Chapter 5 BaoBao, you are that kind of person!

Tang BaoBao explained quickly “This is what my sister chose for me to wear. You should scold her instead of me.”

“It’s actually very good” Tang Cheng smiled.

“Yes, it is very good.” Luo Bai gave a thumbs up.

Tang BaoBao was feeling despair when he heard the comments of his parents. As long as the clothes was chosen by his sister it was good, how could it be logical! How can they be so partial to his sister?

Xiao Hanrui came out of the room soon after. Tang BaoBao was stunned when he saw his sister wearing the white strapless tight shirt.

Was…. Was she going to a beauty pageant? ….. Or was she going to a blind date?

“Let me take you to cut your hair!”

Tang Baobao was a little scared “Are you taking me to shave my head completely?”

As the two parents looked at the two going out of the house, they felt relieved. They understood that Xiao Hanrui really liked their son otherwise there was no reason to care about his blind date so much.

When the two of them reached the garage, Xiao Hanrui said in a commanding tone “Sit in my car!”

“Sister, I am just going to a blind date, why does it look you are going to fight someone?”

“Don’t you want to sit in my car?”

Tang BaoBao asked “Sister, are you determined to ruin my date today?”

“Baobao, Am I such a person in your heart? I am too disappointed in you today for thinking about me like that!” Xiao Hanrui replied as if addressing a big grievance.

Tang Baobao was completely speechless when he heard that and had no other choice apart from sitting in the co-pilot seat.

Xiao Hanrui started the car and accelerated rapidly. The acceleration caused him to fall backwards to the seat. He quickly steadied himself before urging “Sister, you need to slow down, there is a speed bump close by.”

“AH! Sister! We need to take a sharp turn, you need to slow down!

“Sister, Another speed bump! Sister, slow down!”

Tang BaoBao continued to scream and urge his sister to slow down as they got out of the community.

“Sister! Puke! Sister, you need to stop nearby, I won’t be able to take this torture anymore….” Tang Baby felt the urge to vomit. His stomach kept on contracting violently and he felt the need to find a place to vomit.

Xiao Hanrui quickly stopped the car near a park and Tang BaoBao spewed out the rice from his stomach into the ground.

Xiao Hanrui handed out a paper towel to him.

Tang BaoBao found himself breathing incoherently, he had told her so many times to slow down yet she had never listened to him.

“Why have you not called your blind date yet?”

Tang BaoBao had yet to recover and he gasped “Sister, I need to take a break now, you know your brother is physically weak.”

“Why do you sleep late at night then?” Xiao Hanrui frowned.

Tang BaoBao stutteringly replied “Sister, can we talk about this topic at another time?”

“BaoBao, you need to work out, it will be good for your body.”

“Sister, you need to stop, please, I am going to call ok.” Tang BaoBao knew that she was not going to stop talking unless he made the phone call to his date.

As he opened his WeChat he discovered that Mu Kexin had not yet replied to him. He felt himself even more frustrated knowing that he had been fooled.

As he opened the chat of his ‘Queen Mother’ he found the contact number of the girl Song LingLing.

Tang Baobao was hesitating when he saw the number. He did not know how to approach her. Does he directly ask her about the date or speak in a roundabout away? He was extremely nervous…

Xiao Hanrui had a slight smile on her face when she looked at the tension of her brother. He had never been able to contact any other woman apart from himself properly.

Tang Baobao could not decide what to say after deliberating for some time, He asked “Sister, what should I say to her?”

“Now you are asking me what to say! When she will decline you, then you will blame me for everything right?”

“Sister, I will not blame you for anything. Your brother just wants to find a girlfriend. I want your help so that I am not rejected again” Tang Baobao was pleased with himself when he asked her for help. Everybody says that woman understand another woman best.

“Baobao, do you want to find a girlfriend to solve your physical needs?”


How can Tang BaoBao give positive answer to such a question!

“Sister, do you think I am such a person?”

“Yes, you look like such a person.” Xiao Hanrui lifted her hands to her chin in thought before saying.

Seeing the ghastly appearance of her brother, Xiao Hanrui comforted “Ok forget what I said about you, I will teach you a trick to pick up a girl.”

“Really, tell me quickly.”

“Do you see the tea shop that is on the other side of the road?” Xiao Hanrui spoke while pointing to the tea shop.


“Tell the girl to meet you inside the tea shop.”

“Don’t you think that such a meeting is too casual?” Tang BaoBao felt that meeting the daughter of his mother’s friend in such a place will make the atmosphere awkward.

Xiao Hanrui disapproved “Your sister knows about a woman much better than you. Nowadays there are many girls who seek material comfort. If you take such a girl to this kind of place then she will show her displeasure to you. BaoBao, I don’t think you want such a girlfriend, right?”

Tang BaoBao felt that his sister’s words were reasonable but he still felt that this was not the right action to take.

“Then I will pick her up”

Xiao Hanrui agreed “Ok no problem.”

Since they have decided on the details, Tang BaoBao clicked on her number, however, upon hearing the beep sound, he began to come tense again.


The gentle voice on the phone made Tang Baobao even more nervous.

“Hello …… I am Tang…… Baobao, …. I am…. “Tang Baobao could only stutter and he felt ashamed of himself.

“You are Tang Baobao, Hello.”

“Hey… Hello.” Tang Baobao sighed.

Xiao Hanrui did not make a sound but her heart was not calm at this moment. She knew that the girl was not simple. In just one sentence, she was able to calm BaoBao and it can be said she will be a challenging opponent to face.

“Are you free in the afternoon?” Song Lingling asked softly.

Tang baby was shocked, he had met an active girl for the first time, thus hurriedly replied “I am free, of course.”

“Would you like to go out with me for a walk?” Song Lingling asked softly

“Yes, I will pick you up just tell me your location.”

“I am eating with my friends right now, I will see you at Jinxuan Pedestrian Street at two o’clock.”

Tang BaoBao felt very good while talking to her. He felt she was a gentle woman.

“Okay, see you at two.”

“Yes, bye”

As he hung up the phone, Tang BaoBao was shaking in excitement.

Xiao Hanrui was thinking that the girl was indeed not simple, she was able to control the flow of conversation and her brother in just a matter of minutes. Her brother will definitely have her as a wife if this continues.

“Sister, which hairstyle should I have to make me more handsome?”

“Even your hairstyle will not be able to save you from rejection.” Xiao Hanrui ruthlessly rebuked him before starting the car to head in the direction of the barber shop.

She stopped the car in front of the shop before both of them headed into the shop.

Xiao Hanrui commanded to the barber “Give him a good haircut.”


Tang BaoBao knew that his sister will definitely mess up his haircut but he did not have the courage to oppose her right now.

Twenty minutes later, the duo headed for Jinxuan Pedestrian Street.

However, after twenty minutes on the road, Tang BaoBao was sweating profusely “Sister, why are you going this way? This road is blocked”

“Isn’t Jinxuan Pedestrian Street this way?”

“Of course not, I told you took a left turn.” Tang Baby spoke helplessly.

“Do you want you sister to violate rules? I just wanted to drive straight. What if we had a car accident when I turned left? What if I had run onto a person on the road when I turned left? Do you want your sister to go to jail? Baobao, I never expected you to abandon your sister whom you have known for 20 years for a girl you have yet to meet!”

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