Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 60 Uncle Goat Turns into a Huge Lecherous Wolf [2], Part 1

Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 60 Uncle Goat Turns into a Huge Lecherous Wolf [2], Part 1

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Shui YouLian sobbed, “Laoye, Xiaojie, if furen…furen is intolerant of YouLian, YouLian would…stay by Xiaojie’s side as a female doctor. Begging Laoye and Xiaojie to…not sell YouLian!”

She kowtowed. Her fragile and helpless appearance provoked more love than flowers in a storm.

Mu YingRui’s masculine desire to protect surged. He helped YouLian up and said loudly and firmly, “What? Laoye needs to be afraid of a woman if he gets a yiniang? What a joke. Lian’er, from now on, you are this Ye’s Fifth Yiniang. Don’t be afraid, Ye will protect you and not you be bullied by anyone. You’er can also rest assured. If mother blames you, tell daddy. Daddy would give you justice.”

“Laoye!” Shui YouLian ran into Mu YingRui’s arms, touched. She cried until her whole body was shaking, like falling leaves in the cold wind.


His daughter was still there. Mu YingRui’s old face turned red. He was about to push YouLian away but saw that Zi You was gone.

Since his daughter wasn’t there, Mu YingRui gathered the soft and fragrant beauty in his arms. How could he not be dazed? The middle-aged Uncle Goat turned into a huge lecherous wolf. He’s about to swallow the little beauty in arms into his stomach.

In accordance with Zi You’s requirements, YouLian hooked Mu YingRui. She originally thought she would have to spend a lot of effort, but didn’t think that Mu YingRui was a lecherous glutton. Without too much work, she caught him.

The methods she learned in Chuyao Guan to handle men was not learned in vain.


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