Rebirth of the Abandoned Woman: Godly Doctor Taizi Fei Chapter 20 Part 2/2

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YuanQiu looked at the field of green and saw shiny silvers raining down on her. These were not ordinary weeds. It was a medicinal herb called Bisanxi that can be used as medicine or in cooking. As medicine, Bisanxi could lower blood sugar and soothe blood vessels. It worked fast with no side effects.

Fresh Bisanxi could be used in medicinal cuisine. The food would not contain the taste of medicine. The leaves were soft and tender. For those in villages, it was very good medicinal cuisine.

If cooked with flower essence, it could be used to beautify and lose weight. She had read in her grandfather’s pharmacopoeia about Bisanxi.

But this herb was extinct in the 21st century. The air quality and polluted water in the 21st century did not result in pure soil that could plant Bisanxi.

She did not expect to find such a large field of Bisanxi outside the Ghost Forest. It really was money falling down from the heavens.


“Silly brother, our good days are here. With such a large field of Bisanxi, we could live in an impenetrable house this winter.” YuanQiu was very excited. She was even more excited than when she received her first scholarship in her previous life.

Seeing his jiejie so happy, YuanHao also followed along. The two siblings soon filled two baskets with Bisanxi. They were so tired that their foreheads were filled with sweat.

“YuanHao, let’s bathe before we return. So much sweat. Our clothes are soaked through. Let’s dry them off too. There’s no one here anyway.” YuanQiu looked at the clear stream and was reluctant to leave.

YuanHao gladly agreed. “Jiejie, you bathe first. I’ll look out for you.” Jiejie was a girl. She could not be seen taking a bath or her reputation would suffer.

With YuanHao keeping watch, she was more reassured. The water was cool. Fortunately, it was noon and the sun was strong. So she wasn’t cold sitting in the water. She wiped her body over and over again. She even washed her hair a few times. Only when she was fresh and comfortable did she get up.


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