MGIRAS Chapter 20 Model Dense Man

Chapter 20 Model Dense Man[1]

Mu Kexin took the initiative to ask, “Where you not beaten up in the beginning? How did you suddenly turn into Superman?”

“If I did not turn into Superman, what would have happened to you? They were thoroughly going to ravage you, dim-wit!” Tang Baobao was not in a good mood and stated harshly. His body was not aching a lot and his strength was gradually recovering.

Mu Kexin smiled sweetly, “Oh! I did not realize it before, but you do have the potential to pursue girls successfully.”

“Do I?” Tang Baobao turned red and choose to keep quiet.

“Just a little while ago, you were very manly, you looked very handsome. If you are able to maintain that state, I can guarantee you will soon be able to get rid of your single status and get a girlfriend,” Mu Kexin laughingly commented.

“Thank you,” Tang Baobao spoke grudgingly, before standing up by leaning up against the wall.

Mu Kexin immediately stood up to support him and said, “Let us go right away to a hospital.”

Tang Baobao knocked on the head of Mu Kexin and exclaimed, “You are either foolish or foolish and fake at the same time. You just cannot be a genuine superstar!”

Mu Kexin touched her head and shouted tenderly, “Tang Baobao, you dare to hit me on the head!”

“I am hitting you to wake you up, that’s all.”

Mu Kexin was getting angry, she snorted, “Looking at your injured state, I will not chide you today. If you do not want to go to the hospital, it is alright. You can come to my house and I will bandage your injuries.”

“Forget about it. I will go back home and bandage myself,” Tang Baobao does not want to go to the house of a superstar so late at night. ‘If the news is leaked out and his mother comes to know about it, she will definitely be mad. She does not have a positive opinion on superstars.’

Mu Kexin felt pleased with herself as she directly dragged Tang Baobao in the direction of her car. How could the injured Tang Baobao have the power to stop Mu Kexin?

“You! You! I don’t want to go to your house! I want to go home!”

“He He He, little lamb, you cannot get out of this old lady’s car.”

She placed Tang Baobao inside her Volkswagen Beetle and started the car. The direction her car was heading was obviously towards her home.

“Mu Kexin, you are more overbearing than my sister.” Tang Baobao powerlessly stated.

Mu Kexin glared at Tang Baobao as if she was looking at a dead man, “What did you call me? Mu Kexin? I am going to give you a single opportunity to save your life.”

“What should I call you?” Tang Baobao truly wanted to teach her a lesson. She was getting too arrogant.

“Do you still want me to remind you? Be careful, I will poke you to death with my finger”

“Little Princess ~”

“You are not calling me with sincerity.”

“Little Princess!”

“Are you cursing me?”

“As they quarreled with each other, the car had arrived around Ziyuan Community. It was truly the paradise of the rich. The parking lot though had no signs of any man or woman. Mu Kexin got out of the car before supporting Tang Baobao to get out. In passing, she also poked at the waist of Tang Baobao.

“I won’t listen to you.”

“Please listen,” Tang Baobao gnashed his teeth and stated with rage.

‘Now that I am at you home, I have no choice bu tto bow down my head. However, is this how you thank someone who had risked his own life to save yours?’

As they arrived on the doorstep of the apartment, Tang Baobao had to support himself by leaning on the wall while Mu Kexin opened the door. After opening the door, Mu Kexin supported Tang Baobao until he sat on the sofa. She then went to get the emergency kit.

As Tang Baobao looked around the house, he blushed with shame. The house of a superstar is awesome, just showcases how rich she is.

“Baobao, what are you looking at? I will apply bandage on you.” Mu Kexin came up with the medicinal kit and did not forget to ridicule Tang Baobao.

Tang Baobao nodded. He felt very good when he saw a superstar was going to serve and take of him.

Mu Kexin first disinfected the wound before applying bandage on it. It appeared that she had some knowledge of first aid treatment.

It is just that ….. it is just that

When Mu Kexin was busy wiping the wound on the forehead of Tang Baobao, Tang Baobao saw a part of her body that should not have been seen. It is good …. Very good….

“Tang Baobao, what are you looking at? I did not expect you to be a man who likes to take advantage of a girl!” Mu Kexin immediately withdrew a few steps. She covered her chest with her hands and shouted at Tang Baobao.

