Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 87.6

Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 87.6

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Zi You slowly brought a chopstick of rice to her mouth. With a dreamy face, she said, “This steamed rice is really fragrant and chewy. Wen Mama’s cooking skills is getting better and better.”

Wang Yiping finally put down her caution. She gobbled down the rice and braised pork ribs. In a short period of time, the food was eaten clean.

Zi You secretly smiled. Fool! She did not poison the food, but put in a special powder with a hint of milk fragrance: Fragrant Milk Powder.

Once someone consumed this powder, it will enter the bloodstream. It would adhere to the skin and it was impossible to get rid of.

The Indian one-eyed spotted cobra liked the taste of milk the most. The cobra could find you no matter how far you run with this smell.

When Dier left, she gave her snake Weishali for Old General Mu to bring back.


In her previous life, Zi You frequently played together with the snake. She later listened to Wang Yiping that snakes were disgusting and dirty so she gave Weishali away.

Now, Zi You and Weishali were friends. Weishali basically understood the words Zi You says. The problem was that Zi You did not understand all of Weishali’s actions. She had not reached the point where she was fully united with the cobra.

But to reach a state of unity with the cobra was not easy. Zi You’s spiritual power must reach a certain intensity.

It was the same with her pot of five black mandara flowers. To communicate with them, she must have strong spiritual and soul power to control them or it would backfire.

This was the reason Zi You was working hard to cultivate her spiritual power. As long as she could communicate with these plants and animals, she could use them to spy on people, heal herself, confuse others, and even kill people.

They could even take human forms and fight with her opponents.

Zi You used her own blood every day to water the black mandara flowers. Fortunately, the amount was small: just three or four drops a day.


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