RIAIM – Chapter 8 Part 1

~ Translated by Avis ~

~ Edited by Anon~

(All mistakes are mine)

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Chapter 8 Part 1: Give Chu Yan Whatever He Wants

It had been a more than a month since Chu Yan joined the “Blood Battle” production group, and he was already very familiar with many of the staff.

For example, Director Wang had always thought that this young man was very gentle and elegant, possessed a graceful bearing, was surprisingly good at acting, and very polite to others.

This was still the first time Director Wang saw Chu Yan being so emotional.

His young handsome and fair face was full of shame and indignation, his clear eyes were wide open, staring at Li Zhetian, a stubborn light shining in his eyes. All of these seemed to correspond with the appearance of Chu Yan during his first audition—Chu Chen was aggrieved, refusing to listen to his elder brother’s words, just like today’s Chu Yan who also appeared to be aggrieved!

Director Wang was stunned. He carefully pondered Chu Yan’s words and asked perplexedly, “Chu Yan, what is the meaning of this?”

The things that happened next truly caused Director Wang to feel extremely horrified.

AI scripts were more difficult to produce, and a good AI script was even more precious and valuable. Chu Yan’s agent was Zhou Hehui, this agent was a famous decathlete. The AI script produced by him would also definitely be very good, yet it got stolen in Director Wang’s production group!

(“十项全能”, he’s not an actual sports person here, but someone who is a master of at least ten different subjects/items.)

An actor’s AI script was stolen, practically breaking the actor’s wings!

In this world, without even an AI script, what acting can you still do? You don’t know a single thing about what happens next in the plot, you won’t know how to continue at all!

Facing such questioning, Li Zhetian, of course, denied it with a strange expression. But subsequently, there was a staff member from the crew who stepped forward, passing the AI chip that had been cut in half to Director Wang.

This AI chip should have been picked up by the staff member from the garbage can. It had Tiansheng’s company logo on it, and within the productions group, only Chu Yan was from Tiansheng. This chip was definitely Chu Yan’s.

Seeing this, Li Zhetian immediately expressed, “What does this have to do with me? His AI script was cut by someone, so it’s definitely I who did it?”

He had just finished speaking when another staff member promptly came forward: “Yesterday, when I went to get some items, I saw Li Zhetian’s assistant throw a chip into the garbage can. I thought it was their own scrapped chip, but looking at things, it was actually Chu Yan’s.”

The reputation of these two staff members in the industry was fairly good, so Li Zhetian couldn’t denounce them on the spot. He could only widen his eyes while wishing he could force them to change their words. However, under such stark-naked facts, he had no way of making the slightest counterattack.

Director Wang also lost his temper.

As the old saying goes, dragons have their reverse scales!

(“逆鳞”, Chinese dragons supposedly have this one scale that grows the other way, and it’s like a berserk button. Touch it and you’re doomed.)

For an actor, his AI script is one of the most important foundations of his acting. You actually stole something like this, it’s just like stealing a painter’s brush, stealing a musician’s musical instrument—it’s stealing the other’s life!

What’s more, this AI chip has actually been cut in half!

How great is your enmity, how great is your resentment! This kind of behaviour is truly too shameless!

Director Wang was already raging with fury in his heart. He looked at the broken halves of the AI chip in his hand, then raised his head to look at Chu Yan. It could only be seen that ever since he said that sentence “you deceive too much”, this youth had been silently keeping his head lowered, looking at the ground without a sound.

His complexion didn’t look good at all. Thinking about it, it must be because he had just been injured yesterday, and yet learned about something so infuriating today.

Chu Yan didn’t restrain his feelings at all. Although he didn’t speak, his fingers were clenched tightly. This caused Director Wang to can’t help but sigh with emotion. He didn’t expect Chu Yan to come out and accuse Li Zhetian in such an overt way. If it had been some of the slick and experienced fellows in the industry, they might remember this matter and wait to retaliate later, or let others stand up for them.

(“老油条”, where ‘老 lao’ means old or experienced, and ‘油条 youtiao’, which usually refers to a type of deep-fried dough sticks, but could also mean ‘sly person’, possibly because they’re ‘oily’?)

