The Banished Villainess’ Husband Ch. 1


Chapter 1: Prince, are you serious?

TL: @notahappytree
PR: salty pretzel

My name is Eufranc Ditalier Bailey.
I came from a Count’s household and my father works in the law office as chief justice.
I was deceived by such an outrageous woman.
As the crown prince’s 『friend』, he was all of the a sudden saying he wants to change his fiancée and force “her” on me.
At the time the story was confidential and she hasn’t been told by His Majesty and her parents and my parents haven’t informed me yet.
I’ve heard the gossip going around; it sounds like a joke.
But you can tell it was severe.
The one who brings it up is the prince himself.
The other party is the Duke’s daughter.
There is no problem with social status.
And my social standing is not that high.
The thing is at this age; I have no fiancée. And it tires me out because every time I meet my parents, they keep asking about it.
If I didn’t choose a fiancée soon, I’ll fall behind, and if you look beautiful and have a good social standing, you have nothing to complain about.
Moreover, it’s the crown prince’s former fiancée.
But the prince’s chosen woman pose a problem.
She’s the guardian dragon’s blessed child who possesses 『Holy Light』.
The dragon is protecting the country and if war breaks out the dragon’s shield and spear will defend the country.
The guardian dragon loves and protects those who have distinct magical power called 『Holy Light』.
In other words, someone who has 『Holy Light』 must be in the country… someone who is treasured and protected by the dragon.
If they’re despised or mistreated, the country could be abandoned and destroyed by the guardian dragon.
Indeed, the crown prince Alfred chose that kind of woman.
That’s why no one disagrees.
No way I can do it.

………or that’s what I thought.

Alfred who was engaged to Elana Rousfet Forsyth, was breaking off their engagement in the middle of the graduation party and gave this loud declaration in front of everyone, including His Majesty and prime minister, her father.

“This vile woman! Did you think I didn’t know how you often harass Rifana?”
“I don’t want to see your face! I’m going to break off my engagement with you today! I’ll make sure you pay for the harassment you did to Rifana!”
“Please wait, your Highness. Isn’t that her own fault? I know she’s blessed by the guardian dragon but I’m His Highness’ fiancée…”
“Silence! I’m sick of that arrogant attitude of yours! Get lost! I don’t want to see your face again!”

The woman in the purple dress was pushed away.
Alfred’s fiancée… no, former fiancée. Elana is shaking, clenching her fists while gnawing her lips and Alfred is embracing Rifana’s shoulder and look at her as if he’s about to curse her.
No one reaches out their hand to her, and she can see their laughter hiding behind their fans.
And from the back, she can hear someone barely bothering to suppress their laughter and say, “That evil lady is done for.”
The contemptuous laughter gradually spreads.
Right now you can witness a surreal sight of the King and the Knight trying to hold back the red-faced Prime Minister.
Meanwhile, after being pushed, Miss Elana’s expression turned into a smile and she stands up with staggered feet before dropping a beautiful curtsy.

“I understand. If your Highness goes that far, I don’t mind if the engagement returns to a blank slate. Well, excuse me now I have to carry out my part to terminate our engagement!”

After speaking her piece, she tried to leave.
Still smiling, you can catch the sound of her heels walking away towards the entrance.
Suddenly, she promptly lost her balance.
Looking at how dangerous it was, my body moves before I can think.
I grasp her arm to help her stand up.

“Oops. Did you sprain your leg when you fell?”
“E-eh! Wh-who are you?”
“I’m Eufranc Ditalier Bailey. Oi oi, aren’t we in the same class?”
“Same class? …e-eh??”
“Hey, are you really okay?”

Miss Elana is clutching her head.
Her complexion is getting worse.
I know it’s impolite to scrutinize and stare at her, but it didn’t deter them from looking.
I’m tired of it, and I stare back hard at them.
Some people swiftly look elsewhere, some tried to act nonchalant or attempted to engage in a talk with the person next to them…
Looking at them, I watch Prince Alfred laughing with Rifana as if nothing had happened.
Oi oi… Prince, are you serious?
Are you no longer thinking about Miss Elana?
Looking at him and Miss Elana, the prime minister nodded at him with face burning bright.
Phew. Let’s get out of this strange place, young lady.

“I’ll guide you, so it doesn’t get worse.”
“Ah, I was troubled. So~ kind~.”
“Well. Are you going continuing strain yourself till the end?”

While grasping my arm, she leaves without any pain in her legs.
In the end, they left while displaying splendid courtesy.
When the door finally closes, Elana collapses as if the tension leaves her body.

“Let’s arrange the carriage. Can you wait here? Or…”
“I want… to go to entrance hall…”
“Okay. Let’s do our best.”

I extend my hand.
And she looks at me with her startled face.
Is it so strange for her to see a gentleman offering his arm to a lady?

“……I don’t understand. Your situation–”
“Alfred is my 『friend』. And I feel awful about what my friend did. But presuming a lady is standing in front of me, I’d extend my hand to her. I’m a gentleman. Right?”
“………. Right.”

I put a hand on top of another.
She and Alfred are childhood friend, and they were engaged since they were small.
As a result, I’ve had the opportunity to dance a few times with Miss Elana in a party setting.

“Let’s try again.”
“I understand.”

She only sees Alfred.
As if I didn’t exist.
I don’t even remember.
I wonder what it is like to be the crown prince’s fiancée.
She looks like she’s quite taken with Prince Alfred.

As a result, I escorted her home.
It caused a problem the next day.
While eating breakfast, my father let out a deep sigh and open his mouth to announce something rather alarming.

