Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God Chapter 5

Quick Transmigration’s Strategical Attack: 100 Ways to Get the Male God

Arc 1.5: The Prince and the Little Mermaid

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com

Yu Chu: “…”

If it was for any other reason, it would had been fine, but for other people to say this, she wanted to die of embarrassment…

Amber said this sentence with a hint of viciousness. Watching the girl’s face express a chaotic mess of emotions, he faintly smiled, yet his heart did not fluctuate.

The fact that he carried her the entire way was already quite unusual for him. Since that the job could be passed off to someone else, then that was great.

In the end, Yu Chu had no choice but to nod her head, “Then… that’s fine. You can put me down here then…”

The little mermaid’s pair of beautiful ice-blue eyes glanced at her as he let go of her in the sea. The girl suddenly hugged him silently, looked up and asked:

“Right, what is your name? In a few days, I will come back to the sea. What do you want as repayment?”

She actually remembered to repay her debt.

Amber’s felt a little ridiculous, but with his blue-eyed eyes on the brown eyes, his expression paused for a moment before he bit his redden lips, whispering:

“…My name is…Amber.”


“Amber.” The girl repeated it again with a gentle tone, causing the little mermaid’s eyes to darken. A strange feeling rose in his heart, making him feel a little irritated suddenly.

Yu Chu still couldn’t see the cold expression on the beautiful boy’s face. He loosened her hands easily and pushed her away.

The raging waters drowned her in an instant.

Yu Chu wants to cry without tears, and after a few mouthfuls of water, her cheeks could not help but redden. She spitted out the salty water and desperately waved at the ship: “Hey save me.”

The little mermaid who swam a distance away became a tiny silhouette. He held onto a raised reef protruding from the sea and looked back with a raised eyebrow.

The girl’s body fragrance seems to be still around him, but her soft touch and warmth were far away.

The people on board quickly discovered the prince who had fallen into the water, and the servants worked together to bring the prince onboard, covering him with a white towel. From of the crowd, a beautiful princess emerged with a handkerchief and slight blush and rub the other’s wet forehead.

[T/N: The people on the ship and in this arc think that Yu Chu is a prince, not a princess, hence the switch to male pronouns.]

The prince’s brown eyes reflected the sun and his dazzling blond hair stuck to his neck, but instead of being awkward, he was still warm and elegant. He said gently:

“My name is Ryan. Thank you, Princess for saving me.”

Princess Diana held her skirt and curtsied: “You don’t have to thank me. I am honored to meet you. It turns out that you are Prince Ryan… When my ship passed the sea in front, I heard them say that the palace was in the sea, and I was very worried… it’s good that you are fine.”

[T/N: I think palace here either refers to Yu Chu’s royal ship or is the name of Yu Chu’s ship.]


In the eyes of other people, he was indeed saved by the princess. Yu Chu had to politely kiss the back of the girl’s hand according to aristocratic etiquette.

“No, I must thank the princess. If it weren’t for you, I am afraid I would have already been buried in the sea.”

Princess Diana blushed and whispered:

“How can that be, you are too serious…”

Not far from the sea, the beautiful teenager looks at this scene with no expression.

His long white fingers gently touched the hard reef, half of his long hair of the ice blue soaked in the sun, the other half of it floated under the blue water.

But in the same icy-blue eyes was an indifferent cold mood.

He lowered his chin and pursed his thin petal like lips.

The existence of mermaids should not be known. In front of the people on board, she should do this: show the gratitude to another person. And as promised to him, the same gratitude will also be rewarded to him.

Translated by Foxaholic.wordpress.com | Support the translators: https://ko-fi.com/foxaholic

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