Chapter 2 I am really a star

Tang BaoBao glanced at the photo in the phone. The girl was tall with very long legs. Her temperament was also very good “She looks good.”

“Alright now that you have said she looks good, you must no mess up at any cost. I have already arranged a meeting this afternoon for you.” Luo Bai was clearly excited but did not forget to remind Tang BaoBao to not mess up as she will be keeping an eye on them.

Tang Baobao felt that his sister was more beautiful than the woman in the photo.

Thus, he asked curiously, “Mother, when will sister arrive in the city?”

Although Xiao Hanrui was not the biological daughter of Luo Bai she has long been treating her as her daughter.

Xiao Hanrui’s father got married to a wealthy woman (her mother), he offered his resignation from the company to showcase his love for her as he did not want to rely on her to achieve progress in his career.

“Your sister plane is supposed to land at ten o’clock” Luo Bai replied in fact she had almost forgotten about it.

“Old Tang you should go out to play chess with your friends but rather buy something that is good for the body from the market. I heard Old Xiao say that Hanrui is extremely busy nowadays. In fact, she does not go home recently either.” The way Luo Bai began to issue orders showed her majesty in the family just like an empress.

“BaoBao, your task today is to pick up your sister from the airport. Then go out at 2 o’clock in the afternoon for the blind date before coming back at home at night.”

Tang Cheng frowned “Old Luo, is it incidental that the blind date with the old Song family is at the same time as when Hanrui is coming?”

“Am I not doing this to hold my grandson early?”

The wife and husband both were worried about this problem in their hearts.

“Hanrui is a girl, don’t you know she likes our kid?” Luo Bai said with anger, infact, in her heart Xiao Hanrui is the best match for her son. She is beautiful, sensible, virtuous, good to her son but her son has yet to progress their relationship in that direction.

“But still can you consider again?” Tang Cheng wants to help his son out of his predicament.

Tang BaoBao nodded his head and looked towards his mother with determination.

“You! Go buy food”

“You Go pick your sister now.”

The majesty of the Empress is a great deterrent and nobody wants to be on her bad side.

The father and son quickly got out of the house, their posture completely deflated from the earlier determination.

“BaoBao, send me to the vegetable market.”


Tang BaoBao looked second-hand Volkswagen POLO. The seats were made of leather, it had a manual gearbox and panoramic sunroof and even the operation of the windows was manual.

He started the car and the father-son duo started their journey.

“Father, the air conditioner is not working properly.” Tang BaoBao laughed as the white T-shirt was already wet so early in the journey.

“I asked you to buy a new car but instead you bought a second hand one.”

Tang Baobao smilingly said “I have already grown up. I wanted to rely on my own strength to buy the car.”

“It is extremely good that you have such an idea otherwise I would have kicked you of my house myself.” Tang Cheng always had a sharp tongue otherwise his official career would not have stopped at the provincial level.

“When I have a son and enough money, I will take you in a car to roam around.”

“Ok we will have that discussion some other time. I want to ask you seriously have you really not considered Hanrui as a potential marriage partner?” Tang Cheng also feels that Hanrui is the best daughter-in-law that he can have.

When anyone comes to talk about this topic to Tang Baobao, he chooses to maintain his silence, because he himself does not know what he feels about her.

Tang Cheng “Ok you can stop here, I will walk from here on.”


“I am telling you to stop” Tang Cheng is extremely angry at this moment. This mixed kid is driving him crazy.

For the order of the emperor, Tang BaoBao can only obey. As he watched his father’s back, Tang BaoBao’s nose is a bit sour. He pledged to himself he will be successful in the blind date in the afternoon by making the woman his girlfriend and thus also fulfil his parent’s wishes.

He arrived in the airport at nine o’clock and found a seat for himself in the rest area.

In fact, Tang BaoBao is extremely familiar with the airport. He has been responsible for picking up his sister from the airport and to the airport no matter what the weather condition are.

Tang Baobao always appreciates the beautiful woman in the airport. Every man loves beauties, Tang Baobao is no exception. However, as he remembered the beautiful looks of his sister, his enthusiasm at the beauties cooled down dramatically.

He opened his phone remembering about completing the daily task of the game he plays.

Tang BaoBao suddenly saw that there is a red dot in We Chat contact. His We Chat contacts only included his sister other than his mother and father. He does not understand how is it possible for anyone to add themselves.

As he looked at the beautiful avatar, he was sure that it was the avatar of a big star.

“Hello there, I am Mu Kexin. I have forgotten to bring my wallet today. My We chat balance is also extremely low. I want to borrow 50 yuan. I will give you 500 yuan tomorrow.

As he looked at the sudden message for help he remembered another message for help that was spread in the internet: Hello, I am a tyrant, I have brought a lot of gloves to china. However, I am detained by the customs. I am in urgent need of 1988 yuan to redeem my bag full of gloves. If you are willing to help me right now, I can guarantee that your family will always be kept safe as long as I say.

Tang Baobao felt that the other person is treating him like a child, how could such a scam fool him!

After one-minute Tang BaoBao received another message.

“I am really Mu Kexin. I am really in trouble now. I am earnestly requesting you please give me 50 yuan now.”

Tang BaoBao ignored the message once again.

He received another message after one minute.

“How can there be a person like you. I was looking for a person to help me. I found out your avatar is a superman. I did not expect you to be someone who does not help others.”

Tang BaoBao had never seen such a sly swindler. He felt it would be difficult to quell the fire in his belly if he continued to ignore the swindler.

He added the liar to his We Chat contact and sent a message.

“How can there a more fake person than you. You have chosen the avatar of Mu Kexin to borrow money from somebody else. Are you really an idiot?”

Mu Kexin: How can you say that? Can stars not have difficult times?

Tang Chaoren [1] : I am thinking whether you have not studied when you were young or rather have learned to become a liar. How can there be people like you who have hands and legs but still don’t want to work?

When Tang BaoBao sent the message, he saw there was no reply from the other side for a few minutes.

Mu Kexin: “Knife with blood emoji” How can I lie, I am Mu Kexin!

Tang Baby sneered “How can you prove it?”

Mu Kexin: (photo)

Tang BaoBao looked at the mixed-race beauty in the photo and his face showed a sneer again.

Tang Chaoren[1]: Can you me any more fake? You can find a hundred photos like this in the internet.

[1] Chaoren means Superman. The name of Tang BaoBao’s Wechat is Tang Chaoren (Tang Superman)

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 2 I am really a star

  1. 1. Thank you for picking this up, it seems interesting, and I am looking forward to more.
    2. Please stick with BaoBao, as Yang Baby sounds weird.
    3. Keep up the good work!


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