Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 3

Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God

Arc 1.3: The Prince and the Little Mermaid

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com

In a short period of time, Yu Chu’s three-views were shattered and reshaped. She extended a hand toward the beautiful boy, “cough, save… save me.”

An Mo’er looked strangely at the extended  hand.

Mermaids were born with the ability to detect lies and can easily distinguish between real from fake.


In front of him, despite the man’s clothing and the handsome short haircut clashing with the white complexion, gentle brown eyes, and slender hand that stretched out… was a real girl, no doubt about it.

His ice-blue eyes stared at the girl quietly, dark emotions flashing through his eyes before receding back. He softly whispered, “Who are you?”

His voice was gentle and clear. The notes that came from the tip of the tongue sounded like gentle waves beating the reefs with a romantic undertone.

The pair of watery blue eyes and the soft kitten-like voice woke up Yu Chu’s maternal instincts and softened her heart, her expression relaxing by three points. She looked at the little mermaid’s eyes as if she was looking at her own children.

Suddenly the sound of the system’s alert rang in her brain: “Identification has been completed, the Lord God mode has been activated—”

Yu Chu prepared to answer the little mermaid’s question was suddenly shocked and looked stupid: “Hey?”

…Her family’s lord—the Lord God—was the little beautiful but simple mermaid in front of her?

Yu Chu had only one sentence: Fuck, to say or not to say.

In the original fairy tale, the little mermaid abandoned everything for the prince, and ultimately turned into foam…

When Yu Chu was a child, the Lord God read the fairy tale as a bedtime story. When she heard this part, she thought that the little mermaid did not hate the prince, and she was very touched and respectful of the mermaid.

And now—with the identity of the prince, she needed to get the little mermaid’s… recognition?

Her lips could not help but pout.

The system continued: “The target’s situation: his mother died early, and he fell in love with the prince without a good ending. System’s advice: when you get together, treat the other with love, or care for him like a mother like a family.”

Yu Chu shivered: even if you gave her the courage of two hundred people, she still would not be able to risk offending the Lord God by getting together romantically!

Therefore, Plan Mother Yu Chu officially began.


She coughed and answered the little mermaid’s question with the softest and kindest voice possible: “My name is Ryan, and I am the prince of a nearby country… cough cough…”

She took two more sips of water before continuing: “Can you save me? I will repay you!”

The little mermaid’s blue eyes fluttered, the long eyelashes gentling drooping down to cover the emotions hiding in his eyes.

From Yu Chu’s perspective, she only saw the beautiful and slender teenager bowing their heads to think.

A wave crashed over again, and the wave pushed Yu Chu was pushed forward towards the little mermaid.

An Mo’er raised his head and saw the girl’s entire body slamming towards him—the human’s body temperature rushed over. His beautiful face flashed a hint of disgust as he prepared dodge.

However, Yu Chu did not notice his look, only unconsciously holding the board as she thought of how to change her direction.

The other party was her respected Lord God, and her board was rushing straight into him. She instinctively feared that he would get injured.

As she flew through the air, she violently threw herself into the planks with great difficulty in order to shift the direction of the board, barely missing the little mermaid’s body.

She breathed a sigh of relief and turned her head back.

The two were very close in this moment, and the hot exhale from the girl’s breathing could be felt on the teenager’s chest.


Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com | Support the translators: https://ko-fi.com/foxaholic

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