But this youth, after being wronged, couldn’t help taking the initiative to come forward.

So, that is to say, he really is still a child?

That’s right, no matter how good his acting skills are, or how gentle his temper is, Chu Yan is still just an 18-year-old child!

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An intriguing sort of protective mentality was quietly growing in Director Wang’s heart. While feeling both sympathy and heartache, his favourable impression of Chu Yan continued to improve. For the same reason, the more he looked at Li Zhetian, the more he seemed unpleasant to the eye.

Wang Dao’s face was livid as he said, “This matter must be given an explanation. Li Zhetian, you have no limit!”

Of course, Li Zhetian also knew that the exposure of this kind of matter would be very disadvantageous for him. Even if he could suppress this matter, his reputation in the industry would probably be even more foul. Therefore, he turned his eyes, suddenly pointing to his own assistant, saying, “I really don’t know what all of you are talking about. Go and ask my assistant, I don’t know anyway.”

When that assistant heard this, he was dazed at first. Then, with ghastly pale face, he understood: Li Zhetian wanted him to shoulder the blame!

The little assistant dared to be angry but did not dare to speak out. He could only obsequiously admit that everything was his wrongdoing, because he had always found Chu Yan annoying, so he stole Chu Yan’s AI script, cutting it to vent his anger.

Everyone on the sidelines were incessantly furious when they heard this. Anyone with discerning eyes would know that it was impossible for the little assistant to do such a thing, everything must have been directed by Li Zhetian who was behind him! But they had no evidence, and could only watch this Li Zhetian shamelessly shirk his responsibility!

For a time, everyone in the entire studio were righteously indignant as they glared at Li Zhetian. Li Zhetian’s popularity was quite bad. During the period when they were filming, he was arrogant and domineering, acting like a big-shot and bullying the staff, a picture of “I (your father) am ascending to heaven”.

(“老子要上天”, where ‘老子’ is an arrogant way of saying ‘I’, and ‘要上天’ refers to someone who acts so high and mighty that they might as well just ascend to the heavens.)

And aside from these people, there was only a handsome young man with his head down, his facial expression obscured.

Within his bright and clear phoenix eyes was a trace of grievance from being hurt, but what was more was the calmness concealed beneath.

After becoming famous in his previous life, Chu Yan had yet to be treated unfairly like this. This morning, the deputy director he had good relations with whispered to him that Li Zhetian had spent 20 million yuan, even inviting Liao Xing, in order to chase Chu Yan out of the production group.

This was precisely the so-called one defeats ten, Chu Yan had never seen such a brainless person before. The waters of the entertainment industry have never been shallow. Before he became a film emperor in his last life, he had also encountered all kinds of scheming calculations, but those people’s IQs were definitely 10 blocks ahead of Li Zhetian.

(“一力降十会”, or ‘a powerful person can defeat ten martial artists’, used as a metaphor to describe a situation where all schemes and attempts are useless in the face of absolute strength.)

Such blatant and unscrupulous bullying?

Such a frank and open attempt to chase him out of the cast?

Alas, it was true that money could make demons turn millstones. If he didn’t have money, one feared that Li Zhetian would have been completely dead a long time ago.

(“钱能使鬼推磨”, an idiom which basically means that you can do anything you like with the help of money.)

However, even with money, it has been more than two years since his debut and Li Zhetian has only reached his current position. Presumably, this kind of contemptuous and unbridled character was also an important reason.

Some people with discerning eyes could also tell that this time, Chu Yan wanted Director Wang to help him uphold justice. Following the norm, in this kind of situation, it was enough to chase an actor out of the cast, because he had gone against everyone’s interests.

But Li Zhetian was different. He was someone who brings money into the group.

At this thought, many staff members couldn’t help but look sympathetically at the young man who had his head bowed silently——

Director Wang couldn’t possibly uphold justice for you!

Soft fine strands of hair fell gently in front of his forehead, blocking the young man’s expression, only allowing people to see his lips pressed tightly together. But everyone didn’t know that at this very moment, what Chu Yan was waiting for was not the enforcement of justice by Director Wang, but his agent who had just gone out to make a phone call.


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