Rebirth of a CV Star Chapter 44.1

Chapter 44.1: Sudden Death

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23


Yan Mu Lin was popular. He was really popular.

               Before <Who has that good voice?> was broadcasted, most netizens who knew about his existence were internet users. Nowadays, even an aunt watching a TV knew of him. They knew him as a serious and energetic young man.

               There was also an episode where someone called out his name.

               When Yan Mu Lin finished all of his work, he tried to make a call. However, Zhou Wen Jing’s phone was shut down due to low battery.

               Yan Mu Lin knew that he was angry. However, his mentality was good, and he didn’t show it on his face. When the program started, he didn’t show an excessive performance. He tried to maintain the aura of a newcomer and pretended to be oblivious to what was happening online.

               In front, his four companions had different expressions while Yan Mu Lin responded calmly. After two episodes, everyone was more or less familiar with each other and was not as estranged as in the beginning. With Tian Zhen Yang, they could crack some jokes. Lu Zong Ting was even more excessive. He said that wherever Yang Mu Lin was, he would go with him to be happy.

               <Who has that good voice?> was popular not only because of Yan Mu Lin, but also because of Si Zhen Yang and the others. It was just that the fact that the hottest topic at the moment was Yan Mu Lin that he was a source of envy. However, it couldn’t be helped since some of them rose in popularity years ago and the only thing they had was a high salary. The most popular now was Yan Mu Lin.

               Director Teng treated Yan Mu Lin like a treasure. Especially now that he was very popular, the director couldn’t treat him without any special treatment. Well, they need many more cameras now. As of this moment, he was looking forward to Yan Mu Lin’s performance in the third episode.

               What kind of performance would there be?

               Voice actors had always been versatile, and they were all about their voices. Since it was a reality show, it was natural that they would show off their own dubbing skills. However, how could these actors show off their talents?

               Early in the morning, Yan Mu Lin was arranged by the program group to go to the designated assembly place together with the other four actors.

               Everyone slept well last night and got up early in the morning. The impact of their performance last night was really good. Since last night, Weibo was occupied by <Who has that good voice?> related material. The content of the first episode was not only about dubbing but also about traditional folk art culture. So, all the netizens interested and loosely connected to traditional folk art culture had joined in. Consequently, <Who has that good voice?> became even more popular.

               They had yet to reach their destination and the scriptwriter following Yan Mu Lin didn’t reveal the mission. The content of the third episode was really a mystery.


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  1. WOAHHH!! THANKS FOR PICKING THIS NOVEL!!😘😘😍 I thought that no one will pick this up!! can you also pick the novel “for my healing life” it’s a bl novel too and its a great novel tooo!

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    1. You’re welcome and thank you for reading and for your recommendation ^_^ you could also join our discord channel and upload your list of novels that wants to be picked up there maybe someone will pick it up ^_^

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  2. Thank you for picking this up! I miss this so much but i don’t understand Chinese, and reading MTL messed up my mind T~T
    So thank you for your translation!!

    /psst! is there really no like button or am i just blind?

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