MGIRAS Chapter 21 Tang Baobao, don’t you dare look for a prostitute!

Chapter 21 Tang Baobao, don’t you dare look for a prostitute!

As Tang Baobao walked out of the Ziyuan Community alone, he looked at his mobile phone and found it was nearly 4 o’clock. How will I be able to go to work tomorrow?

Suddenly there was a sound of car.

Tang Baobao looked back and was slightly amazed.

A red Volkswagen Beetle stopped at his side. Inside the car, Mu Kexin pretended to not have caught sight of Tang Baobao. She waited for Tang Baobao to say something for some time but could not help but curse at his lack of common sense when he remained quiet.

“Get inside the car, why are you standing motionless like a statue?” Mu Kexin gave a lovable snort.

Tang Baobao solemnly replied, “You go back to your house. It is already 4 o’clock.

I have already called for a car on DIDI[1].”

“You!!!!” Mu Kexin felt she had been never angrier in her entire life than tonight.

“You are a girl, you should not go out in the middle night. The city is not safe at night, you might get lost and even get murdered by thugs.”[2] Tang Baobao scolded, he did not want to worry about her.

Mu Kexin did not expect that Tang Baobao would lecture her. She did not refute him but instead replied indifferently, “If something happens to you then don’t me.”

“You…….” Tang Baobao was speechless. He was going home so late tonight because he had saved her life from those thugs.

As he watched Mu Kexin return into Ziyuan Community, Tang Baobao felt relieved. It was best for such a beautiful woman like her to not go out so late at night alone especially given the fact that she was a superstar.

The cab from DIDI brought him to the cinema hall where his car was present.

He got inside his car and rushed on his way to home. However, upon reaching the neighborhood, he did not immediately get out of his car. He looked at the wounds on his body and hoped they would be treated soon. He spread his hands over them and closed his eyes. Soon both of his hands glowed green, they slide over the wounds of his body.

After 1 minute, his expressions were much better as he had recovered mostly from his wounds. He knew he could not dilly-dally any longer.

His main worry was that his mother and sister would find out that he had left home and become anxious.

He quietly and carefully arrived near the security door and gently opened the security door. However, the rusted security door still made a creaking sound, Tang Baobao immediately closed his eyes hoping that no one would have heard it.

He then gently opened the wooden door. The opening and closing of door stretched Tang Baobao’s patience. He had to take two minutes to do everything quietly in order to make sure that no one wakes up from the noise.

Tang Baobao slowly and steadily headed towards the bathroom door. He needed to wash the clothes and destroy the evidence of the crime. Otherwise if his Judge Mother witnessed the evidence, she would not rest until the she makes him spit out the whole truth from his mouth.

However, just as Tang Baobao passed the sofa, his heart sank to the depths of hell!!

Unexpectedly, a figure was sitting alone on the sofa. Tang Baobao felt goose bumps all over his body and was wondering whether he had bumped into a demon or ghost by mistake

Her black hair was like a scorpion that had crawled out from the TV and the white pajamas …… White Pajamas!

‘I swear I am really afraid of what I am about to face right now.’

He saw the figure stand up from the sofa and head towards the bedroom. However, the door was left open and Tang Baobao immediately understood the hidden meaning behind it.

 Tang Baobao was crestfallen given that the matter had come to this. He knew though he had to hide the matter at all costs to preserve his life.

‘What the hell is going on in my life in the last few days? Why is my life getting so miserable?’

Xiao Hanrui sat on the bed and her hands were folded together across her chest. Her cold eyes glared at her brother who had just come inside the room. However, when she saw the bloodstain on her brother’s clothes, she anxiously asked, “Why is there so much blood on your clothes?”

“Uh….I …I am fine,” Tang Baobao thought that his sister will become violent if she knew the truth and hid the truth from her.

Xiao Hanrui wrinkled her long eyebrows, “Now explain the whole situation.”

He had to admit that his sister in her white pajamas looked super sexy.

“What are you looking at? Quickly explain everything to me.”

“Yes, I will explain the whole situation,” Tang Baobao weaved a white lie in his brain at the speed of light.

Tang Baobao took a deep breath before explaining, “I was furious because the national team could not enter the Football World Cup. Thus, I could only support other teams and today there was a football game late at night. I did not want to disturb the sleep of you and my parents, thus I decided to go a vendor’s shop for a midnight snack and watch the football game there. However, who knew there would be supporters of both teams over there?

