Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch69.1

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Chapter 69 – Catching the thief (Part 1)


Yun Ting already couldn’t stand Lin Mumu’s way of shooting as it was simply a waste of the army’s bullets. He put on his standard solemn expression and spoke out: “Classmate Lin Mumu, come over here.”


“Follow me, I’ll teach you target shooting by demonstrating.”

For real? Who would believe that, ah ~ Well, even if the crowd of simple-minded students may believe him, Lin Mumu definitely wouldn’t buy it.

Lin Mumu played a ‘not daring to ask’ attitude and obediently followed behind Yun Ting.

As he walked in the front with a serious expression, Lin Mumu quietly walked behind him with an equally straight face while holding her gun. The atmosphere between them was indescribably solemn, and even when other people saw them, they didn’t think anything more about it.

Only a few soldiers actually whispered in an envious tone: “This girl is so lucky to be personally guided by senior official.”

“That’s right, ah, senior official is a godly shooter who never misses any of the ten flying and most difficult targets.  I’ve never seen him make a mistake.”

The so-called private training the soldiers were envious of was actually Yun Ting bringing Lin Mumu to a little orchard next to the military training camp.

By the time Lin Mumu started drooling over the fruits, two juicy red apples were placed in her hands.

“Eat them.”

“Pfff!” Lin Mumu couldn’t help laughing out loud, “What would happen if this esteemed senior official was caught as a thief by the villager owning the orchard?”

“Hé, if they want to catch the thief who stole their goods, they’ll only catch you, this little thief.” (TN: ‘Hé’ expelling breath, in this context, jokingly in a god mood.)

Lin Mumu looked just like a little greedy glutton. Both her hands were holding one apple each, and while she was biting from one, she was still clutching the other, intending to devour it right after her first one was done.

“En, in that case, I’ll immediately eat the suspicious items, so there’ll be no evidence.”

Suddenly, as the both of them were talking, a white-haired old man really appeared, accompanied by his two huge and sturdy Chinese rural dogs.

Lin Mumu’s expression instantly turned dull. Would she really be caught in the act?

However, she still reacted fairly quickly, and the red apple she had bitten from was instantly throw into Yun Ting’s hand.

Yun Ting also didn’t avoid it and casually caught it before continuing to bite from that same apple.

Eh? What kind of reaction was this? Should thieves act so bold and confident, ah?

“Grandpa Guo.” Yun Ting suddenly called out.

“Oh, the little girl looks very healthy and lively.” The old man was quite interesting. He didn’t care about Yun Ting, and only paid attention to Lin Mumu.


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