‘I swear, you were obviously the one to take the initiative, but you still blame me for it!

Seeing the stupefied expression on the face of Tang Baobao, Mu Kexin’s expression also changed. She tenderly said, “Baobao, if you want to see it, you just need to say it. You are my savior, thus it is not a big deal to dedicate myself to you.”

Tang Baobao almost spurt out blood when he heard that. These reversal was just too sudden, her delicate tone especially was just too much for him to handle.

“Can we converse normally?”

Mu Kexin unexpectedly stated, “I have not yet finished giving welfare to you.”

“I don’t want any benefit or welfare.”

“You coward can only talk big! I will bandage you!” Mu Kexin restrained her anger and started to treat the wound again.

Tang Baobao simply closed his eyes and preferred silence rather than petty arguments.

“You deserve to be single.”

“You dub, I saved your life tonight,” Tang Baobao wrinkled his brows completely forgetting the fact that he had behaved immorally just a while ago.

Mu Kexin snorted, “Don’t move anymore! Are you really a man?”

Twenty minutes later, Mu Kexin had finally finished dressing the wound.

“Do you find it amusing?” Tang Baobao’s face was entirely covered with bandages, the only exception being his mouth.

Mu Kexin sneakily took out her phone. She placed her hand around Tang Baobao’s shoulders and quickly took a photo.

“What are you doing?”

“I am not doing anything bad. I am just clicking a photo to capture this memorable moment. After all, we did go through a life and death crisis tonight,” Mu Kexin smiled beautifully.

“Let it be, I am going home.” Tang Baobao took off the excessive bandage and noticed that it was already past 3 o’clock.

“It is already 3 o’clock, you don’t have to go back. I have an extra room so you can rest here,” Mu Kexin spoke in a soft tone. However, just as she had spoken she regretted it, given that she had just invited a single man to live in her home for a single night.

Had it been a normal man, he would have been more than eager to spend the night here. However, if Tang Baobao had agreed to it, then the sun would have risen from the west.

Tang Baobao shook his head, “No thanks, I have to go to work tomorrow.”

“I will send you to your office tomorrow morning.”

“My shampoo and body conditioner are at my house.”

“I will buy you a new one.”

“My work permit is at my house.”

“I will get it back for you.”

“I want to go back home.”

“I will send you off.”

Mu Kexin was dumfounded for a second before clutching her tiny hands. She was panting with rage, “You set me up.”

“Don’t make a fuss, I have to work tomorrow.” Tang Baobao is extremely insensitive and unromantic. They had just gone through a life and death crisis. Had he spoken a few sweet words, he might have coaxed her to a one night stand.

Mu Kexin could not believe that. How many men wished to step inside her home? This guy actually used work as a reason to refuse to stay inside her house. He is truly an extremely dense man.

“Do you really want to go?” Mu Kexin spoke in a profound tone.

Tang Baobao immediately replied, “Yes.”

“There are two Queens in my family. If I am outside the house all night, my Queen Mother will go crazy, and my sister….

Tang Baobao could not help but tremble as he thought of her reaction.

“I have never seen a man as insensitive as you. Ok, give me your cell phone.”

Tang Baobao thought, ‘If I really was sensitive, I would have already been married and given birth to children.’

Mu Kexin took Tang Baobao’s phone and entered her phone number, “This is my personal phone number.”

Tang Baobao took back his phone and asked, “Why did you give me your personal phone number for?”

Mu Kexin was on the verge of bursting like a volcano. He actually said why you gave me your personal number! How the hell could she reply to that?

“Go, go away quickly.”

Tang Baobao is wondering, this woman just wanted to keep me inside her house, now she wants me to leave quickly. Does she have some mental disorder issues?

At the same time she is standing in front of the door. Is this how you should treat your savior?

Mu Kexin leaned on the door and her chest dilated. She had never encountered such a strange man and thus her mood has gone through extreme fluctuations.

But she thought that he had saved her, Mu Kexin slammed her feet and opened the door.

However, as she saw the empty corridor, Mu Kexin found it hard to believe, “This guy actually ran faster than a rabbit. He really is an asshole!”

[1] Perfect example of a dense man

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