Rebirth and Redemption Chapter 6.2

Rebirth and Redemption

Chapter 6 part 2: Move

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Chapter 6 part 2

“What wrong with your face?” Si Xian was very welcoming of Rong Yi moving in, but he (SX) couldn’t not care about the bruise on Rong Yi’s face.

Rong Yi touched the corner of his mouth, revealing an unnatural smile and said: “I accidentally bumped into it. It’s no big deal.”


Si Xian was not a three-year-old. He was obviously not convinced but did not continue pushing. He switched his attention to Chu Feng instead. Originally when Chu Feng gave him a call, Chu Feng claimed that he started talking with Rong Yun and invited Rong Yun to move over. But now, Si Xian had a question mark in his head. It was impossible for Rong Yun to be injured for no reason, and the injury was clearly caused by a beating. Rather, the school only had a handful of people willing to cause such physical harm and their bedroom had two.

Chu Feng knew that this injury could not escape Si Xian, but he was not prepared to tell the truth. So opened his mouth to take all the blame. “It was me and I won’t do it again.”

Si Xian sighed. “You have to keep your promises.” He knew that Chu Feng and Gui Heng were good at fighting, and he occasionally scolded them. There was no guarantee that the two would listen to him; however, and he would have to let it pass. Rong Yun was not the same in Si Xian’s opinion. It was impossible for Rong Yun to take the initiative to provoke them. If Rong Yun’s wounds were really caused by fighting with Chu Feng, then the blame could be laid at Chu Feng’s feet.

“I promise.” Chu Feng solemnly nodded.

With Chu Feng’s promise, Si Xian was slightly relieved, but he was determined to pay close attention to keep Chu Feng from bullying Rong Yun in the future again. After all, Rong Yun was not the same as Chu Feng. As long as Rong Yun could test into a good college, he was guaranteed a bright future.

In the middle of the conversation, Gui Heng also returned, carrying some fried chicken and pizza. Because deliveries were not allowed in high school, students had to go out and buy food themselves.

Gui Heng barely reacted to seeing Rong Yun in the room. He carried on as if nothing happened Friday night. It was only when Gui Heng noticed the bruises on Rong Yun’s face that his smile faltered for a moment, but if you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t notice it.

“You bought this kind of stuff so early?” Si Xian looked at the food Gui Heng bought. If this could get Gui Heng out of bed on the weekends, then it was probably all that Gui Heng would eat.

This kind of food was rarely eaten at home since they did not conform to the diets set by dietitians plus in the eyes of elders, it was unhealthy and high in calories. But people at this age loved it so when parents were not present, they would secretly buy some to eat.

“It’s just lunch.” He bought a lot, more than enough for the four of them to eat.

“Rong Yun can’t eat anything too greasy.” Chu Feng stated. He knew that Gui Heng brought these back to help ease his relation with Rong Yun, but Rong Yun could not eat it.

Gui Heng wrinkled his brows, obviously not too pleased.

Chu Feng looked at his unhappy face. “That’s what my brother said.”

[T/N: close cousins will call eat other brother/ sister as if they are siblings.]

As soon as he heard so, Gui Heng immediately lightened up. He was very afraid of Chu Feng’s cousin.

Rong Yun licked his lips. The delivious scent of fried chicken wafted over and it was very appetizing. Normally he could not eat such things. Only if he had some extra money at the end of the month would he be able consider eating such things.

Seeing that it was basically lunch time, Chu Feng said, “I am going to buy porridge for Rong Yun. Do you guys want me to bring any?”

Seeing Chu Feng take the initiative to buy lunch freaked both Gui Heng and Si Xian. Gui Heng checked over Chu Heng, saying, “Young master Chu, do you have a fever?”

“What fever. If there’s nothing, then I’m going to get going.” Chu Feng understood just how he used to behave in high school. No doubt his new behavior made the two people feel strange. But there are some things that if he change now, people will get used to after a day or two. If he was older, such a sudden change would definitely cause suspicion. He still needed to prepare some excuses though.


Looking at Rong Yun who was in Chu Feng’s bed, Gui Heng asked inexplicably, “Can you explain how you enlightened young master Chu? Did you wash his brain?”

Chu Feng grabbed Gui Heng’s neck and said: “Don’t speak nonsense and come with me.”

Si Xian smiled at the two people and looked over at Rong Yun lying in bed. The current Chu Feng was a little suffocating and felt less violent. Rong Yun probably deserved most of the credit. This kind of Chu Feng felt a lot more normal.

Chu Feng took out his meal card and just as he was able to open the door to leave, someone knocked on the door.

Gui Heng opened the door and saw someone carrying a bag sanding at the door with a sweet and soft smile.

Chu Rou: “Brother Gui, is my brother in?”

Chu Feng’s body went stiff when he heard Chu Rou’s voice. That day, crying and demanding him to return Rong Yun to her—he had no clue how to face her for a while…


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  1. I’m glad you translated this. Even if you’re nit planning to pick this chapter up. I hope this Story gets translated and pick up soon.

    Its really heart-warming and nice to read.

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