“After the result of the game, the fans of the losing team were in a bad mood. They started to took out their anger on the supporters of the winning team. I happened to be sitting with the winning team and thus I was implicated with them. I was fortunate to have learned a few fighting tricks recently and thus could come out of the conflict without major damage but the blood of other people did sprinkle on my clothes. This is the end of my statement, please pronounce your judgment ‘Judge Xiao,’” Tang Baobao solemnly stated. He remembered that he often used to play think kind of game with his sister when they were young. However, they play such games rarely now that they are adults.

Xiao Hanrui lightly sighed and corrected her posture before declaring, “After listening to the statement of defendant Tang Baobao, Judge has found the following doubts points regarding your statement.”

Tang Baobao was surprised, ‘How can there be a doubtful point in the wonderful story I have created? I have been following my mother for so many years and have studied from her. There is no possibility of there being loopholes in my story.

“First of all, since when did the defendant start to watch football games? How can the judge be sure you had gone to watch a football game?

“I want to appeal your judgement!”

“Your appeal is turned down!”

Tang Baobao: “…….”

“First of all a game of football would at most require 2 hours and is unlikely to surpass that. Have you taken a look what time it is now? Even if you leave the house at 12 o’clock, now it is past 4 o’clock. Did you fight those guys for two hours? I am unable to imagine how your endurance had become so good. Your sister needs to examine you carefully to see why it had become so good.”

Tang Baobao at once understood his story was unlikely to pass his sister’s test. It seems that he was unable to inherit his mother’s knowledge properly.

“Sister, this is not my …..”

“You actually went to find a prostitute,” Xiao Hanrui shouted in her cold voice.

Tang Baobao was dumbfounded, he swore he would never go visit a prostitute until the end of time even if she was extremely beautiful!

Xiao Hanrui’s eyes revealed a cold light, “It seems that when you were looking for a prostitute, you had a conflict with someone else and it looks like you lost in the conflict.”

Tang Baobao almost kneeled in amazement. His sister’s thinking could really match the rhythm of his mother’s. However, there was no reasoning involved in her story, she had just made up an imaginative story.

“Sister, do you think I am this kind of person?”

Xiao Hanrui snorted coldly, “From your reaction in the last few days, it seems you have become such a person.”

“Even if I was looking for one, I would not have chosen to find one today given how dangerous it is at home.”

Xiao Hanrui pupils dilated, “You really dare to think of doing this!!!”

“No, No, Am I not just giving you an analogy?”

“Tang Baobao, you have unexpectedly reached the stage of looking for a prostitute, I despise you.”

Tang Baobao felt that he would go insane today. If this continues, he would feel more and more depressed.

“Speak, in the end what were you doing?”

Tang Baobao spoke dispiritedly, “I and one of my colleagues had gone to watch a film before going to eat midnight snack at a vendor’s stall. However, we had a fight on the way, I am truly telling the truth trust me.”

“I trust you,” Xiao Hanrui stated without thinking the matter thoroughly. Tang Baobao was truly stupefied when he heard his sister say that.

Xiao Hanrui smilingly commanded, “Take off your clothes, I will help you wash them, so that your mother does not catch sight of these bloodied clothes.

Tang Baobao had his hands on his clothes and was ready to take them off when he felt that there was a murderous gaze hidden behind her smiling face.

“Stupid, what are you doing? It is good that you have now made friends but doing this thing sneakily got your sister worried the entire night,” Xiao Hanrui pinched her brother’s face in a doting manner and laughed.


Tang Baobao was genuinely relieved that tonight’s matters had reached their logical conclusion.

Tang Baobao leaned on the door and watched his sister wash his clothes for him. He could refrain himself from saying, “Sister, you are really extremely beautiful.”

Xiao Hanrui paused a little before saying, “Humph! What do you want to say to your sister?”

Tang Baobao stroked his nose and said, “I am just touched, just touched.”

“Go take a bath and then sleep as you will have to go to work tomorrow.”


As he was preparing to leave the washroom, Xiao Hanrui suddenly asked, “Baobao how did my girlfriend came to our house?”

“Of course I was the one to carry her in my arms.”

“Was her figure good?”

“Pretty good.” Tang Baobao had finished uttering the words before he understand he had ruined things and was set up by his sister.

Sure enough he soon became aware of two eyes full of murderous spirit that were looking in his direction to attack. Tang Baobao immediately the washroom door. His sister’s mood alternately very quickly.

[1] DIDI- An app based Transportation Company

[2] Although some of you may think the comment as racist. Coming from an Asian background woman are generally told to get home before midnight due to safety concerns. Even most men are told before they marry to return home by their parents due to their safety. This is not a defense but an explanation. Many Europeans might not understand the culture but we are much more conservative. I should point out that the point of view is changing slowly though.

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