Rebirth of a CV Star Chapter 44.2

Chapter 44.2: Sudden Death

Translated by Roia at

Proofread by Fox23


Yan Mu Lin used to live in a place similar to Nanshi. He couldn’t think of how geography was related to dubbing. Could this be just a cover? According to Director Teng’s nature, that should probably be the case.

               Yan Mu Lin could only wait now. If he didn’t know and the others also don’t know, then all was fair.

               Yan Mu Lin didn’t know what was the specialty of Southern City. If there was still time, he could go shopping here to find out how it was different from other parts of the world. However, his conclusion about this city before was that Southern City was more refined than in the Northern City. Now, he could only inspect this area to find out if his conclusion was correct.

               The destination was not a special building. It was an ordinary building with its walls covered in green Japanese creepers[1]. In total, there were five floors while some were a bit shabby, they would still give you a warm and friendly atmosphere.

               Director Teng explained to the five actors: This was a company’s office building.

               What company?

               Director Teng smiled radiantly: “You will know later.”

               They were sitting in the hall on the first floor. The giant TV set that was turned off suddenly turned on, and it played a special funny video that was popular online. Yan Mu Lin and the others watched it with great interest. Since, it hadn’t been that long since he came in this world, he didn’t know much about the popular things on the internet. However, this video made him laugh.

               The internet of this world matched his original world and was more mature and professional. There were no scams thus younger people like Tao Bai Ran never experienced being scammed. In order to be famous or in pursue of a professional career, many young people would upload their own voice works hoping for a dubbing agent to take notice.

               After watching the video, Yan Mu Lin was still unsatisfied. Lu Zhong Ting, who was sitting next to him, asked Director Teng: “Director Teng, we won’t be watching videos here all day.”

               Director Teng smiled and said: “Of course not, but for everyone here, your task for today is related to the video that you had watch.”

               Tao Bairan asked in cooperation: “What is it?”

               Director Teng point his finger to the giant TV set behind him and said: “We just saw the video’s content. I believe that for those who often surf on the internet had already seen these videos and listened to their dubbing. It also doesn’t matter if you haven’t. Next, I will explain to you its relevance…”


 [T/N: A type of plant which is also known as Boston Ivy. Here is a sample picture from]

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