creams.”

One hundred scoops? Is he eating all of that alone?

Lin Mumu secretly sized up the person in front of her, and in accordance to her principle of better avoid unnecessary trouble, she quickly finished her ice cream before getting up to leave.

However, Young master Xing extended his hand to stop her: “I ordered the ice cream for you, won’t you leave after finishing eating it?”

Lin Mumu rolled her eyes at him and sat back in her seat.

After a while, the waiter brought back a hundred chocolate ice cream balls and placed them all over the table. There were so many the table small couldn’t fit all of the so the neighboring table was also full of ice cream scoops.

Meeting the man’s eyes with a provocative gaze, Lin Mumu suddenly opened the window and shouted:

“Someone bought a hundred ice cream scoops! Let’s get them! First come, first served!”


The whole dessert shop was immediately flooded with a sea of people, and the two tables of ice cream scoops were snatched away in an instant.

While the crowd was fighting for ice cream, Lin Mumu took advantage of the crowd to leave the shop.

Yong master Xing’s face was very ugly at the moment. He coldly stared at the direction where Lin Mumu left.

“Young master Xing? Should I go and get her back? “

“No.” Young master Xing sneered and turned on his phone, and a bunch of pictures of Lin Mumu appeared on the screen.

“This girl is interesting. I like watching fresh and pure female students falling into depravation the most. This time’s target is very good.

This kind of female student with a fresh and pure personality will be perfect to play slowly ~ ~ ~ one day, I will make her kneel down and beg me to go to her like a dog.”

Young master Xing took a sip of a purple and cool blueberry juice and squinted his eyes, he ordered his bodyguard:

“Let Director Lu personally call her tomorrow and tell her that the new ancient period movie of our AC entertainment company chose her to for the female leading role and let her come to audition.”

“Haven’t you already promised that role to young lady Lili?”

“En? Didn’t you hear what I just said?”

“Yes, yes!”


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