Major General’s Smart and Gorgeous Wife – Ch73.2

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Chapter 73 – Carrying his marriage certificate on him (Part 2)


How sharp was Yun Ting’s power of observation? Those fellows weren’t even careful enough and didn’t have the consideration of concealing their carefree thoughts in front of Lin Mumu, how could Yun Ting not pick up their behavior and guess their thoughts?

Yun Ting didn’t mind being suspected or wronged all that much, but he couldn’t tolerate Lin Mumu to suffer the least bit of grievances.

Yun Ting handed another freshly baked leg of lamb to Lin Mumu, then found a paper towel and carefully wiped the grease stains on his hand. Afterwards, he carefully took out a red booklet from his shirt-pocket.

On the red booklet’s cover were written three obvious characters of “Marriage Certificate”. Once he opened it, there was a brilliant and warm photo inside.

“Not convinced yet? You can’t find a wife yourself so you think I can’t find one either? Take a look for yourself, aren’t we good-looking?” Yun Ting gave them the booklet to take a look, and then complacently took it back to proudly replace it in his shirt pocket.

Major General Yun was really married? The girl sweet smiling in the picture was really the female student in front of them!

Wait a minute! What the hell? The senior official was walking around while carrying his marriage certificate on him?! Moreover, in his shirt pocket?!

Lin Mumu was really senior official’s wife, but their marriage couldn’t be publicly announced. Could it be senior official always carried their marriage certificate with him to shut up the gossipers?

Knowing that Lin Mumu was their real sister-in-law, the attitude of the several small soldiers instantly warmed up.

Lin Mumu had always liked to laugh, so her sweet smile was very amiable and moving. Moreover, now that they knew she was Yun Ge’s little wife, they naturally should gain many goodwill points with her.

“Sister-in-law, I learned from my mother how to make candied floss apples and bananas, should I make some for you?”

“Great, ah, I’ve heard that candied fruits taste especially delicious, I’ve never tried any before.” Lin Mumu’s eyes were brightly shining in interest, Xiao Gao was really worthy of being her entrance guard for 20 days, he thoroughly understood her foodie attribute.

“Do it now!” Yun Ting ordered.


There would more delicious food to eat, Lin Mumu was very satisfied!

“Sister-in-law, you sing so well it was really pleasant to hear! Please let us hear you singing again!”

“Alright!” Lin Mumu also had a very lively nature. Without a second thought, so she instantly started humming a military tune.

Yun Ting was somewhat depressed. Weren’t those little bastards suspecting their relationship just a moment ago? How could they suddenly steal away her attention!


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