Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 62 Poisonous Woman Betrays Herself [2], Part 1

Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 62 Poisonous Woman Betrays Herself [2], Part 1

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Wang Yiping did not have time to clean up before Zi You came in. Because she was angry, she didn’t bother to disguise herself and betrayed her “extraordinary” self.

This was the first time Zi You saw Wang Yiping’s sinister and terrible face, like a madwoman. When she was asked as a concubine to visit Zi You’s mother Dier or that day at Duke Yingguo fu, Wang Yiping was very angry. But she was not as angry as she was now: almost crazy.

“So vicious-minded at such a young age. Even buying a geisha to seduce her own father. You know your father has no strength to resist and you did such a thing. You did it on purpose right? You hate me. From the moment I entered the General’s Manor, you all hate me. Why? How did I wrong you? You vicious little bastard! For you, I kowtowed every step to the temple. My forehead was torn and you still don’t trust me. You’re really just like your cheap vixen mother: both monsters!” Wang Yiping was consumed with hatred so she couldn’t help but scold.


Zi You was going to ignore her, but when her biological mother was insulted, she finally got angry.

A pair of beautiful eyes instantly darkened and became a deep purple color. Her knife-sharp words stabbed Wang Yiping: “How dare you insult my mother? In front of her, you’re just a concubine. You’re the cheap one! My mother is a descendant of a goddess. Her identity is much nobler than yours. What kind of thing are you? Your mother is just an actress and you’re just like her: both cheap and lowly. You insult my mother again and I won’t spare you. Huh! Vixen? You’re the vixen who harms people!”

“You dare to scold me?” Wang Yiping never thought that Zi You would dare to scold her. Her body trembled in anger and she stood stunned.

She was a little slow to react but didn’t think twice about it and raised a hand to slap Zi You’s face.


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