RIAIM – Chapter 8 Part 2

~ Translated by Avis ~

~ Edited by Anon~

(All mistakes are mine)

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Chapter 8 Part 2: Give Chu Yan Whatever He Wants

At the time when some staff member had shown Chu Yan the AI chip that had been cut in two, Zhou Hehui had been standing by the side. When he saw the AI chip, his face immediately changed, becoming utterly furious. Then, once he learned that it was Li Zhetian who destroyed it, he got Chu Yan to wait for him without saying another word, and went out to make a phone call.

So, when Zhou Hehui returned to the set, he saw such a scene.

A group of people encircled Chu Yan, Li Zhetian and Director Wang. Everyone was glaring angrily at Li Zhetian, while the latter had his head raised with an unsightly expression on his face, a picture of obstinance and arrogance.

Zhou Hehui looked at Chu Yan, who was keeping quiet with his head lowered, and immediately understood what was going on. He silently scolded Chu Yan in his heart, and “Is Chu Yan so stupid? He actually took the initiative to provoke Li Zhetian?” momentarily flashed through his mind. But in the next second, he threw this kind of unrealistic ideas to the back of his mind.

Chu Yan was only 18 years old. He was still a child, and must have acted on impulse.

Zhou Hehui only hesitated for a moment and lost the opportunity. It seemed like Director Wang didn’t know what to say, so he saw Li Zhetian suddenly raising his hand in anger to point at Chu Yan, sneering as he taunted: “I said I don’t know anything about this incident, which means, I don’t know! Today, he has scram for me! Liao Xing can enter the cast tomorrow. If he doesn’t leave, I’ll leave. Director Wang, what do you think?”

This kind of threatening words didn’t give Director Wang any face at all, which caused the young director’s expression to distort.

(“面子”, as some of you might know, in Chinese culture, ‘face’ refers to one’s dignity, self-respect, reputation etc, so ‘not giving face’ = show no respect for someone or care for their dignity.)

The surrounding onlookers were even more furious but did not dare to speak up. After all, if the Li family really withdrew their investment, this show would immediately be suspended, and the loss would be too great.

Seeing that everyone did not dare to respond to his words, Li Zhetian immediately relaxed from his nervousness. As expected, as long as he brings out the matter of investment, this group of people would no longer dare to provoke him. Tsk tsk, they really were a group of paupers with no money, people of a lower class.

However, at this moment, he heard Chu Yan say in a small voice: “Why do you want me to go?”

Hearing this, Li Zhetian snorted, then laughed as he shot back, “Little brother, how are you so cute? Do you not have any brains? Who do you think you are? Go and ask Director Wang, why I want you to scram!”

“Li Zhetian, this time, it’s you who needs to scram!” Zhou Hehui couldn’t bear it any longer and swore loudly.

Although Zhou Hehui was cool-headed and mature, he was not without a temper. He now deeply regretted how he had hesitated for that one moment, letting this shameless rich second generation humiliate his own artist.

Li Zhetian saw Zhou Hehui walking over and his expression changed. At last, he said, “What do you mean by this, Zhou Hehui?”

Zhou He Hui scoffed, then turned his head to look at Director Wang: “Director Wang, ‘Blood Battle’ will be taken over by Tian Sheng with full authority. 80 million yuan of investment will be deposited tomorrow. If the Li family corporation wants to withdraw their capital, then let them withdraw it. It’s also fine if they don’t want to do so.”

After a pause, Zhou Hehui reached out his hand and pulled Chu Yan to his side, saying, “Tiansheng has only one request—”

“Now, get Li Zhetian to scram from the cast immediately!”

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The building of the He family corporation could be regarded as a landmark of the whole capital planet.

It was a skyscraper that reaches the clouds, each floor equipped with a high-class car park, the whole building was like a sharp sword stabbing ruthlessly into the sky with an unstoppable momentum.

Just ten minutes ago, a phone call came from Zhou Hehui’s side. First, it connected to the president’s office of Tiansheng Entertainment Co. Ltd., then it was forwarded to the president’s assistant of He family corporation, before it finally reached the president’s office of He family corporation.

Zhou Hehui waited for ten whole minutes before he got his answer. He was somewhat surprised, and wondered why sister Xu had hesitated for so long before making a decision this time. However, he didn’t know that Xu Yurong, the head of Tiansheng Entertainment Co., Ltd., also had to forward the call twice before she got the aforementioned answer.

Beyond the capital planet, the only sun in the galaxy emitted a scorching heat. The bright and dazzling sunlight shone through the acrylic glass of the building, and the rays of light lost their harshness. Instead, they were gently scattered, illuminating the interior space.

Three minutes later, someone knocked on the door. With the permission of the person in the room, the other party entered.

Dressed neatly in a suit, the special assistant solemnly and seriously reported his work to his boss. When the topic shifted to the 80 million investment that had just been allocated out from the corporation’s quota, the special assistant reported the result of the matter again. After a while, he couldn’t help but add another sentence: “Li family’s side, they’re a little unhappy.”

As soon he finished speaking, the man who was looking down and flipping through his documents swiftly stopped.

The man raised his head slowly. When his line of sight shifted to the special assistant, even though they had worked together for many years, the special assistant still couldn’t resist standing upright as he straightened his back.

But he only heard a low magnetic voice saying, “What is the Li family unhappy about?”

The special assistant replied respectfully, “They have decided not to withdraw their capital and have agreed for Li Zhetian to leave the cast, but they are requesting for Tiansheng to apologize to Li Zhetian, because Zhou Hehui, Tiansheng’s gold agent, was quite fierce in speech at that time, which seemed to have caused Li Zhetian to feel humiliated.”

“What did he say?”

The special assistant said, “He wants Li Zhetian to scram from the crew.”

A moment of silence passed, and the man asked in astonishment, “That’s it?”

The special assistant nodded, “Yes, that’s it.”

After pondering for a while, the man calmly said, “Then, just let Zhou Hehui apologise to him.”

The special assistant was a little surprised for a moment, then he nodded. Just as he was about to leave to do work, he unexpectedly heard the man continue to add, “Let Zhou Hehui tell Li Zhetian, ‘scram’ this action is a little difficult, don’t embarrass him anymore, it’s alright to just let him climb out of the cast.”

(“滚”, i.e. ‘roll’, so he’s saying, rolling is too difficult, be merciful and just let him climb instead~~)

The special assistant faltered in his steps, and couldn’t help but raise his head to look at the man.

After all, they had been working together for a few years, the relationship between superior and subordinate was also friendlier. He couldn’t restrain his curiosity, asking, “Mr. He, this time, a total of 130 million yuan has been invested into the production of ‘Blood Battle’. I don’t quite understand why you would want to spend so much thought for Chu Yan, this person.”

However, in the bright and soft sunshine, there was a hint of a smile on the handsome and profound face of the man, and the sunlight seemed have gilded it with a layer of pale gold. Cold and slender features, thin lips slightly raised, everything seemed to be the exquisite work of nature, perfect and flawless. It was just that the smile on his lips truly was cold to the bone, shallowly floating at the corners of his mouth, but the light in the eyes was ice-cold and indifferent, too deep to fathom.

After a long while, He Baishen finally opened his mouth, his tone light——

“For three years, give Chu Yan whatever he wants. Three years later, let him scram.”

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Fuwa has a group of goblin readers!

Just the day before yesterday, said don’t want the little gong! Then after two days, all shout for the little gong to quickly appear!

Now he has appeared, you must be happy (crying sound)!

Hmph, not giving Fuwa flowers, Fuwa is very angry, the consequences are very serious!!!


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