Chapter 17 You really farted!

Chapter 17 You really farted!

Her voice was definitely synthesized by software. Otherwise, she would not be afraid to speak and reveal her voice to Tang Baobao. Also why she is wearing a hat so late at night. Had she worn sunglasses on top of the hat, she would have resembled a star even more!

Although the film was still going on inside the theatre, the two of them had no intention of watching the film but rather guessing what was going on the mind of the other person.


Mu Kexin was completely stiff from embarrassment after releasing fart a little while ago. Oh My God! She was now sure she had a bad stomach today because of the food she had eaten, but it was too shameful for her to make such a loud sound.

But for Tang Baobao, this fart came at the right time and it finally presented him an opportunity to begin the conversation.

“Did you just fart right now?”

Mu Kexin: “……”

It is no wonder that he is till single. How can such a terrible, insensitive man not remain single?

“You are farting! (You are speaking nonsense)[1]” Mu Kexin got angry. ‘This Tang Chaoren really does not know how to please a girl. Idiot!

Tang Baobao was startled but still said, “You really did fart just a moment[2] ago, I am not lying to you.”

Mu Kexin: “……..”

This person is not just dense. He is destined to remain single his entire lifetime because of his innate ……

“I don’t want to talk to you.”

Tang Baobao was puzzled, clearly you farted, now you unexpectedly don’t want to talk to me.


‘You action are even stranger than my sister’s.’

But he had no choice other than admit that her voice was not really changed by software, and it sounded pleasing to the ears.

For the next half an hour, Tang Baobao chose to stay quiet. Mu Kexin had encountered such a strange dense man for the first time in life.

‘I don’t know how much time is left before the conclusion of the movie.’

‘When the movie will be over, the theater hall will lit up,’ Tang Baobao was very nervous having such thoughts.

In fact, Mu Kexin was also a little nervous but was faring better given the darkness. However, she too understood that when the light were on they would be able to see each other properly.

Dealing with such an emotional idiot, Mu Kexin had no choice other than taking the initiative, “Do you intend to continuing sitting here till morning?”

“Oh! Ok, I will send you to your home.” Tang Baobao spoke in a neutral tone.

Mu Kexin had come here to look at the surprised expression on Tang Chaoren’s face when he saw her identity rather than watch the movie.

“Are you planning on not seeing my face at all?” Mu Kexin spoke softly.

Tang Baobao swallowed his saliva and replied, “Actually….Is it not rude to look at your face directly like that?”

“Ok, then I will count till three and we both can turn our faces to each other at the same time.”

“That is a good idea.”

Mu Kexin shouted tenderly,




The two of them turned their heads at the same time to look at each other. Mu Kexin felt that Tang Baobao looked more handsome than his photo. He was more delicate and well worth a second look.

It was just that Tang Baobao experienced the shock of his life. How could this woman resemble Mu Kexin so much?

Of course, Mu Kexin saw the surprise in the eyes of Tang Baobao. Her heart was delighted. Humph! Now explain how I am liar.

Tang Baobao could not help but reach out his arms and pinch the face of Mu Kexin. He needed to knead her face to confirm whether she had worn a mask or not.

“What are you doing?” Mu Kexin was shocked by the actions of Tang Baobao and yelled tenderly.

Tang Baobao staggered a few steps back as if he had seen a ghost, “You……You……You…..”

 Mu Kexin felt pleased with herself and could not help tease him, “What? Were you not saying I was a swindler, a liar?”

“I….you are really Mu Kekin.”

Mu Kexin stood up, placed her hands on her hips before circling around to give Tang Baobao a 360 degree view of herself, “Do you still think I am fake?”

Tang Baobao was convinced that this woman was Mu Kexin. Damn! Why am I in such a situation now? How could Mu Kexin add me to her WeChat? This is simple unbelievable.

“Don’t take seriously everything that I had said or did beforehand. I truly feel embarrassed for my inappropriate actions.” Tang Baobao felt that he needed to apologize given that he had misunderstood her to be a liar.

Mu Kexin want to precisely hear such a apology. Now you know that I have not deceived you. Humph!

Tang Baobao was speechless. He knew he had already spoken a lot of nonsense about her.

