TOC – Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage

Rebirth into an Interstellar Marriage


Author: 莫晨欢

Chinese Raws:


Chu Yan, who had just obtained the Film Emperor Trophy, was reborn a thousand years later after a car accident.

Floating automobiles fly all over the sky, and everyone possesses virtual eyeglasses. Cultural explosion! Entertainment explosion!

However, in this glorious and brilliant entertainment world, Chu Yan was surprised to discover that — — all these people didn’t know how to act!!!

Simulating emotions through artificial intelligence? Replacing acting with special effects? Becoming into an actor just by understanding the AI script? The times are improving, while acting skills are falling behind!

Reporter: Chu Yan, concerning the scandal of you already being married, what’s your opinion?

Chu Yan: … Please tell me first, in the end, who – is – my – spouse!

The Film Emperor was reborn as a third-tier star: shooting movies, becoming popular, winning awards, ascending to the peak and setting off a surging tide to the pinnacle of the entertainment industry!

As for who his partner was — —

He Baishen: Hello, I’m surnamed Yi, you may call me Yi Ming {Anonymous/Nameless}.

This novel can also be called《Damn! Just reborn, who knows who is my husband? Urgently waiting online!》,《The wife distributed by the system suddenly changed painting style, what to do? Also urgently waiting online!》…

Scheming aloof demon golden-master gong x Poison-tongued elegant intelligent queen shou

Mary-sue, refreshing, beautiful… first marry then love sweetly and foolishly.

Attention: There is no golden finger in this novel, let alone a golden thigh. The shou was moulded in a golden body!!!

Translator’s Note:

Picking up from Bluedreamsfairy~ As I’m not very good with time-management, and I currently have another translation project, I’ll have to warn you guys about slow updates.

Translation schedule: TBC (I hope to be able to update one chapter a month, i.e. one part every two weeks, since I’ll also be splitting the chapters into two parts.)

Table of Contents:

Translated by @bluedreamsfairy

Translated by @akumaxakuma (Avis)

  • Chapter 7 [Part 1 | Part 2] Why Must You Steal My AI Script!
  • Chapter 8 [Part 1 | Part 2] Give Chu Yan whatever he wants
  • Chapter 9 [Part 1 | Part 2]


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