Sneak peek to another novel that I might do in the future

Yang Chen was sitting in an aeroplane which was flying at an altitude of 10000m. He felt extremely calm watching the scenery of the mountains from his window seat.

At this time, the underworld of the whole planet was in great shock.

He looked down at the screen on his laptop. There was a website with an encrypted address which had refreshed to give a paid post.

Click and pay to view- Title: The Underworld King has disappeared mysteriously!

There is no one with any news of him!

The whole article is loaded with rumours and speculation.

“Has the underworld king died or has he retired?”

“Was the underworld king seriously injured after his battle in Africa? There are rumours suggesting he is grievously injured. Or is he already dead?

“The Underworld Temple is still active. So, who is running it?”

“There are people who have claimed that he hides because of his injury, some suggest that he is tired of killing and wants to retire.

“For whatever reason he has disappeared, there will be big changes in the underworld world.

Yang Chen sneered upon reading this part, thinking ‘How can there be big changes in the underworld. Although he has left the Underworld Temple is still standing tall’

AS long as the Underworld Temple exists, the entire underworld must be in its control. For those who seek to challenge the status quo are simple unqualified due to its mere existence.

Upon feeling that there was movement close to him, he immediately closed his notebook. As he moved his head, he saw a woman sitting next to him.

He was shocked by the sight he saw.

The woman was extremely beautiful. She had an elegantly straight nose, a noble face with no blemishes, and bright and rosy cherry mouth which tempted men to bit on them and taste them.

Her eyelashes were flickering but her eyebrows were tightly locked as if they could not be opened. Yang Chen wanted to help her when he looked at her. He was sure from his experience that the beautiful woman is suffering from internal injuries.

Translator Notes:

This is one of the novels that I wanted to translate other than the one I am translating already. I am not sure if I will work on this project a whole lot but I am thinking of posting an update of 1/2 chapters a week. I have still not made up my mind. This is just a sneak peek into the novel. I hope you guys can tell me whether I should go forward with it.

My Thoughts on the novel-

This novel is unique in the fact that both MC and FL are extremely powerful. Both have secret identities. The FL is an agent of the Chinese nation while MC is the underworld king of the whole world. There is a fair bit of racism in this novel unlike my other novel. There are other girls who are interested in the MC, but he deeply loves the FL alone. The difference from other urban novels is that there is a clear focus on both the MC and FL as they journey through the whole world. We are not in a situation where MC always saves the FL. Here both of them help each other.

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