“Hey, why are you acting like a fool?” Mu Kexin yelled.

It is not that Tang Baobao didn’t know what to do now, but in fact, he had still not recovered from the shock of seeing her. Mu Kexin was genuinely beautiful!

As they left the cinema hall, Mu Kexin quickly wore glasses that did not have any lens.

In addition, it was two o’clock in the morning, thus, the pedestrians on the road were few in number and no one was paying her any attention.

Although the two walked side by side, but the shoulder-to-shoulder distance was much farther, they were two meters apart from each other.

“Why are you walking so far from me? Am I a dinosaur?” Mu Kexin spoke in a grandiose manner now that she was at an advantage in the conversation.

Tang Baobao had no choice but to come closer. He suggested, “It is late at night now so I will send you to your home.”

“Do you chase after girls like this?” Mu Kexin asked curiously.

“I never said that I wanted to pursue you.”

Mu Kexin furrowed her eyebrows and spoke, “I am trying to teach you, you should be aware that I have been trying to do it in WeChat as well.”

“Oh! I am sorry, you should be very busy, right?’ Tang Baobao still spoke politely.

Mu Kexin spread her hands saying, “You should feel honoured. I am on a vacation now, so I am going to do a good deed, given that you had lent me money when I needed it.”

“Are you sure? I mean you are a superstar so it might get troublesome if you are photographed while being with me.”

“I did not realize it before but you are a very prudent person. You can be rest assured that I will be careful.” Mu Kexin is very naughty. Unlike other stars, she possesses a very daring nature. Her character has inevitably caused her to offend some people, otherwise she would have been much more successful in her acting career.

Mu Kexin paused a little before replying, “I still don’t know your name. Are you really called Tang Chaoren?”

“No, my name is Tang Baobao.”

“Baobao? This name is really interesting! I will call you BaoBao from now one.” Mu Kexin patted Tang Baobao’s shoulder like an elder pats youngsters.[3]

“Yes …. You can”

“Then you can call me little princess.”


“Ah! What! Where is your courage to pursue girls?” Mu Kexin gets quite reckless when she sets her heart on doing something. Although she wants to teach him about getting a girlfriend, she had never had any boyfriend before meeting Tang Baobao. Thus, she truly could fail to teach him anything useful while leading him astray.

“Pay attention, this is the first lesson- courage lesson.”

Tang Baobao also felt that he had to practice and he lightly coughed to make the situation less embarrassing from his point of view.

“Little Princess.”

“You spoke in a harsh tone. Do it again”

“Little Princess!”

“Are you calling your enemy?’

“Little Princess ~”

“Do you have constipation?”

Mu Kexin grabbed Tang Baobao’s shoulders and said with sincere and earnest conviction, “The words should come out from your heart as if you really believe I am your girlfriend. Continue until you get it right.”

Being stared at by Mu Kexin caused Tang Baobao’s heart to beat faster and he experienced a peculiar feeling raising inside him that made him feel content and happy.

“Little Princess ~”

Mu Kexin listened attentively just like a teacher would listen to her pupils reciting the lesson, but at the same time she closed her eyes to experience the deeper emotion of love from his voice.

“There is a hint of love coming from your voice, now hold my hands and say it again,” Mu Kexin seemed to be acting like they were shooting a romantic scene for a film.

Tang Baobao was too shy to hold the hand of another person and said, “How about we practice again another day? This is too sudden for me, I need to take things slowly.”

“Humph! How can you say that? You had earlier said that I was a liar, you even blacklisted me on WeChat, little brother you are very difficult to deal with.” Mu Kexin unexpectedly used the awkward incident to cause Tang Baobao to blush with shame. She was not one to forget a grudge easily.

Tang Baobao scratched the back of his head and replied, “I did not know at that time that you were a star. After all, superstars do not casually add ordinary people.”

[1] Generally I would translate ‘you are speaking nonsense’ and leave it at that. But the word for fart and nonsense is same in Chinese so I am letting my readers understand the following sentence by Tang Baobao better through this note.

[2] I guess you guys understand why he repeated that about farting

[3] For those of you who are confused. Baobao means baby. Thus Mu Kexin is acting like that

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