MGIRAS Chapter 18 Fool! Run Away!

Chapter 18 Fool! Run Away!

“Oh! You mean that I don’t resemble a star!” Mu Kexin placed both of her hands on her hips and took on the posture of someone getting ready to argue fiercely.

“You misunderstood, I mean I cannot believe that a star would add me on her personal WeChat.”

Considering that you have apologized and behaved well tonight, I will let the matter go. Ok, now let us have a midnight snack.”

“Ah! It two o’clock now. I think it is too late for a midnight snack.” Tang Baobao looked at the phone and said as he had to go to work tomorrow morning.

“Isn’t two o’clock the best time to have midnight snack? Besides, I have not gone out with someone to have midnight snack for a long time. Also, I will teach you how to pursue me.”

“Aren’t you afraid of being recognized?”

Mu Kexin disdainfully replied, “It is pitch black right now, how will notice me?”

“I have never seen such a bold star like you in my life.” Tang Baobao murmured. His perception of female superstars also went through a drastic change.

Mu Kexin said, “I am not an ungrateful person, unlike someone who deletes his WeChat friends and is not at all manly.”

“Who told you to send message late at night?” Tang Baobao was not nervous anymore given that Mu Kexin was an amiable person to converse.

“I did it because you refused to believe me.”

“Actually, I am still finding it hard to believe.”

Mu Kexin winked her eyes and whispered, “Nevertheless, I am still your online girlfriend. Are you not very excited when you think about that?

“Uh! Don’t make any more jokes about that!” Tang Baobao felt that everything she had talked about before were jokes. Given the other party’s status as a star, ordinary people would not have the opportunity to come in contact with her.

Mu Kexin fidgeted her fingers and spoke excitedly, “Why? Are you going to ignore me, your online girlfriend, from now on? Do you look down on me?”

“Of course not.”

“It is decided then.”

Tang Baobao felt that he was forced to become the boyfriend of her, but he did not take the matter to heart, after all the sentence was spoken in a joking tone but he felt that it was quite interesting to know a star.

Mu Kexin pulled Tang Baobao and said, “Walk this side, closer to me.”

“This small alley is too dark and will not be safe.” The safety awareness of Tang Baobao was very good.

“Baobao, how can you have less guts than me? You will never be able to pursue girls if you go on like that!”

Tang Baobao grudgingly stated, “I am afraid you will have an accident, ok? You are a star. I don’t want gossip of me having an affair with you transmitted everywhere.

“Ah! Why are you afraid of news about my affair being dissipated everywhere? I am not afraid of it even if you are,” Mu Kexin gave a loving snort and without even waiting for Tang Baobao to reply, she headed towards the alley.

What could Tang Baobao possibly do? Being a good man, he could only follow her along. This star really had a bad temper.

Although it was summer, cold winds were blowing in the alley, Mu Kexin had just taken a few steps inside the alley before she panicked and spoke in a barely audible tone, “Tang Baobao, why are following behind me? Come to the front and lead me.”

‘This Mu Kexin is obviously very afraid, but still wants to put up a brave front for the sake of her face.’ Tang Baobao laughed and went forward.


The strange sound of the wind scared Mu Kexin into holding the arms of Tang Baobao. She closed her eyes and leaned on Tang Baobao’s shoulder.

“Hey, it is just the sound of wind blowing in the narrow alleyway.” Tang Baobao explained like a true bird-brain.

If there it was someone else, he would have said, ‘Darling, don’t be afraid, I am here with you. Then use the opportunity to hug her waist.’

Mu Kexin felt she had lost face, thus, she put up a strong front and said, “I am naturally aware of that. I am just testing you, that’s all.”

“Okay, Okay,” Tang spread his arms in surrender. However, when the superstar had hugged his arm a while ago, he felt blissful.

As the two people walked inside the dark alleyway, they soon came across six individuals who were smoking. Judging from their walking posture and appearance it could be guessed they were hooligans of the street.

Tang Baobao’s heart sank, hoping an accident does not occur.

