MGIRAS Chapter 19 Let go off that girl

Chapter 19 Let go off that girl

Tang Baobao was feeling sentimental after he was beaten to stall for her. Indeed, she is truly a foolish person!

Suddenly, Mu Kexin screamed! A gangster with a crooked smile on his face had already caught her arm.

“This woman truly has some courage! Hold her firmly while I disable this man.

Although Mu Kexin was held by the gangster, she still wanted to save Tang Baobao, “You let him go. I will give you money.”

“He He He! We don’t want money, rather we want your body.” One of the gangsters laughed obscenely while the other joined in to create a ruckus.

Looking at Mu Kexin’s helpless expression on her face, Tang Baobao hated his inability to save her. If she had an accident tonight, he had to be the one to be blamed. Maybe she would commit suicide due to the accident which would be graver than any other consequence.

“Power!  Power! I need more strength!”

Suddenly Tang Baobao’s eyes flashed red before fading away soon after.

Right at this moment, Tang Baobao suddenly felt a strange power inside his body. He immediately stood up and yelled, “Let go off that girl.”

The five gangsters were surprised for a moment before looking at Tang Baobao with a sneer.

“Little handsome guy, do you want to be the hero who saves the beauty? Ah! Your body is surely not capable enough to beat us,” The hooligans laughed together.

Although Mu Kexin was flustered, in the end she was a headstrong woman who was willing to rush into danger. She shouted tenderly, “You run fast and report everything to the police.”

“Report to the police, Beauty you think we will let him go. However, contrary to your reckless behavior, your voice is really pleasant. We are all looking forward to your appearance now.”

“Ha Ha Ha”

Tang Baobao was very angry at this moment. These wretched scoundrels only do bad deeds, even going as far as to ruin the innocence of a woman. He surely he cannot forgive them.

“Tang Baobao, you are an idiot! Why are you still standing there like a statue? Run out of here and report to the police.” Seeing Tang Baobao standing foolishly on the same spot, Mu Kexin anxiously shouted. However, right from the beginning, she never cried, as she knew it would make him even angrier.

Tang Baobao stared at Mu Kexin and commanded, “Shut Up!”

The latter was startled by his shout. You don’t have to act like a pretentious prick at this time, just run away.

“You guys, come on.”

Tang Baobao only feels inexhaustible strength inside his body right now. As the other party raised his fist to hit him, Tang Baobao matched his fist with his own. He wanted to use violence to curb violence.


Mu Kexin widened her eyes as if she saw a ghost.

She saw a gangster clutching his arms in pain so much so that he was rolling on the ground.

The other four dropped their jaws in shock.

“It is going to be a bit tricky, brothers take out your weapons.”

Seeing the rest of the guys holding a knife in their hand and the way their skill in using it, Mu Kexin’s heart sank. She quickly grabbed onto one of them and anxiously shouted, “Tang Baobao, run fast and alarm the police.”

The scoundrel threw her on the ground and said, “Slut, wait here till we come to deal with you.”

Tang Baobao watched the hooligans throw Mu Kexin on the ground. His anger reached a boiling point, “How dare they bully woman as a man?”

“Come on guys.”

Tang Baobao took a deep breath and rushed forward without hesitation. Mu Kexin, who was on the ground, squinted her eyes, and her heart was extremely remorseful. ‘If I had just listened to Tang Baobao, they would not have met them. If they would not have met them, then Tang Baobao would not have been hurt. It was all my fault.’

After a long time, Mu Kexin slowly opened her eyes when the sound of the fight had ceased. She saw a dark shadow leaning against the wall, and the corner of his mouth appeared to have been bleeding.

“Baobao, is that you?” Mu Kexin stood up with the support of the wall and nervously asked.

The black shadow did not answer, and he gradually fell on the ground.

Mu Kexin recklessly ran towards the figure and saw a blood-stained Tang Baobao lying on the ground. She did know what kind of emotions were going on her heart as she looked at him. If she was shooting a movie right now, she would have been pretty calm but the problem was that they were not shooting a movie, everything that had gone on was not a performance based on a script.

“Baobao ……… Baobao, speak, don’t scare me!” Mu Kexin stretched out her hand to wipe the blood from the face of Tang Baobao and shouted in an anxious tone.

 However, her anxious tone soon turned into melancholy, “Baobao, you wake up, it was my mistake. I am a bad person.”

Mu Kexin grabbed the shoulder of Tang Baobao and shook him violently, “If I had just listened to you, you would not have been hurt. Are you dead? Wake up!”

Looking at Tang Baobao who did not have any reaction to her shaking and shouting, Mu Kexin began to cry, while continuing to shake his body.

“Can you stop shaking? I am not dead yet!” Tang Baobao spoke weakly. After he experienced the burst of power that had faded away, he really wanted to go to gym and build up his body.

Mu Kexin had an elated expression on her face and she hugged Tang Baobao suddenly, “Great! You had scared me to death.”

“I am ok, let go of me, do you want to strangle me?” He was already feeling that his body was on the verge of exhaustion, so after the hug by Mu Kexin he thought his bones would break down.

Mu Kexin spoke agitatedly, “I will take you to a hospital.”

“Forget it, I don’t need to go to the hospital. I just need some rest now,” Tang Baobao helplessly stated, “The days in this weekend were like the doom days at the end of the world.”

‘But was what feeling? Was it because of my powers? Now that I think about it. What else could that have been except for my powers? After all these years, he still had to use them today ….

“Why don’t you want to go there? Have you looked at the blood on your face?” Mu Kexin could only care for him in this way. She supported Tang Baobao to stand on his feet.

Tang Baobao climbed up with the support of Mu Kexin’ shoulder and said, “You are an idiot! If you take me to the hospital, tomorrow you will be in front page news and there will be lots of rumors about your affair.”

“There is blood on your face. I am frightened looking at it yet you are thinking about reputation,” Mu Kexin spoke indignantly. However, her heart was warm thinking that this guys was still concerned about her even in this situation.

“The blood on my face is theirs. I am just a little injured,” Tang Baobao spoke weakly.

“Even if your injury is small, let us go to the hospital in case there are after effects of these injuries.”

Tang Baobao was truly speechless. ‘Does a superstar behave like this?’

“I am wondering whether you are truly a superstar. You idiot!”

“You are stupid!” Mu Kexin tenderly yelled.

Although Mu Kexin is tall and just a little shorter than Tang Baobao in height, but she still could not bear the burden of supporting a grown up like that.

Before they had even got out of the alley, Mu Kexin was gasping for breath.

“Take a break,” Tang Baobao sat on the ground and looked at the stupid superstar in front of him. It is no wonder that she is not extremely popular, it must be due to her temper. However, she still had a kind heart, otherwise he would have saved her in vain.

Mu Kexin sat opposite to Tang Baobao. They both glared at each other for some time, unsure of what to say.

“You just called me stupid,” Mu Kexin gave a tender snort.

“What are you except an idiot? You just stood there foolishly when I told you to run away. At most they would have beaten me up a little and then leave, that’s all.”

Mu Kexin retorted, “When I told you to run away, you stupid, why did you not run away?”

“What do you do if I run away?” Baby Tang wiped the blood on his face and said indifferently.

Mu Kexin snorted, “What do you do if I run away?”

After that the two of them quiet down as if the conversation that had taken place was ambiguous.

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