Chapter 16 Secret Meeting

Tang Baobao had yet to finish explaining before Luo Bai preemptively said, “Baobao, you can go now and open a room in the hotel because your sister is still inside the house.”

“Baobao, you have to learn more on how to handle situations now that you are a grownup man.” Tang Cheng also reminded. After all, they were still not married, thus, sleeping in the same room might damage their reputations by spreading rumors.

Tang Baobao knew that he had to explain the matter to them before it became more tangled. He helplessly said, “Mom, dad she is sister’s best friend, I am seeing her today for the first time.”

The smiles on the faces of the Old Emperor and Empress Dowager disappeared in an instant.

After some time, Tang Cheng smiled again, “Never mind, you need to concentrate on learning more.”

 Luo Bai glared at her son, “Why are you still standing inside the room if she is not your girlfriend? Go sleep on the sofa.”

Tang Baobao felt that his status at home had downgraded and he vowed to find a girlfriend very soon.

But as he thought he would sleep on the sofa at night, he realized it would provide an excellent opportunity for sneaking out of his home to meet his online girlfriend. If he was inside his bedroom he would make some noises when he opened the door. However, at the same time, there is will be trouble if father wakes up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and finds out he is not sleeping on the sofa.

‘Heavens, why are you toying with me?’

Tang Baobao sat on the sofa and took the remote control to change the boring channel.

“Baobao, that lass is pretty, did your sister introduce her to you?” Tang Cheng sat down and asked.

My sister will introduce me to a girl in order to get married to her? In this life, such a thing is impossible! I will be happy if she does not ruin my relationship with girls. She wants to stay single and also ensure that I stay single to accompany her.

Tang Baobao grudgingly replied, “Sister called me so that I can drive her home, you don’t have to think too much about this matter.”

“That girl looks pretty good, do you where she works? Where she lives?” Tang Cheng quickly added, although he wanted his son to find a wife soon, he had some requirements for his wife.

“Dad, I really don’t know.” Tang Baobao spoke dispiritedly. ‘If I had known earlier, I would have to face so much drama back home, I would have left her inside a hotel room.’

Tang Cheng hit on the top of his head, “If you don’t know, why have you not asked? Could it be that you are waiting for others to chase after you? You need to take the initiative!

Tang Baobao touched his head and relaised that he had never taken the intitiative in his entire life. If he had known such an incident would occur then he would have served in the army and built up himself to have more courage.

He had to then face the trial of Empress Dowager before being judged innocent after explaining everything and released.

After he was free from further questioning, Tang Baobao once again went to bring the cars of his older sisters from the restaurant and park them inside the garage of his home. After all, they would need to use the cars tomorrow to go to work. However, when he stood close to Ping Luoling’s Modified Lamborghini, Tang Baobao felt he had left his IQ inside his house.[1] He did not know how to open the door of the car and had to search on Baidu[2] to understand the mechanics of the door.

He had to say that he felt in bless sitting inside the Lamborghini. The roar of the car when you started it, the frantic acceleration made him the focus of everyone’s attention on the street. Tang Baobao felt a little embarrassed when he thought of himself. I am an idiot, wanting so much attention when I don’t have the status or wealth to garner attention.

He parked the car inside the garage and went home. As he laid on the sofa, he thought, ‘Ever since I communicated with the liar yesterday, I seem to have been cursed with bad luck. I want to see how divine the other party looks like at night today.’

Looking at the time on the mobile phone, he discovered it was already 11:30 pm while the movie is at 12:00 am. He can drive the Volkswagen car to the cinema hall and arrive just on time.

Tang Baobao got up and observed the surroundings. He took a bolster and covered it with the blanket to make it look like he never left. Afterwards he slowly and silently moved towards the door and used the key to open the door. He made a small opening and used the key to close off the door at one go.

Standing outside, Tang Baobao breathed a sigh of relief and remembered the days of his childhood.

