Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch70.1

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Chapter 70 – The Bonfire evening party (Part 1)


That evening’s bonfire party was considered their final gathering for this military training.

Afterwards, there would be tomorrow’s target shooting, and the day after would be the military square shaped formation marching rehearsal in uniforms. Consequently, Lin Mumu’s first university course, military training, would be officially over.

(TN: Remember military training is considered university’s first course in this time period in China, and you actually get grades for it, so it’s very important for your future career.)

In her heart, Lin Mumu was especially satisfied with this first course as she actually got to be accompanied by Yun Ting.

“I heard they would roast mutton for us to eat at night.”

“There will also be chicken.”

“Moreover, it’s an outdoor barbecue in the countryside!”

“I heard there might also be beer to drink, that would be awesome!”

The young hearts of the students were very easy to satisfy; a bonfire, some grilled meat, a shared barbecue along cheerful songs, and an ambiance filled with hearty laughter.

For this bonfire party, almost every major prepared some sort of program.

There were two programs for the religious studies department. The first one would be Chen Fangya, Zhou Qiang, Wang Bin and Zhou Guo performing a short skit. The second one was Lin Mumu playing a bamboo flute solo.

Coincidentally, Lin Mumu’s flute solo and Su Xinlan’s zither solo both chose to play the same piece of “River on a spring night”.

Moreover, according to the order of appearances, Su Xinlan would perform first.

When Su Xinlan came back, she arrogantly looked at Lin Mumu and said: “I changed my piece at the last moemnt.”

“You did it on purpose, right?!” An Xiaoqin was so angry she wished she could instantly rush up to her and tear her into pieces.

“If you have the ability, come and hit me.” Su Xinlan used great efforts to keep her head high and chest puffed out like a proud little peacock.

“Hmph, no matter how bad my airport is, it’s still bigger than a certain underdeveloped Lin Mumu who has yet to fully grow up.”

“I am fully grown up!” Lin Mumu was completely depressed. She as only one year younger than An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya. Why was she treated like an underage teenager? She was just a cute little girl.

However, Su Xinlan suddenly choosing the same piece as her really caused Lin Mumu some headaches. Even if the piece was played with different instruments, it would still give people a repetitive feeling, and the effect would thus be very poor. She can change her piece at the last minute as well, but she would then worry whether it would coincide with someone else’s choice.

It could only be said that Su Xinlan’s little trick was truly ruthless.


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