Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch113.2

Translated by Aytise on

Chapter 113 – Fleshy succulents’ shop (Part 2)


Normal people were naturally not willing to accept this kind of condition that restricted their development. Even if the boss said it could make profits, many people still choose to simply give up on this shop and its unreasonable owner.

“Do you want to engage in the fleshy business?” The woman with abundant wavy hair sitting in front of the computer behind the counter finally raised her head to look at Lin Mumu with a surprised look on her face.

However, she was a little disappointed when she saw the simple and young student with an obvious debutant atmosphere around her.

“Hello, my name is Hong Xiaoling, I’m a graduate student from Huada.” The shopkeeper politely reached out for a handshake.

“My name is Lin Mumu, I’m a freshman at Yanda.”

“a Freshman? How many plants would you like?” Hong Xiaoling didn’t despise Lin Mumu because she was a freshman. Despite her customer’s young age, she still put on a professional smile and showed her around the shop.

“I didn’t expect that Big sister Hong’s fleshy plants would be raised so well. You should be a more than 3 years veteran, right? Although they’re not really tall, all these plants appear to be maintained with painstaking effort. How can Big sister bear to sell them?”

“You seem to have some insight.” Seeing that Lin Mumu could immediately see the value of these plants with a glance, Hong Xiaoling’s interest in this young freshman immediately rose.

“I’m going abroad to pursue my studies in a month. These babies have already been with me for six years, so it’s time to let go.” Hong Xiaoling poured Lin Mumu and herself a cup of coffee before continuing:

“I know that succulent plants aren’t easy to sell, so as long as you promise me to treat them well, and not throw them away even if you can’t sell them, I can give you a discount on the purchasing price of the store.

If you still can’t accept these terms, I can rent some place in the store and let you sell them on my behalf, and I’ll let you manage their price. I’ve already developed some feelings towards them, so I’m reluctant to casually abandon them.”

Hong Xiaoling seemed to have dearly care for her plants. However, she also seemed to have somewhat developed a good impression of Lin Mumu, a young girl whose character was mature and composed despite her young age.


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