Rebirth of the General’s Granddaughter Chapter 93 Part 4/6

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He didn’t wait for Zi You’s response. He looked at the squirming insect corpses on the ground that had turned into yellow pus. He mocked, “I know you’re not afraid of poison. I won’t care about you anymore. You’re really stupid to death. Someone has to clean up after you everytime.”

“Who needs to be saved by you?” ZiYou was angry at him calling her “stupid” and “idiot.” She sent a kick over. “This lady has not convicted you of the crime of trespassing in the General’s Manor. That’s already letting you off lightly. You dare to be arrogant? Just looking at your mask means that you’re some scoundrel who can’t be seen. Tonight, this lady will have you revert to your original form.”

“So fierce? Be careful you can’t get married in the future. Not only stupid, but also fierce and ugly. I’m too lazy to look at you. I’m leaving.” He quickly disappeared into the night, leaving behind a refreshing bamboo scent.

Where did she smell this scent before? Where? Zi You was sprinkling an antidote powder and thinking hard.


This tone of voice and martial arts… Shangguan LingRan! Zi You remembered that on that day at Duke Yongnan fu, when he grabbed her and jumped out the window, she smelled this same scent.

Also, the tone of voice was the same in the market that day and at Duke Anguo fu.

It seemed like he wasn’t like the dandy he appeared to be, with his high martial arts skills. Why did he pretend to be a weak and inept hopeless case? And why would he help her?

There was also the first intruder. He wasn’t very tall: around 1.6-1.8 meters tall. His martial arts and method of poisoning seemed that he was a Nanjiang person. Could it be someone her maternal grandfather sent? Or was he someone a wangzi sent?

He shouldn’t be someone her maternal grandfather sent. No matter what, they were her relatives. They shouldn’t be poisoning her. 



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