My Girlfriend is really a Superstar

My Girlfriend is Really a Superstar



“Can I tell you a secret, sister?” Tang BaoBao whispered to Xiao Hanrui.

“What is it!”

“I have found a superstar girlfriend.”

Xiao Hanrui exclaimed “Female Superstar! What is going on in your head?”

” Am I beautiful? Do I look good? Are my legs long?”

“Do you want to die? Where did you get the courage to even find a superstar girlfriend?”


Translated by @LegendaryNovels

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1  Tang BaoBao has to go on a blind date

Chapter 2 I am really a star

Chapter 3 Are you able to send chat messages very quickly?

Chapter 4 Sister is very vicious

Chapter 5 BaoBao. you are that kind of person!

Chapter 6 The pain of Tang BaoBao’s heart

Chapter 7 If I am not drunk, how will you get an opportunity to make a move on me?

Chapter 8 My sister wants to drink again

Chapter 9 Oh! Oh! It will be great to be on the road of prosperity!

Chapter 10 I will not be able to live peacefully!

Chapter 11 Little brother, I will become your girlfriend

Chapter 12 The Dream

Chapter 13 It is Tang Baobao’s turn to shine

Chapter 14 Tang Baobao is very embarrassed

Chapter 15 Two Mermaids

Chapter 16 Secret Meeting

Chapter 17 You really farted!

Chapter 18  Fool! Run Away!

Chapter 19 Let go off that girl

Chapter 20 Model Dense Man

Chapter 21 Tang Baobao, don’t you dare look for a prostitute!

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