Ordered to Marry Thrice, the Mysterious Wangfei Chapter 52 Part 1/2 I Didn’t See My Xiao Yumao Last Night

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“Of course it is Hua Manor’s Xiaojie.” Hua YuMan quickly picked up another flower petal. She continued, “Fourteenth Wangzi wants to go to the Ancient City of Fengyue.”

“Fifteenth Wangzi wants to obtain Qianya guniang.”

“Nineteenth Wangzi wants… wants to marry the boss of Pet Spirits’ House.”


So many wangzis and more than half of them wanted to go to the Ancient City of Fengyue. This not only surprised themselves, but also the Emperor.

What was in the Ancient City of Fengyue? The Emperor knew it best.


It was a secret in the imperial family. The Ancient City of Fengyue was once the capital city when the three empires were one. The three empires were Li Country, the Hailan Kingdom by the sea, and the Fengyue Nation in the bitter cold. They were known as the Fengyue Continent. As for why they separated, the imperial ancestors did not leave behind any hints or written information.

It was said that the Ancient City of Fengyue housed all the treasures from Fengyue Continent. Even the palace had gold and silver tiles. But on the day the three empires separated, the Ancient City of Fengyue submerged itself into the sea. A month ago, on the day of the Empress’ passing, there was an earthquake in Hailan Kingdom. People saw the corner of the Ancient City of Fengyue…

If the Empress’ passing did not hinder these wangzis, they would have already overtly and covertly went to the Ancient City of Fengyue.

“Fine. Since you all want to go, then go. Zhen will give you one month’s time. Whether you obtain any rewards, return on time.”


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