Rebirth In The Novel: Indulging The Female Side Character

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Case 1:

Ye Chu is a miserable supporting character from a novel.

She’s the most famous socialite in Shanghai, but her existence was to emphasize the magnificence of the white lotus female lead.

After rebirth, Ye Chu wants to tear down the halo of the white lotus female lead. Even if her face is beaten to the point of being swollen, she could still only be thankful to Ye Chu.

The biggest villain in the novel, he’s a handsome man that so many seek yet do not attain.

Lu Third Young Master is rumored to be a man of few desires. After meeting Ye Chu, he became restless every night.

He just likes to indulge in Ye Chu’s presumptuous ways.

This is a story of a big boss villain eating the charming pampered lady.

Case 2:

He originally doesn’t get close to women, but only for her he would submit.

Ye Chu wants to take proper revenge, and stay away from the villain, but who knew….

He turned her over against the wall and pressed up against her, lowering his voice with dangerous undertone.

“You’re hiding from me? En?”

Ye Chu’s legs went soft. Angering Lu Third Young Master, one day she would have to pay.

Original novel plot:

In her previous life, Ye Second Miss relied on the son of the warlord, Lu Third Young Master. The two signed a contract, becoming a fake married couple.

After Ye Chu rebirth, she took the initiative to surrender to Lu Huai. Lu Huai dreamed of his previous life, seeking the figure from his dream.

The two probed each other multiple times, and get closer, and finally becoming a couple.

In their previous lives, they met under difficult and cruel circumstances. In this life, they reunited in the turbulent times of Shanghai. (TL: idk the difference of the 2 circumstances, but they reunited under better circumstances is all I can say)


Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 | Chapter 1 [Ad link]

Chapter 2.1 | Chapter 2.1 [Ad link]

Chapter 2.2 | Chapter 2.2 [Ad link]

Chapter 3.1 | Chapter 3.1 [Ad link]

Chapter 3.2

Chapter 4.1

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