Rebirth Of The General’s Granddaughter [重生之将门嫡女]

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As some of you may know, Foxaholic is changing servers [to]. The new server didn’t move all the posts automatically. I may have to manually move 500+ posts 💀 SO I’M MOVING ALL MY TRANSLATIONS AND FUTURE TRANSLATIONS TO JSTRANSLATIONS1.COM. I apologize for the confusion of moving back and forth 🙇‍♀️ But on the bright side, I may finally be able to do navigation/ “next” buttons 🤞🤞🤞

The following novels will be moved and translated on JSTRANSLATIONS1.COM FROM NOW ON:

Author: 冰愠

Status: 406 Chapters + 19 extras (Completed)

Genres: Fantasy, Historical, Rebirth, Revenge

Translator: JS Translations1

Translation Schedule: Chapters are now 5-6 times longer than the previous ones. I will still be translating 2 parts per day (the SAME length), but a full chapter will NOT be completed for days. Feel free to stockpile chapter parts, at your discretion!

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Previous Chapters (1-25) HERE

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In the midst of a night thunderstorm, the kindhearted but cowardly daughter of the general of the Great Yan Empire, Mu Zi You, was strangled to death by her closest friend and husband using a rope. When she died, she had a stomach full of regrets and grievances.

Just when she thought she died wrongfully under the hands of her friend and husband, she opened her eyes once more only to realize that she had been given a second chance. She had been transported back by 4 years. Forcefully breaking through the seal her mother left on her soul, she was granted with supernatural power. “I swear that I will only allow myself let others down but not the other way around! From now, I want my revenge!”

Evil stepmother? It’s alright, I’ll destroy your reputation before sending you on your way to the yellow spring (TL note: yellow spring = Hell). Hypocritical friend? I’ll ruthlessly tear off your facade and give you a taste of the pain I once felt. The princess conspiring against me? I’ll just throw her into the mass grave. Since none of you are willing to let me enjoy my life, I’ll drag all of you down with me!

Just when she intends to distance herself from hypocritical douche-bags, who knew that her devastatingly beautiful appearance would attract even more butterflies.

That guy whom abandoned her like a dirty shoe previously is now saying that he will marry no one but her.

Princes chasing after her, willing to use any methods and do anything just to get in her good graces, and a drop dead gorgeous hoodlum involving himself with her, who will she choose?


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