 ‘He and his sister used to sneak out of the house to eat ice cream. At that time, they had their own secret signals to communicate with each other. However, they were caught by his mother every single time and it was obviously due to his sister. However, at the end of the day it was he who had to bear the blame always. Never mind, let me not speak about my black history right now.’

He quickly went downstairs and started his car before stealthily getting out of the neighborhood.

As he got closer and closer to the cinema hall, he was getting more and more nervous. Although the Internet user is technically has the status of his girlfriend, this does not actually mean they will have the relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend.

Finally, he reached the cinema hall.

Stopping the car, Tang Baobao went inside the cinema hall, but was surprised to see no one else except for the customer service personnel. He was thinking that it would be better to get inside and watch the nice film rather than stand here and wait.

Tang Baobao took the ticket and waited for her for a few minutes until the broadcasts reminded him to enter the hall to watch the film. He still had not seen anyone coming over to the cinema hall.

That’s when Tang Baobao realized he had been fooled. That Basatrd! He was out of luck since he chose to believe his online friend. He was simply an idiot and his naiveness caused others to bully him.

Tang Baobao was so furious that he stormed out of the cinema hall. However, just as he had reached downstairs, he felt that since he had bought the tickets to the movie, he should watch it to improve the terrible mood he is in now.

He showed the ticket and entered Hall 3 where the movie had begun.

Suddenly a dark shadow caught the attention of Tang Baobao, apparently it seemed like he was in the same situation as Tang Baobao. This brother is also miserable having been abandoned by someone.

Tang Baobao found the 6th row only to find that the dark shadow is also seated here. It seems that fate truly brings people together.

But…..But…..Tang Baobao saw that the dark shadow was sitting on the 8th seat while he was going to sit on the 9th seat, but was he truly she!!

Tang Baobao swallowed his saliva and sat down. His heartbeat began to accelerate and he stealthily cast a glance at her to determine whether she was a woman.

She had worn a cap and her face was not visible due to the cap and dim light in the theater.

‘What should I say?’ ‘What the hell should I say now?’


‘I am truly an idiot! The book says that the opening remark is extremely vital to make a good impression in front of the girl.’


‘Too frivolous! The sentence make it seem like I am a prodigal son while I don’t have the qualities of one.’


‘Too childish.’

The question is also what should I say after the opening remark? I am so nervous and completely speechless. In addition to all that her body is so fragrant! Have I bumped into a fragrant princess?

Sitting next to him is of course Mu Kexin. Although she looks calm and peaceful, she had hidden her hand away to not show that she is equally nervous. In fact, a few minutes ago she was as angry as Tang Baobao.

Because the movie had begun and that Tang Chaoren had not yet shown up making her feel like an idiot.

She, being a superstar, had taken the initiative to watch a movie with someone at midnight! Unexpectedly that guy had not shown up causing her to become angry and her eyes had turned red in her anger. She had vowed to ignore that Tang Chaoren from now onwards. He deserved to be single. She cursed him to remain single in his entire life.

However, she soon saw the shadow of someone walk inside the hall causing her maiden heart to jump because all the seats of tonight’s movie had been reserved to ensure that they are sitting alone together. If that shadow is not Tang Chaoren it could only be a ghost!

Sure enough, that person sat beside her, causing her to be more nervous than when she was waiting for the results university entrance examination.

But even after waiting for five minutes, the other party did not speak a single word.

‘Is the film so good-looking that you cannot speak a single word? Sure enough, you will stay single for a lifetime.’

After ten minutes, Mu Kexin got a little headache. ‘I am still waiting to see your amazed facial expression when you look at me. Don’t you talk big when we chat on WeChat? You should glance at me. Do you want me to beg you to look at me?’

On the other hand, Tang Baobao would like to see her face but felt it would be impolite to do so. ‘Why is she not speaking anything? Isn’t she very active when talking on WeChat? She demands that I call her this and that. She even demanded that I call her ‘Little Princess’ on WeChat. Oh My God! Why am I in such a situation now?’

[1] I am not sure whether he never saw a Lamborghini in his life but it is true their doors operate differently so you can understand why he does not know what to do about it

[2] Version of Google on China

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