Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch113.1

Translated by Aytise on

Chapter 113 – Fleshy succulents’ shop (Part 1)


Lin Mumu left the dessert shop and continued to wander aimlessly around the market.

In the end, she momentarily stayed in front of a delicate wooden shopfront with a white piece of A4 paper pinned on the door. On it were written three big words in fine brush stokes “Store to transfer”.

Seeing this kind of powerful calligraphy, Lin Mumu couldn’t help but look at it a little more. Perhaps this was because of her special eyesight.

There were many green prosperous shops in this market that appeared lush and verdant, and all of them had several kinds of flower and plant pots put in front of their shops to attract the customers.

However, the color of this shop was a faint yellow. On the shopfront, there was only a small table on which were put a quicksand bonsai and a few ball cacti.

However, what was unusual was a Daoist immortal pillar in the shopfront, loftily towering over the market, which appeared particularly out of place in the casual and ordinary layout of the flowers’ and birds’ market.

Lin Mumu curiously entered inside and discovered that there were windows all around the shop and the inside was brightly bathed in sunshine from all sides. The lightening was very good, but surprisingly, there wasn’t a single pot of green plants in the room. The plants inside were all succulent plants with yellow, red and white colors. Although the fleshy leaves appeared lovely, they appeared too young and there was a somewhat green smell lingering around.

(TN: It’s not specified what a green smell is supposed to mean. Perhaps the smell of succulent plants?)

However, these inconspicuous fleshy succulent plants made Lin Mumu’s eyes brighten in delightful surprise. She clearly remembered that four years later, when she graduated from University, these fleshy plants suddenly swept the whole country like a gust of wind and became the next big trend as they occupied the young People’s hearts.

“There’s a transfer note on the door. Please come in after reading it.” From the shop’s inner room came a reminder when she had barely made a few steps inside.

“En, I’ll look at it.” Lin Mumu nodded.

Just a moment ago, she could read that the transfer of this shop wasn’t going smoothly because the boss was so stubborn that the person who wanted to take over the place needed to guarantee that within three years, at least half of the area of the shop would be used for the management of succulent Plants.


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