Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 4

Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God

Arc 1.4: The Prince and the Little Mermaid

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com

There was a strange feeling in his heart. The little mermaid’s beautiful face quickly revealed an enigmatic emotion before quickly disappearing.

Suddenly he tilted his head a little, his tender white cheeks exposing lovely dimples, and softly asked:

“You… will repay me?”

Hearing the child’s innocent question, Yu Chu’s face immediately showed the expression of an old aunt’s loving smile: “Of course!”

The teenager’s smile became more prominent.


His long icy blue hair poured around him like beams of moonlight as his eyes blinked to reveal thick eyelashes. His pupils reflected the waves of the blue sea as he softly said:
“Then, you can’t trick me.”

Yu Chu squatted down, having still not replied when the teenager gently reached out to hold her arm. In the water, his beautiful blue fishtail drew a beautiful arc.

He had never enjoyed interacting with other people, yet despite being able to feel the human’s body temperature permeating through her clothes to his palm and smell the girl’s body odor, he surprisingly was not offended.

He couldn’t help but slightly squint his ice-blue eyes. He quickly skimmed through numerous ideas, and finally curved his thin red lips, gently saying to Yu Chu:

“Ryan, you want to tightly hold onto me.”

Yu Chu froze for a second, then rushed to grab onto the other’s body with her hands and feet, fearing that she would fall off.

Her hands looped around the youth’s long white neck, and next to her check were two beautiful delicate clavicles. The little mermaid wrapped a hand around her waist and secretly smiled when the girl would not be able to see.

The glittering eyes on that beautiful face were a few times brighter than the sun. Feeling the girl firmly held onto him, he lowered his long crow feather like eyelashes, not understanding why his heart felt slightly pleasured.

He held the girl in one hand while the other hand gently sliced through the waves in front of him. Without any hesitation, he swam toward land.


After 20 or so minutes, the storm finally ended, the dark clouds slowly dispersing to allow the sun to shine again, and the undulating waves gradually calmed down.

After a short time, the two saw a ship.

The large ship sailed in the distance. The hull was snow white, slicing through the water to create deep ripples that, under the sun’s glare, reflected sparkling lights on the water.

Many people dressed in medieval costumes could be seen walking around on the ship acting very lively.

Yu Chu, with the knowledge of the original plot, knew that this was most likely the ship of a princess who the prince mistaken to be his savior. If that was the case, don’t you say that…

Yu Chu’s face twisted weirdly.

… In the original plot, the original Lord’s future wife, who should be married in the future, was on this ship.

She shivered and silently hugged the beautiful youth’s neck. The original Lord’s wish was to get out of the original plot’s marriage—even if the original Lord did not ask, she (Yu Chu) was not interested in marrying a girl.

The lovely voice of the teenage came from above her head:

“Hey, Ryan is so lucky. So, I should set you down here now? They will save you.”

An Mo’er narrowed his eyes at the ship for a second. However, he felt that the girl was holding herself back in silence.

He subtlety paused, only then to bow his head slightly and smiled at her with a soft smile:

“What’s wrong, Ryan?”

Yu Chu struggled and whispered: “I’m sorry, but can you…”

“No.” The faint voice had a hint of careless laziness. Yu Chu was stunned, looked up, but still saw a simple and beautiful face, the watery ice-blue eyes looking over to softy say:

“Ryan is very heavy, I can’t carry you anymore.”


Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com | Support the translators: https://ko-fi.com/foxaholic

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  1. Thanks for the chapter and translating the novel. Looking forward to reading more. I would read the raws but it turns me stupid for a few days after so I can’t anymore. Eagerly waiting for more updates.


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