Chapter 1 Tang BaoBao has to go on a blind date

Chapter 1 Tang BaoBao has to go on a blind date

There was a knock on the door followed by the voice of a female.

“Wake up BaoBao! Your sister is going to come to our house today.”

BaoBao mumbled in his sleepy state “Mom I am awake.”

“Ok come down quickly”

Tang BaoBao yawned while opening his blanket and then turned off the air conditioner. The weather was extremely hot and he wanted a gentle wind to blow by and reduce the temperature a little bit.

The whole bedroom was extremely neat with no sign of comics, no posters or photos of male or female stars. There was just a computer desk and a bookshelf filled with books next to it.

However, there was a photo frame on the computer desk. The boy was 1.8 meters tall, he looked exceeding handsome with a gentle smile giving others a warm feeling just by looking at him. He did not have a very muscular body but there were no traces of fat. Standing next to him was a girl with a faint smile. Her black hair stretched all the way to her shoulders, with a fair complexion, tall body and gorgeous looks made her exceedingly beautiful.

The boy is of course BaoBao and the girl is his so-called sister, Xiao Hanrui.

Xiao Hanrui is not the blood sister of Tang BaoBao, she is in fact the daughter of his father’s best friend.

Tang BaoBao and Xiao Hanrui are also childhood friends. They have not been able to develop their relationship into childhood sweethearts. This is primarily due to an incident that occurred in BaoBao’s life when he was a primary student. If Xiao Hanrui had not been with him at that time it might have been possible that he would have lost his life.

The night is still fresh in his memory. His parents were not present in the house at that time. His hand was covered in flames! Yes, literally his hand was on fire! He was desperately trying to out the fire but instead spread it in the whole house. Xiao Hanrui, his neighbour at that time, quickly discovered the spare key that was hidden in her house and got Tang BaoBao out from the house.

This incident scared parents of both families resulting finally in severe scolding of Tang BaoBao and praise for Xiao Hanrui.

There was no one who got to know about the actual cause of the fire. Tang Baobao was extremely scared and did not tell anyone about it. The truth was his hand had not only conjured up flames but also water and wind. In addition, it had been covered with both black and white light.

He became unwilling to be in contact with anyone else and preferred silence. His parents were extremely worried due to his behaviour thinking that the child had become frightened by the fire incident.   

However, Tang BaoBao felt that he was a weirdo. He did not want people to know that he was different from others, believing he will be taken by scientist for experimentation.

His only communication among his age group was Xiao Hanrui. He went with her to school everyday and continued the same behaviour from primary school up to high school.

He gradually forgot about that night and his weird powers but his character and personality changed becoming introverted. He was extremely unwilling to communicate with strangers preferring to be alone.

His parents got heartache whenever they saw him and his mother Luo Bai always blamed his father for leaving him alone that night.

When he wanted admission for university, he could only get admission in the local Harbour University while Xiao Hanrui got admission in the first university of the whole China, Tiandu University. At that time, Tang BaoBao felt extremely scared. He did not want to go to a university without her presence and he might not have had it not been for the comfort and counsel of Xiao Hanrui.

His character did undergo minute changes however, his classmate still made fun of him by calling him dumb.

After graduation, Tang BaoBao got a job as an interpreter in a company that was listed in the top 500 companies in the world, making his parents extremely happy. They could boast about the achievements of their son who got such a fine job after graduation. His sister, Xiao Hanrui was also happy to hear the news.

Xiao Hanrui on the other hand, took over the reigns of her mother’s company, establishing her reputation as a cool and elegant president.

Tang BaoBao though felt nothing has changed, he still remembers Xiao Hanrui as the sister who was determined to rush into the fire to rescue him.

He glanced at the photo on the computer desk as he got up and got dressed. The photo was taken after the graduation of high school. A few years have passed since then and his sister has become a Bai Fumei. The number of people who want to pursue his sister can make a line that goes beyond the distance from his school to his home.

As he walked out of his bedroom, he saw an ordinary man reading the newspaper. Although his father has retired and is no longer a high ranking official, he still maintains the same habits as he had before retiring. His mother was also a famous judge but now has retired to become a house wife who cooks for the family.

“BaoBao come sit down for breakfast. I have just squeezed the soy milk. It is much healthier than what we can buy from outside.” Luo Bai shouted from the kitchen.

Tang BaoBao felt helpless when it came to this matter. After her retirement, she took up farming saying that she wanted to provide fresh food for the family. So every day, while his father had breakfast, his mother went to farm vegetables.

Tang Cheng put down the newspaper in his hand and took off his glasses. He asked “BaoBao, are you going out with your friends this week?”

Tang BaoBao shook his head and answered “Father, it is so hot outside. How can anybody go outside in such weather?”

“He is correct” Luo Bai expressed while bringing pancakes from the kitchen.

He felt that his mother was extremely good for him knowing that he did not want to go out at all.

But the feeling disappeared when he saw the happy expression on the face of his mother. He had a very bad feeling about what was going to happen.

“You have to go to a blind date this afternoon, BaoBao. It is good you are free.” She exclaimed

Tang Cheng agitatedly said “Which girl is he going to see today?”

“The daughter of the Song family. She has graduated from the University of Massachusetts and is coming back to settle in China” Luo Bai was extremely satisfied when she was talking about her.

On the other hand, our MC, Tang BaoBao was silently eating the pancakes thinking that even he wanted to find a girlfriend. However, he could never have a conversation with any woman except for his sister properly. As a result, he has already gone to two blind dates but has been rejected by them both.

“The Song Family is a reputable family. The girl has graduated from the University of Massachusetts and is perfectly compatible with our BaoBao. I have not seen for the last few years, do you have any photos of her?” Tang Cheng’s enthusiasm of seeking photos has already revealed that he is accepting the girl as a very good wife candidate for his son.

Luo Bai is currently extremely busy in trying to find a good wife for her son. This girl seems to have all the qualities that she wants in a daughter-in-law.

Luo Bai opened the WeChat in her phone and found the photo of the girl before handing the phone to Tang Cheng.

Tang Cheng nodded in approval upon seeing the photo. “BaoBao you can also have a look at it.” 

This has already revealed the position of our MC Tang BaoBao in the family. He cannot express his opinions in front of his mother and father about many issues including and especially that of marriage.

Translator Notes:

BaoBao means Baby. So I would like to ask my readers whether they want it to be BaoBao or changed to Baby

Bai Fumei- It literally means white, rich and beautiful. So it is essentially describing the social status, her own complexion and beauty in the eyes of society all in a single phase

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