“Would you like to marry Miss Elana? You and her? Hm.”
“Ha?? N-no. …the prime minister is mad. …His Majesty was also holding his head. …Hah, this is unbelievable…”

He forked the meat on his plate and carried it to his mouth.
That’s right.
The prime minister has became as good as Prince Alfred’s enemy.
Crown prince Alfred is our country’s only prince.
Since he’s an only child, he’s grown up quite spoiled.
I have five younger brothers, but honestly speaking the third son is the best.
My father also wants to consider him in line for succession.
Our country had a designated succession system, so we can have the most capable son to inherit.
The second son, Ruth, is thirteen years old. Reagan, the third son is eight years old. After that are the five-years-old and three-year-old.
I’m using my father as my temporary proxy; my younger brothers will have to show their efforts and I’ll let the earnest succeed.
Ah, no, it was supposed to be like that.
I believe that’s no longer the case for my father though.

“It can’t be helped then with the young lady who possesses 『Holy Light』?”
“That’s right. It became troublesome…”
“Now I can’t hide it.”
“Yeah… if you knew that, why did you watch without doing anything? Since it’s you, it’s hard to conduct yourself, isn’t it?”
“Oi oi, dad. You are overestimating me; you are asking too much from our Count house’s duty. Just let the higher houses of 『Five Alumni』 to do the job. Also, I was taking care of something something I couldn’t get out of. “
“…………. Is that true?”
“Unfortunately. Wasn’t this matter also reported to father, Prime Minister and His Majesty? Have you forgot?”
“Eh! No way! I thought it was a joke!”

I stared at him with an apologetic expression.
But you could tell I wasn’t apologizing at all.
…well, that’s right.
Other than Prince Alfred, Miss Rifana also pretty close to the close aide candidate like myself, Duke Starlet, Nick and Carl.
Many of them are sons from a prominent house.
I was in a different class with Miss Elana, so I didn’t interact often with Miss Rifana.
However, you can hear many rumors about Miss Elana harassing Miss Rifana.
I didn’t pay attention regarding the authenticity of those rumors.
Because besides her… I got word Starlet, Nick, and Carl’s fiancées also heard that Miss Rifana was hateful and ill-spoken.
Though not very much, they don’t want to experience the guardian dragon’s fury.
So is Miss Elana.
For all one knows there’s a different force influencing other lady and whispering that 『Miss Elana is harassing Miss Rifana』 in the prince’s ears.
Then the blinded prince tries to eliminate the 『enemy』.
Incidentally, Miss Elana has high standing among the other ladies and so many rumors were already surrounding her. She’s a good target.
Well, in spite of it… it’s not my place anyway.
I’m not about to get myself dragged into it.

“Now, back to the talk of my marriage with Miss Elana, how sudden is it? Yesterday evening I was simply helping to send her home.”
“I told you, the Prime Minister is out of his mind. …His Majesty would try to sort out her fiancé soon. Since you were helping her get up and escort her, you caught his attention.”
“I see. Well, I don’t mind.”
“Aaa…! So you are! Really! As I thought you would say that!”

Father is clutching his head.
Ah~ the meat is delicious.

“Listen to me first! Prince Alfred has suggested his Majesty banish Miss Elana!”
“Seriously? He’s going that far?”
“It seems like he’s trying to not spoil the guardian dragon’s mood. I don’t have knowledge of how well the guardian dragon knows Miss Elana. But if the rumors of Miss Elana’s harassment towards Miss Rifana are true, his majesty and prime minister can’t assist her. I have to hold back the crown prince.”

In other words, if you hate the girl who posseses 『Holy Light』 you can anger the guardian dragon, and there’s the possible calamity the guardian dragon could bring.
That 『possibility』 remain a threat.
To deport Miss Elana in exchange for the guardian dragon’s contentment.
Well, it is reasonable considering the importance of guardian dragons in this country.
The problem is the truth of the bullying of Elana to Miss Rifana is unclear…
Miss Rifana had nothing to tell about it.
Will they confirm anything?
As far as I know, Miss Elana and other fiance daughters were not bullying Miss Rifana.
No matter how irritating it is, the guardian dragon blesses Miss Rifana and she possesses 『Holy Light』; it’s out of the nobles’ hand.
……I don’t think she comprehended what was going to happen to Miss Elana?


What an evil woman.

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tn: translating this is confusing at times because i have attention span of a gold fish and i can’t keep track who’s saying the dialogue.



11 thoughts on “The Banished Villainess’ Husband Ch. 1

  1. I’m gonna have to go ahead and sate my curiousity in this case, because in most of these novels, the ‘bullied’ woman is pretty much a con / scam artist / golddigger. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s actually Elana who has some very powerful blessing, but either Rifana took over the role , is covering it up or Elana’s blessing is even more powerful but currently unknown.

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    1. Okay, so I read some of the raw chapters, and there’s… actually very little content in those chapters about this country.

      The few things that are mentioned is that the prince is a self-righteous narcissistic ‘world revolves around me’ type of prince essentially.

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  2. I know it’s already a cliche story but I just cant keep myself from reading these villainess stories! I cant get enough of face slapping scenes between the “villainess” and the “holy maiden/saint”! ヾ(≧ᵌ≦)ノ゙


  3. The story seems interesting… but it’s rather hard to read…
    Would something like Grammarly be helpful to you? It should be able to help you with grammar at least…
    Anyway, thank you for the chapter 🙂


  4. I’m confused about the motivation of the father. He knows that Elana is going to be banished, so why would he even consider marrying his son to her? It seems like the son isn’t too interested in inheriting if he’s even admitting that one of his younger siblings is better, but still. Most people wouldn’t want to tie themselves to someone who is currently becoming an enemy of the highest authority in the land.


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