Chapter 12 The Dream

Suddenly, Tang Baobao realized something, “Do you also live in Harbour city?”

“You don’t say! You become aware of it just now!” Mu Kexin stated happily.

Tang Baobao pondered for a moment before deciding to give it a go, since the other party is an online friend why should he be afraid of meeting her? She also had already bought ticket for the whole 6th row so he just needs to go there.

Tang Baobao replied “Alright.”

Mu Kexin exposed an evil smile, “You will be in for a surprise tonight.”

“What surprise?” Tang Baobao asked curiously but Mu Kexin never responded to his messages.

At this moment, Mu Kexin was picking up clothes in her dressing room. She really wanted that Tang Chaoren to understand that the person he was talking with for so long was Mu Kexin. Let me see how you will continue to be arrogant! She was getting excited as she thought of the expression on his face when he saw her face.

‘Should I wear a sexy dress or a cute one?’ She thought.  Forget about it, if I dress too much I might get recognized so let me wear an ordinary dress.

Tang Baobao was standing in the balcony holding his phone, he was confused whether his decision of meeting her was right or wrong. If he had known earlier she would been so eager to meet him, he would not have agreed so easily to meet the fraudster but rather try to understand her motive.

Fortunately, she had not asked him to meet her at a restaurant, he had never heard people hired to lure other people in movies only people who are hired to lure others in bars.

Tang Baobao gave a sigh of relief and walked out of his bedroom.

“Baobao, are you going out on a date?” Do you have any money with you? I have some money with me, take it so that you can take your girlfriend to a high-end place, don’t upset her by taking her to a low-end place.”

Tang Baobao had yet to react when his mother handed him a thousand dollars.


“Baobao don’t say anything, I know you are thin-skinned, so I will act like I know nothing about it.”


“I, what I?  Go back to your room and continue to talk with her on the people, I know young couples stick like glue on their mobile phone to act lovey-dovey. I will call you out for lunch.”

Tang Baobao was forced into the room by his Empress Dowager. He looked at the hundred dollar notes in his hand and smiled.

It turned out as long as he fed a little bit of information to his mother about his love life, she could compose an entire tale that was logical, had a story full of ups and downs and a conclusion and at the same time invert the words he said to suit her narrative. It made it impossible for him to explain the actual incident.

Tang Baobao was lying in the bed feeling nervous about meeting his online girlfriend. He wondered if the other side was pretty, if she had long legs like his sister.

How did I become so dirty minded? Could it be that feeling of love are sprouting in my heart? Am I becoming so romantic that I am having such thoughts about my sister?

Beast! How can I think about that again?

It seems I really need to find a girlfriend soon, hold her hands, and develop feelings, before releasing all of the pressure that is making me have such thoughts.

Tang Baobao thought he should take a nap given he had not slept well yesterday.

He soon fell asleep and had a wet dream.

Mu Kexin appeared in his dreams. She wore light silk pajamas that were slightly transparent. Her black hair was scattered on her shoulders.

His entire focus was on her beautiful face, her mixed genes enhanced the charm of her face, she gently bit her lip showing an expression of slight resentment.

“Baobao, come here, come here.”

Tang Baobao swallowed his saliva in his dream. His body was completely on fire.

He saw Mu Kexin raise her foot, stretch her delicate white fingers, and slide them from her ankle to her thigh asking,”Baobao, are my legs long?”

“Baobao, come over here.” Mu Kexin’s delicate voice got Tang Baobao hard. If she really was his girlfriend he would die violently in a year, no he will get sucked by her to death.

Tang Baobao headed towards her in his dream but at that time he heard another delicate voice.

“Tang Baobao, what are you doing?”

As he turned his head towards the source of the voice, he saw his sister with an expression that indicated she would devour him completely.

Tang Baobao wanted to explain things to her but no words came out as he opened his mouth.

“Great, well done Tang Baobao, your sister is so good to you, but in the end you follow a fox girl, are you worthy of your sister?

Tang Baobao wished death upon seeing the situation. He is clearly inside the bridal room. How could she come over to ruin the chance of his life? Holy crap! Was she holding a vegetable knife in her hand?

As he was ready to head over to his sister, a pair of willow arms hugged him from behind. A gentle sound was delivered in his ears.

“Baobao, I am yours tonight.”

“This girl is really urging me to commit a crime!”

“Baobao, how dare you? Come over quickly to accompany your sister.”

“Baobao, don’t you want me?” Mu Kexin bit on his earlobes.

Just like this the dam broke and he felt he leaked.

“Baobao, Baobao, come over to eat.”

Tang Baobao in the dream was blank when he heard that. Oh! Yes, I had fallen asleep and now I am in a dream.

Suddenly Tang Baobao opened his eyes, he took a long breath to calm himself, he was really afraid in that dream but at the same time felt it was an amazing dream.

As he stood up and looked down at his pants, he realized he had a wet dream, ‘Oh my God! How can this be possible? This is extremely shameful!’

He quickly searched for his underwear before heading towards the bathroom upon finding it.

His parents who were sitting on the dining table snorted.

Luo Bai smilingly said, “Baobao is finally on the right track.”

Tang Cheng puzzlingly asked, “What happened?”

Luo Bai got close to her husband and spoke with excitement, “Our Baobao had concealed the matter of him having a girlfriend from us but I discovered him today.”

“Oh! What else did you find out today?”

“Let me tell you that I found that she had a very pleasant voice so I am guessing she will also have a great appearance. Do you know how she addressed our Baobao?”

Tang Cheng curiously asked, “How?”

Luo Bai imitated the tender tone, “Little Brother.”

Tang Chaoren almost sprayed the water in his mouth as he heard her tender youthful tone.

“What kind of expression do you have?” Luo Bai glared at her husband, the Supreme Court justice is really the Supreme Court justice and Tang Cheng surrendered although he longed for victory.

Tang Cheng immediately shifted the topic, “Which stage is their relationship in?”

“I am not clear about it. I will observe them in one of the coming days.” Luo Bai whispered.

“You should not scare the little girl away.”

“What scare away? I will not scare her away I will just observe her from far away.”

Tang Cheng sighed helplessly, he knew his wife was in her investigation mood, Dad pities you Baobao and I have done all I can to help you and now can only pray for your happiness.

Tang Baobao had washed his shorts and was prepared to take it out to dry.

Tang Cheng wrinkled his eyebrows and said,” Baobao you need to control yourself better.”

Tang Baobao almost fell on the ground, really this is not what you think, I just had a dream, Oh my God! I have lost face today!

Tang Baobao was so bitter that he chose to be quiet, he dried his shorts and sat down for dinner. He did not speak a single word as he ate because he found the expression on the faces of the Old Emperor and the Empress Dowager to be fishy.

“Baobao you need to eat more to gain nutrition.” Luo Bai put the chicken leg in the bowl of Tang Baobao.

Tang Cheng calmly stated, “If you have no money, you can tell dad.”

“You still have money! Where is it?” Luo Bai shifted her attention to her husband.

‘Dad, I can only pray for your happiness.’

Tang Cheng regretted opening his big mouth.

On the other side.

Mu Kexin had also taken a nap. As she opened her beautiful eyes, she appeared baffled thinking about her strange dream, she unexpectedly was seducing a male in her dreams. Oh my God! How could she have become such a fickle woman in her dream?

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