Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage [RiaIM]

General INFO [From NU]

<<Title>> Author (year):《重生之星际宠婚》莫晨欢 (2016)

Genre (Webnovel): comedy, romance, shounen ai, slice of life

Original Website:

Chapters: 200 + 10 extra (completed)

UPDATED on 24th Sep: Translated 7/210 + Published 6/7


Just recently Chu Yan has obtained the Emperor of Movies Trophy, after a car accident, he rebirths a millenium later.

Floating automobiles flying all over the sky, everyone possesses virtual eyeglasses. Civilization explosion! Entertainment explosion!

However, in this magnificent entertainment world, Chu Yan surprisingly discovers that — — these people couldn’t act!!!

Simulating the emotions through artificial intelligence? Replacing the acting with special effects? Turning into an actor by understanding the AI script? The era is progressing, stage performance is retrogressing!

Reporter: Chu Yan, concerning the scandal of you already being married, what’s your opinion?

Chu Yan: … Please first tell me, in the end who is my spouse!

The Movie Emperor was reborn as a third-tier star: shooting a movie, becoming popular, seizing the awards, ascending to the top/peak, surging a tide in the pinnacle of the entertainment circle!

As for who his partner was — —

He Baishen: Hello, I’m surnamed Yi, you may call me Yi Ming {Anonymous/Nameless}.

This novel can also be called 《Oh my da! Just rebirthed, who knows who is my husband urgently waiting online for》,《How come the Wives Distribution System broke and suddenly became a painting! Waiting online is a bit urgent》…

Two-faced aloof sinister animal financial backer gong x Poison-tongued elegant clever wife shou

Collected, frank, beautiful… first marry and then love sweetly.

Attention: there is no golden finger in this novel, even less a golden thigh. The shou was modeled in a golden body!!!



STOPPED FOR REVISION. The quality is not high enough, because I have big shoes to fill in and I translate like a kid.


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About the Translator

Blue Dreams: 19 years old girl who has a lot of interests but not much time and freedom

WordPress Website:

Translating: Rebirth of MC (from ch. 182/183)

I don’t dare to oppose a Protagonist Anymore (from ch. 2)



IMPORTANT: due to the fact that I am using the coding for the Collapse Text, the links for the chapters of the Chapters List won’t be immediate. Better check NU

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4 thoughts on “Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage [RiaIM]

  1. Ahhhhh Thank you for decided to pick “Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage” up, that awsome! Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you very much!!

    I’m so happy I could die! QAQ however, the previous translator, Kiai-San have said that I can re-translate her English version into Indonesian and upload it to my Wattpad account, so can I have your permission as well? I will be of course put you on the credit so that people will also be interested to read your works.

    Thank you very much for your attention. I would be waiting for your reply soon.




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