Mu Kexin was also slightly nervous and stuck closer to Tang Baobao and they were very scared as they walked forwards.

As the two sides came closer to each other, Tang Baobao could smell the smoke coming out from their mouths. Suddenly, the other side stopped.

Although the two wished to avoid disaster and the other party could not see them very well in the dark, but under the moonlight Mu Kexin’s alluring figure is truly a sight to behold. It is especially true now given her legs were completely exposed and men would go completely crazy upon glancing at them.

Yet that was when you could only see the figure and not the face.

The six gangsters had just finished eating and drinking wine so late at night and had come to this small alleyway dizzy and with the mindset of doing whatever they want. There were on the lookout of doing something exciting.

Having his worst fears come true, Tang Baobao held Mu Kexin’s delicate hands and whispered, “We need to run away from here. Do you understand?”

Mu Kexin had come across such a thing for the first time and thus she was confused of what to do.

“Oh! ….. Okay,” Mu Kexin nervously replied.

One of the drunk gangsters came forward and spoke in a tyrannical tone, “You guys should not speak secretly anymore, Laozi[1] likes your woman.”


Tang Baobao pulled Mu Kexin and the two dashed off. The six drunk man stood momentarily dumbfounded as they have never come across such a decisive escape. All man usually put up a brave front in front of their girlfriends to impress them. But this man was truly shameless, he is running faster than rabbits.

The drunk gangsters resolutely threw their cigarettes on the ground, “Brothers, chase after them, break the legs of the man, the woman …… Ha Ha Ha.”

Tang Baobao had run wildly while holding the hands of Mu Kexin. However, Mu Keixn was after a girl and could not run as fast as him.

As he saw that the gangsters were going to catch up to them, Tang Baobao understood there was no way to avoid the disaster now. He calmly stated, “You should run away quickly! Ok?”

“What?” Mu Kexin did not understand what Tang Baobao was going to do.

Tang Baobao spoke in a heavy tone, “You need to run away, run away. Why are you speaking superfluous words now?”

If Tang Baobao could have a look at himself right now, he would be curious as to how he could have been acting so manly at this moment.

Not waiting for Mu Kexin to collect her thoughts, Tang Baobao not only released her hands and went forward to face the six gangsters, he also shouted, “Run. Dumb cunt![2]

Mu Kexin was so shocked that she stood motionless. She watched the courageous figure of Tang Baobao as he dashed towards the gangsters but was knocked down instantly!

“Tang Baobao, you dare to say that I am dumb cunt! You and I need to settle the matter right now.”

Mu Kexin stamped her feet and looked all over the place to find something to throw at them.

She picked up a broken brick from the ground before charging straight forward.

Without waiting for them to react, she raised her hand and smashed the brick on top of the head of one of the gangsters.

When a loud bang sounded, one of the gangsters had an incredible expression on his face as he turned back and touched the back of his head. Soon after, he lost consciousness.

“Huang Mao[3]! Huang Mao! Are you okay? Kill this woman!”

Tang Baobao was full of regrets, eh? Why did you come back? At most they would have beaten him up before going away. But if she was caught by these animals, who knew what they would do to her?

Tang Baobao resisted the pain in her body in an attempt to grab the ankle of Mu Kexin and shouted at her, “How dare you come back here? Run away quickly!”

Mu Kexin was also very scared but when she saw that Tang Baobao had been beaten up to save her, she did not know how but she got the courage to come back.

“Who told you to call me stupid? No wonder you cannot pursue girls successfully!”

Apart from Mu Kexin and the gangster who had fainted, everyone else had a foolish expression on their faces! Is it appropriate to speak such words in such a bloody scenario?

[1] Laozi is a very common word for readers who are familiar with Chinese urban novels. It basically means father/ daddy / “I, your father”

It is either used out of anger or out of contempt Or It can be used arrogantly or jocularly

[2] Dumb Cunt- An extremely stupid person.

[3] It means Yellow hair. I was thinking of replacing Chinese names of filler characters. Do tell me what you guys think about it.

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